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Adventuring since 2013, Total Party Kill is an actual-play podcast in which a bunch of friends play D&D on the Internet for your amusement.

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227: Hey, Where's Your Frog?

Hobgoblins and twig blights and frogs, oh my!

1hr 8mins

11 Feb 2020

Rank #1

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3: Kank Merchant

After waking up in an alley, our adventurers outfit themselves for a trip deep into the desert.


28 Jan 2014

Rank #2

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43: 0 Days Since Last Death

We return to the strange world of Dark Sun and some of the characters from the first season of Total Party Kill! Fresh off their victory at the Face in the Stone, Carlos, Katch’ka, and Regdar are ready for a visit to the pub, but a familiar face stands in their way! Plus there’s a discussion of microeconomics, Carlos shows off his lack of social skills, we learn about warring trading houses and teak futures, and a few new traveling companions are introduced.

1hr 15mins

30 Jan 2015

Rank #3

Podcast cover

219: Murder Sesame Street

With all the rats finally dispatched, it’s time to switch all our attention to Goblins! Will the Adventurers’ Pyramid be charming enough to talk their way past another collection of Goblin guards and invite them out to drinks after work on a Thursday? Or will it be death for Meepo the Kobold?


17 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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191: Thieves Cant is a Beautiful Language

Watch out Undermountain, because the best team of adventurers-slash-sandwich shop promoters is back on the case! Dragonforge and Associates are still on their quest to find Rutherford Umbrusk, and the latest lead in the case takes them to the seediest part of Waterdeep to bargain with some questionable characters. How will they mess this one up? Listen to find out!


11 Jun 2019

Rank #5

Podcast cover

150: That's My Clampy Hand!

The Iron King, at last! But will our plucky adventurers survive their battle with a giant rabbit with an even more giant mechanical claw? Either way, Gamma World ends now in this mega-sized final episode!

1hr 42mins

29 Aug 2018

Rank #6

Podcast cover

226: I'm Goblin Here!

Yes, the underground gardens of the Sunless Citadel are a beauty to behold, especially if you’re a fungi enthusiast researching for the Great Bugbear Bake-Off. But these ancient statues from a dragon-worshipping cult are just creepy.


4 Feb 2020

Rank #7

Podcast cover

135: Turn Left at the Shallow Graves

Heroic rescues, a murder hallway, and the big wheels keep on turning. You know, it’s just another day in Athas.

1hr 4mins

25 Apr 2018

Rank #8

Podcast cover

47: War on Rugs

In the wake of Omlol, Katch’ka, and Regdar getting in trouble for their door-related shenanigans, Carlos, Scale and Presta take on the next round of searching the caravan for creepy beetles. Water is fetched! Bribes are paid! Wicker baskets are moved mysteriously! An oasis is spotted! And is it true love at last for Omlol? (Spoiler: It’s not. Not at all.)


24 Mar 2015

Rank #9

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49: Do Giants Stack?

Our adventurers salve their wounds until the caravan reaches a desert settlement. Their suspicions about Bezrak lead them to engage in sleuthing—some of it successful, and the rest of it by Carlos. Also, local muscle is called, and there’s a bar fight!

1hr 1min

24 Apr 2015

Rank #10

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48: Chitin's Gonna Ichor

You may ask yourself, why is this oasis so plentiful? And you may ask yourself, why is this lady so beautiful? And you may tell yourself, this is not a beautiful tent. And you may tell yourself, these are not beautiful rugs!

1hr 31mins

10 Apr 2015

Rank #11

Podcast cover

220: Every Death Is a Data Point

Tragedy at the archery range! Can anyone save Meepo? Will an assortment of goblins pay the ultimate price? And what’s through that next door? (Hint: Probably more goblins.)


24 Dec 2019

Rank #12

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156: Send Me an Angel to Kill

There’s a library in Seyvoth Manor, once packed with books entertaining and informative. Now it lies in ruins, but a few magical books remain, with treasures and terrors in equal measure for those who are brave or foolish enough to explore. Like Fluffy, he’s plenty foolish enough.


10 Oct 2018

Rank #13

Podcast cover

8: Torn Between Two Obelisks

The stone temple finally comes into view, but it’s protected by two horrible obelisks that shoot lightning bolts.


2 Feb 2014

Rank #14

Podcast cover

182: A Million Nerds Skanking

An entire cave-dwelling village is mobilized to find the cause of mysterious smoke coming from the local mountain! Tony Sindelar DMs a new crew of characters as they journey from Hither to Yon. It’s a rip-roaring good time!


9 Apr 2019

Rank #15

Podcast cover

42: Turn the Slug Around

Our adventurers conclude their battle with Zarr and his (hob)goblin lackeys, and get some answers about Rutherford Urmbrusk and the Undermountain. Love maps? Check out Tony and Dan’s complete map for this adventure. See you in a couple of weeks for a return to our Dark Sun campaign, upgraded for D&D Fifth Edition, with some old friends and new faces!


15 Jan 2015

Rank #16

Podcast cover

40: There's Always a Lesser Goblin

Kay returns, and our adventurers set out down a secret passage in pursuit of Zaar. Olestran finds a room he’s seen before. And one particular Goblin really drew the short straw.


11 Dec 2014

Rank #17

Podcast cover

146: Robot or Not?

This area is currently off limits, under orders of The Iron King. Visitor tours are on Tuesday. Please return then. Thank you for visiting Stupendico. Have a stupendous day! Get back to work, Carl!

1hr 7mins

1 Aug 2018

Rank #18

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113: Intimidate the Wind

In a bit of trouble with wind and templars, the adventurers of Eglath’s Angels take on a new mission to get themselves out of the city of Tyr for a little while. Turns out they’re just as bad at lying as they always were. And a new friend joins the party! But once they’re out in the desert, they’ll prove themselves to be cunning warriors… right?


27 Jul 2017

Rank #19

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38: International House of Kobolds

Sluggy the spirit slug proves to be an amazing defense. Pieter Dragonforge gets it from all sides. Zaar is not impressed with the quality of his help. And the dungeon fills with more gas clouds than you’ll find in a Chipotle bathroom. It’s all just another day in the Undermountain.


27 Nov 2014

Rank #20