Cover image of Coworking Success | Be Inspired! | Weekly interviews with today's successful and inspiring Entreprenuers working from coworking

Coworking Success | Be Inspired! | Weekly interviews with today's successful and inspiring Entreprenuers working from coworking

Each week I want to share with you some exciting entrepreneurs that are doing some amazing things in coworking spaces all across the globe. I’ll also be interviewing other guests which I feel will provide some great tools/tips that some of you might find beneficial to help take your businesses to the next level. My goal for this podcast is for you to be inspired to make new connections, visit a coworking community, and experience these wonderful collisions of when two people meet and end up creating something big. Some of my guests include Shark Tank guest Patrick Whaley of Titin Tech, Entrepreneur on Fire guests Jason Swenk and Gene Hammett. Visit us at www.CoworkingSuccess.com

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45: Stefanie Sheehan | Mastermind Your Launch Through Mastering Your Mindset

Broadcasting at Thrive coworking space, today's guest is fellow podcaster, Stefanie Sheehan from Mastermind Your Launch. In this episode we talk about how to mastermind your launch as well as some tips on how you can get out of your way. A two-time successful entrepreneur, Stefanie has a huge passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs make it through a successful launch through the power of mastermind groups which you will learn more about after listening to the show. Stefanie also has an awesome podcast of the same name, Mastermind Your Launch. Learn more about Stefanie: www.MastermindYourLaunch.com Full Episode and show notes on www.Operation-Spot.com 


1 May 2016

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44: Giordana Toccaceli |Modern dating - How to attract, thrive, and keep the right partner while balancing a busy work life

Today we’re going to talk about modern day dating, why it’s so different in 2016 and how do you date while having a super busy life. One of the reasons I really wanted to have her on the show, is because dating is such an ambiguous area. Dating in 2016 seems to be way more complicated than it needs to be because we all lead such busy lives, and with all the apps, there are just an endless array of options out there. After reading some of our blogs and having several conversations, I knew I just had to have her on the show to share her wisdom, dispel some of the dating myths, and most importantly give you the tools to discover and develop success in your dating life. My guest today is Giordana Toccaceli, CEO and Founder of Woman’s Allure. Giordana consults with people all over the world, married and single to help them navigate and conquer the increasingly complex dating world.  Before you sign off guys, there’s plenty of good stuff for you here as well. For the full episode and show notes visit: www.Operation-Spot.com/Podcast/Giordana Connect with Giordana: www.thehighlydesirablewoman.com/ www.LoveAndMen.com    


2 Mar 2016

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Darrah Brustein - 3 Top Factors to Make a Great Network Event

We bring Darrah Brustein for a second time on the show and our talk definitely gets sweeter the second time around. Back in Episode 9, we talked about cultivating relationships and reframing your mindset towards networking. Today, we're mixing it up a little bit as we talk about how you can create a unique, memorable, unique, and fun event out of your space that people will want to come to and in so doing, grow your business as well. Darrah is the founder of Network Under 40 with chapters in Atlanta, Washington, D.C, and Baltimore.  She is also a writer of several children's books with her company Finance Whiz Kids. Additionally, Darrah regularly contributes to Entrepreneur Magazine. www.NetworkUnder40.com      


5 Feb 2016

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43: George Rathman |We Talk Executive Coworking and Honing Your Personal Vision and Company Vision

Today’s guest is George Rathman of The Alternative Board in Metro Atlanta and he brings a wealth of information to the table. Having extensive experience in Corporate America, George eventually followed his passion to become a life coach while fusing it with another business to help other people move themselves forward. Let's go in-depth as we discuss the steps you can take to define you company vision, your personal vision, the importance of aligning the two together, and ultimately honing in on how to achieve it. For the full episode visit: www.operation-spot.com/podcast/george-rathman


8 Jan 2016

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Episode 42 |Chris' Coworking Success Year in Review

Wow, 2015 was an amazing year. I had some headaches, some upsets, a lot of growth, and I got super clear about what I want out of my life and my business. I got rid of a lot of things that I felt had run it’s course in my life. Possessions, some people, but mainly my own crappy mindsets that were holding me back. I want to give you all a shout out to say how thankful and grateful I am for all of you. I’ve had several of you reach out to me over the past couple months to tell me how much they enjoy all the lessons and stories from our guests. If the show or one of our guests in particular has been impactful with you, share your experience with me. I would love to hear from you. Chris@operation-spot.com or you can reach me at Operation Spot on twitter or facebook. For the full show notes and other episodes, visit us here   5 Ways to Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever


30 Dec 2015

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41: Mike LaRosa | What it's like to be a Coworkaholic

I'm back! And my awesome guest today is my coworking brother from another mother, Mike LaRosa, whose passion for coworking is insurmountable that he actually missed a flight one time because he got stuck in a conversation about coworking. Mike is the founder and editor of Coworkaholic.com, a brand new media company dedicated to all things within the shared workspace. They aim to be the source of news, stories, and inspiration whether you're an owner, operator, a coworking member or someone just curious about the future of work. Listen in as Mike and I talk about all things coworking!


18 Dec 2015

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40: Daniel Roberts| How to Tell Better Stories by Using the Secret Structure Behind Great Talks

Today’s guest is Daniel Roberts of Friendly Human, an Atlanta-based video production company specializing in humanity-driven videos. where they seek to find ways to democratizing videos while still producing high quality. Having been in video production since he was 14, Daniel talks about how to tell better stories through an incredible technique called Sparklining, how you can use this method to help grow your business, and how you can take your audience from where they are to where you want them to be. For the full episode and show notes, visit: www.operation-spot.com/podcast/daniel-roberts


22 Sep 2015

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39: Jacob Gluck | From Stock Broker to Running a Tequila Startup, What It Takes To Pivot and Differentiate Your Business from The Competition

Today's guest is Jacob Gluck, the awesome guy behind tequila startup company Goza Tequila, which recently launched in April and is now reaching not only Georgia and several other surrounding states. Working in finance for a couple of years in D.C. Jacob was pushed to become entrepreneurial. Having a strong connection to great tequila producers in Jalisco, Mexico (it's only where "true" tequilas are made) Jacob followed his gut and started Goza Tequila, one of the only 110 tequila producers in the entire world. Listen in to find out more about branding, the power of differentiating yourself from competition, and how he's continuously growing this awesome tequila company. For the full episode and show notes visit: www.operation-spot.com/podcast/jacob-gluck


15 Sep 2015

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38: Nicole Vasquez | Building a Community Space and How To Cultivate Relationships Through Networking

Gracing today's awesome episode is Nicole Vasquez, the total rockstar genius behind The Shift, a Chicago-based neighborhood coworking space.   Today, Nicole shares with us how she stumbled upon coworking and why now she can't live without it. Find out why networking is a total BS and how you can focus on relationship building instead.   For the full episode visit: www.operation-spot.com/podcast/nicole-vasquez  


7 Sep 2015

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37: Sharí Alexander | Virtual Coworking and Bringing The Dark Arts of Influence Into The Light To Become A Master Influencer

Today's guest is Shari Alexander, a persuasiveness and leadership coach working with entrepreneurial leaders who are juggling different communication hats in their business. Her coaching method is based off personal interviews and personally learning from people she deems to be "master influencers" who are individuals such as CIA field operatives, hostage negotiators, con artists, pick-up artists, trial attorneys, undercover DEA, military intelligence officers, and the list goes on. As she simply puts it, “the whole concept is bringing the dark arts of influence into the light.” Shari also writes for Entrepreneur Magazine where she imparts to readers her expertise in the art of persuasion and leadership. For the full episode visit: www.operation-spot.com/podcast/shari-alexander  


20 Aug 2015

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