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The American Pharmacists Association's (APhA) Locked on Pharmacy Podcast provides an inside look into a wide range of health, public health and health policy topics from the unique perspective of pharmacists. Stay up to date and become informed on the variety of services that pharmacists offer beyond the safe distribution of medicine.

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APhA Podcast - Dr. Autumn Stewart-Lynch Discusses Pharmacists Role in Prescribing Hormonal Contraceptives

Pharmacists in some states are now allowed to prescribe oral contraceptives. This exciting opportunity is yet another way pharmacists are meeting the needs of patients in their communities and helping to improve access to health care. In this episode, APhA President Nancy Alvarez interviews pharmacist, Dr. Autumn Stewart-Lynch, a clinical faculty member at Duquesne University who teaches the therapeutics of contraception and also practices in a family medicine clinic where she helps patients, along with family medicine residents and physicians, to select an appropriate contraceptive method. Listen as Dr. Stewart-Lynch talks about the evolving role pharmacists have in prescribing hormonal contraceptives.

9 Feb 2018

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APhA Podcast - APhA Presidents Open Up About APhA and the Profession of Pharmacy

In this episode, Immediate Past APhA President Nancy Alvarez sits down to chat with new APhA President Nicki L. Hilliard, PharmD, MHSA, BCNP, FAPhA, about a number of topics, including the State of the Union of APhA and the profession of pharmacy. Make sure you tune in as the two leaders open up about the evolving role of pharmacists in the changing health care environment!

17 Apr 2018

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APhA Podcast - Adam Welch on Pharmacists' Roles in Providing Immunizations

Pharmacists are the medication experts on health care teams, and often work with physicians and other health care providers to ensure that a patient is receiving the most appropriate medications, and using them safely and correctly. Pharmacists have also take on an increasingly active role in preventing thousands, if not millions, of illnesses by providing influenza and other necessary vaccinations. In this episode, APhA President Nancy Alvarez interviews Adam C. Welch, Associate Dean for Assessment and Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy – East Tennessee State University about the importance of immunizations and the improved access that pharmacists offer.

14 Dec 2017

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APhA Podcast: Highlighting Transformers in Pharmacy: James (Jimmy) Bennett, BsPharm

In this episode, former APhA President Nancy Alvarez sits down to chat with pharmacist and consultant Jimmy Bennett, BsPharm, who has owned pharmacy businesses, led and consulted on projects and programs that are on the cutting edge of pharmacy practice. Make sure you tune in to learn how Jimmy’s businesses are supporting communities, and how he’s involving patient care services as part of the dispensing and compounding. Jimmy has also contributed to including hypertension and asthma control and counseling in the community pharmacy setting.

11 Mar 2020

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APhA Podcast - Highlighting Transformers in Pharmacy Series: Sue Paul, RPh

In this episode of the Locked on Pharmacy Podcast, former APhA President Nancy Alvarez sits down to chat with pharmacist and entrepreneur Sue Paul, RPh, who owns three (3) companies: Synergy Consulting (office based practice that assists patients and physicians in managing chronic disease states), PGx101 (pharmacogenomics education service for pharmacists), and Medipreneurs (a community for pharmacists who want to create career positions independently. Make sure you tune in to learn how Sue is supporting communities, educating patients on all aspects of medication to empower them to take control of their health and empowering other pharmacists to dream about how they would practice if there weren’t any barriers.

24 Jan 2020

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