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This almost daily podcast includes practical fitness tips you can apply right away to whichever program you're following. I was wrapped up in diet machine personally for over 15 years, have worked in the fitness industry on and off since the early 2000's and am a career marketer. My take on how you can build an enjoyable active lifestyle around your preferences is different that what you're used to. Listen to this pod for reinforcement of all the things you're doing right and a call out to the what you need to adjust.

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RAF 007: Crystal (aka @reducedfatmomma)

We chat about not giving up, what to do when doing it for yourself isn’t enough (this is waaay more common than you think) and what happens when it finally all clicks. Reach out to Crystal on Instagram: https://instagram.com/reducedfatmomma


5 Jun 2019

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Chat with Kaela for 12/3/19

Follow Kaela on Instagram: https://instagram.com/mckenna__fitness Listen to her story on The Big Fat Life Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/53QXP1P7qPcgszKXRasBTo?si=pZkAIjMVTB2YXaT3YyVgUQ The What I Live for Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2Yo5APGogMCUOqDiYPRlFz?si=gqIAHZeeTRy4EmVC4lGi0g and The Joey Losing Weight Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6vzErkhG5deCFkQVcxHe9G?si=LeE1hHmTQeKSZWjfAcu6oA Kaela’s planet based go to’s “in her words 😉” are: Cheeses :Daiya - in my opinion ONLY GOOD when warmed up not for a cold sandwich Follow your heart: good warm or cold. Their smoked Gouda best I’ve had and their block mozzerella is delicious GoVeggie: good hot or cold, AMAZING cold though 365: good hot or coldSo delicious: THE BEST either waySome of these brands also have parm cheese my faves are GoVeggie and Follow Your HeartVioLife: good cold or hot Follow Your Heart also has Vegenaise taste JUST LIKE MAYO omfg best I’ve ever had in my LIFE meat Pure farmland : meatballs and sausage patties , not a fan of their burgers Lite life - good Tempe , burgers are meh , chop meat isnt too bad Beyond meat: LOVE the bratwurst sausage so much dear God, not a fan of the burger. The chop meat I can deal if i mix it with stuff Gardein: ultimate beefless ground BEST. IN. THE. GAME. impossible : burger is so good i cried the first time I tried it Yogurt SilkSo delicious MilksMilkadamia Macadamia : my fave everSilk (they have delISH chocolate milk too)So delicious Oat milkDr Preagers : gf vegan chick'n nuggets and BEST veggie burgersA lot of these brands have way more but they aren’t GF so I can’t vouch for them


4 Dec 2019

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Chat with Dr. Cecily Ganheart (aka @thefastingdoctor)

Intermittent fasting (IF), having an informed conversation with your healthcare provider, individualizing your weight loss process and the importance of mental health are just some of what we chat about. Visit https://www.thefastingdoctor.com for more from Dr. Ganheart.


18 Jul 2019

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The Interviews 012: Kelly Hughes

We talk about deciding what you want in life, equipment needed to workout at home and mindset.


15 Oct 2018

Rank #4

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Chat with Gormy: 3/7/2019

Paleo compared to Keto, food industry marketing & what we really talk about in DM are some of what we cover.


7 Mar 2019

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DM 015: Are You Using Voice Messaging?

It’s a faster way to communicate than video or text.


13 Jan 2019

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The Weekly with Daryl & Rachel for 7/9/19

We finally got around to doing a weight loss episode! There’s also a task for you to do this week. 😉

1hr 46mins

9 Jul 2019

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It Wasn’t Supposed to be Like This

Here’s a challenge that may help you own your truth.


22 Jan 2019

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Sidebar with Stacy for 10/4/19

Stacy gives us an update on her injury, we chat about perfectionism and talk about DietBets. You can join Stacy’s now, but she has a caveat 😉 https://waybetter.com/dietbet/games/132047?sentFrom=web-short-url&code=59ccc1d7bc2efe3ff99201fa8a22d8df3a6dd5d3&inviterId=631281&utm_medium=host&utm_content=132047&utm_campaign=stacy_blair_new_ro_group_B&utm_source=host

1hr 4mins

4 Oct 2019

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ADP 242: Framework for Goal Setting & Progress Tracking

This works with any eating and exercise plan you may be following.


17 Jan 2019

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Chat with Shane Leketa 8/5/19

We talk about having an impact on one person, the importance of having an ongoing dialogue with your doctor, working to stay disciplined & how real men show emotion. Follow Shane on Instagram: https://instagram.com/liquidshano1973?igshid=1q7u3y8y8e48a and subscribe to his podcast on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4kjfCGh4sGSe8vDCKFHoeh?si=BlQvwBQ0R9ScshKO766Z6Q


5 Aug 2019

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This is Life for 12/11/19

What’s one way you can simplify your weight loss journey?


11 Dec 2019

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The Monday Spark for 12/9/19

Are you in for our 2020 Challenge?


9 Dec 2019

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The Weekly Spark for 11/18/19

Instagram removing post likes, selling on the internet & Gary’s Black Friday plans are all discussed. Listen to our last episode on the GCP here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1BU3rplbTBKJE83tU6OHll?si=Ageod1OYRlGI0Hw0xo6k0w


18 Nov 2019

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Straight 🔥 For Your Monday

You can’t give up on you.


18 Feb 2019

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The Weekly with Daryl & Rachel for 1/21/20

A Cincy Shirts has partnered with the zoo to create a Fiona shirt to collect funds for Australian wild fire relief. Pick up yours here:https://cincyshirts.com/products/fiona-friends-australia-fundraiser-tee?variant=31392737525817

1hr 37mins

21 Jan 2020

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The Weekly Spark for 12/16/19

What are you focusing on in 2020?


16 Dec 2019

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Chat with Jessy for 11-15-18

Lots of practical, thoughtful tidbits here for weight loss, family and life. Email Jessy at jamandhealth@gmail.com & follow her on IG - instagram.com/jamandhealth


15 Nov 2018

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ADP 370: Why building your own eating plan is the way to go & how to do it

Any diet can be used later, after you develop your own eating plan and foundational habits. Here’s how to do it.


20 Nov 2019

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ADP 247: Nothing Changes Until You Do Something Different

No tactic in the world can take the place of a solid set of habits and a big picture mindset.


4 Feb 2019

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