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The I Want Motivation Radio Show will talk about what gets us and keeps us motivated. We will talk about fears, success stories, motivation techniques and interview successfully motivated people.

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Ancestry Inspires Entrepreneur's Success

In this episode, Lee Ladyga and Wendy Duncan find out how entrepreneur, Ty Freeborn, has found motivation from his incredible ancestral heritage.  Now, Ty utilizes that motivation in a highly successful beef empire.  He will share his successes, how he's overcome challenging times and what keeps him motivated for success.


11 Nov 2013

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Fear of Disappointing Others?

From your boss, to your spouse, to your parents, do you fear disappointing them?  Is that fear affecting your results?  Is it causing you stress and anxiety?  In this episode, Lee Ladyga and Wendy Duncan discuss how to overcome the tenacious pull of performing to the standards of others.  Learn to empower yourself and accomplish milestones for the right reasons.


4 Nov 2013

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How to overcome drama!

Do you get sucked into your friends' and family's drama?  It easy to do, right?  We want them to be safe and comfortable.  But, what happens when they just don't get it?  How do you prevent yourself from getting sucked in, too?  In this episode, Wendy Duncan and Lee Ladyga, discuss tips and strategies to forever change your experience with drama!


28 Oct 2013

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How did Erin Gorbett lose 100 pounds?

Erin Gorbett is an inspiration to many.  In this episode, Lee Ladyga and Wendy Duncan interview Erin to uncover how she was able to lose 100 pounds and keep them off!  We discover that weight gain can be connected to emotional and stress related issues.


7 Oct 2013

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Persistence - Iwantmotivation.com is LIVE

Have you ever suffered from frustration, impatience, and felt like giving up?  In this episode, Wendy Duncan, key contributor of iwantmotivation.com, interviews the Founder and CEO of iwantmotvation.com, on its inception date, September 30, 2013.  After nearly one year, Lee is launching his dream come true...an internet platform where people can go to find motivation and support for whatever life challenge they are facing.  Lee will share his setbacks, his triumphs and what has kept him going through this process.  Get ready to get motivated!!!


30 Sep 2013

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