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Do you feel like one episode of Grey's Anatomy a week just isn't enough to get you through? Well pour yourself a glass of wine (or a shot of tequila - we're not picky) and join veteran Grey's fans Abbey Moore and Bri Babbitt to discuss, dissect and indulge in chatter of your favorite characters, heartbreaking moments and everything in between. We will be re-watching the entire series starting with Season 1 Episode 1 - and encourage you to do the same. You won't be sorry!Or you might, but we will just forget that.Just like we did with the musical episode in Season 7.

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S3 E9: Robbing Banks and Lying about Tremors: A Burke and Cristina Story

TRIGGER WARNING: Abbey and Bri talk about the catching of the Golden State Killer. If you are sensitive to such topics, please skip ahead to just past 11 minutes. Welcome to another episode of the On Call Room, where the weather is warm, the bugs are flying, and Spring storms are plentiful. Do not fret listeners you will have many weeks where your hosts Abbey and Bri complain about all the terrible things warm weather brings. Stay tuned!This episode is supposed to be dramatic, but as Abbey states "It is and it isn't". We finally reach the moment where shit blows up with Burke and Cristina. Surprisingly, it is a little anti-climatic and everyone ends up alive. The lead up to this episode is made out to make the viewer believe it is going to be like the bomb episode SPOILER ALERT: it is not even close to pink mist and Anna Nalick's "Breathe".George has gone off the deep end. He is a dick to his Mom, Dad, Callie, Izzie, Cristina...pretty much the whole cast of Grey's Anatomy. We get it George, your Dad is sick but that does not give you the right to run around this hospital sulking and picking fights! Go home.Other important notes: Cristina tells on Burke, Burke shuts a door in Cristina's face, and Derek and Meredith finally have sex. This episode is meant to be drama-town, but is sort of a let down. No one died, Burke and Cristina performed the surgeries beautifully. Now that this story line has wrapped up we can move on to George's mental breakdown...coming soon.SPONSORS:www.thisisaday.comUse code OnCallRoomxADAY for 20% off your first order! DO IT!

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10 May 2018

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S1 E3: Every title is a song ... SERIOUSLY?!

Abbey and Bri talk about the potential of Abbey's eyebrows being ruined forever (don't worry - they weren't) and how young people these days have fake Instagram accounts. #FINSTAS. They also realize that the higher Meredith's ponytail is the earlier the season of Grey's. Bri admits on-air that she is too afraid to start new show and instead she chooses to watch Grey's over and over again. This is the first week that Bri and Abbey utilize the "Dear Shonda" segment of their podcast. They also spend way too much time trying to understand the episode titles before realizing they are all song names. UGH.

1hr 13mins

18 Apr 2017

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S7 E22: Unaccompanied Minor

SEASON 7 FINALE! Spoiler alert we rate this 9/10 scalpels. Not our favorite finale, but still delivers. Derek and the Chief find out that Meredith messed with the trial. She is fired, then she is kept on by Chief because he realizes she was helping Adele. Derek however is unforgiving and leaves her alone.....WITH ZOLA. Yes, they get to bring Zola home in hopes that the adoption will be finalized. Cristina is pregnant and she decides to terminate the pregnancy. This is a very difficult topic not only for the characters, but for many listeners. We try to be sensitive to this conversation, and we ask you do too. In other story lines, April is given Chief Resident, people are pissed off at Karev, and Teddy chooses Henry. This episode is packed with drama, and is a perfect way to round out season 7. Grey's content starts at 28:26. SPONSORS: www.thisisaday.com Use code THEONCALLROOM to get 20% off your first purchase! Become a sustaining member and cohost the show! Follow the link below: www.patreon.com/theoncallroom

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27 Nov 2019

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S7 E18: Song Beneath the Song

The moment we have all been waiting for... Nobody knows where we might end up, nobody knows. GREYS CONTENT THE WHOLE EPISODE! SPONSORS: www.thisisaday.com Use code THEONCALLROOM to get 20% off your first purchase! Become a sustaining member and cohost the show! Follow the link below: www.patreon.com/theoncallroom

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30 Oct 2019

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S4 E1: Oh Dear, a Deer with Special Guest Sarrah Scrubbing In

Welcome to a new season of The On Call Room! Abbey and Bri are happy to announce they have added numerous awards to Patreon, so be sure to follow the link and check it out!This week the lovely Sarrah is scrubbing in, with all of her forensic knowledge. Perhaps, on later episodes we will have a new segment "Science with Sarrah" because she obviously knows way more than Abbey and Bri.It has been 17 days since the Cristina was left at the Alter. Her and Meredith honeymooned together in Hawaii and went snorkeling. Karev drove towards Rebecca, but didn't see her. Izzie sat around and waited to hear from George. George...well George found a way to cope and came back for his second go around as an intern.As for the other inters, we open with them as Residents. Our little intern babies are all grown up, with interns of their own. Interns that are include Lexie Grey, the girl from the bar AND Meredith's sister. This is bound to create some drama.Addison is gone, doing private practice things and Burke is gone as well. Bailey is dealing with not being Chief Resident and Callie is fucking up managing all the new residents. It is a pretty mild season premiere until we hit the end.Derek and Meredith officially break-up and then immediately proceed to have sex. AND THEN George shows up, and guess what...he loves Izzie too. Yup, that's right. What in the world are those two going to do??SPONSORS:www.thisisaday.comUse code OnCallRoomxADAY for 20% off your first order! DO IT!Donate TODAY and receive bonus episodes AND the opportunity to cohost with Abbey and Bri!Visit:www.patreon.com/theoncallroomAlso leave a review -- you're already on the page to do it!

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5 Sep 2018

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S4 E16-E17: What I'm Gonna Live For

This is the finale episode of Season 4 and the scalpel rating is high! Hit play on the episode and have a listen, to hear what Abbey and Bri rate this episode. So many story lines are wrapped up in this finale. Derek and Meredith finally have a successful outcome in their clinical trial. Cristina gets to operate and showcase her skills again. Izzie is gifted the clinic. Bailey lets go of things that are no longer serving her. Adele and Richard get back together. Callie and Hahn make out. George gets to take his intern test again. Ava leaves the show (thank God). AND Meredith has a breakthrough. Meredith builds a house of candles for Derek and believes they can be extraordinary together, rather than ordinary apart. Insert the best song ever and a kiss that will take your breath away. For ONCE we have a happy season finale, leaving us full and excited for what Season 5 has to bring. See you Grey's BB's in the New Year!! SPONSORS: www.thisisaday.com Use code OnCallRoomxADAY to get 20% off your first purchase! Become a sustaining member and cohost the show! Follow the link below: www.patreon.com/theoncallroom

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12 Dec 2018

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S5 E23-E24: Take Her on Vaction

I don't know if we are ready to say goodbye, but we have no other choice. These two episodes are packed with drama, GGBs, heartbreak, and death. That is right Grey's BB's this week on the podcast we say goodbye to George O'Malley. He was a good doctor, who was kind and gentle, quiet, and then got hit by a bus and died. Goodbye forever George.Izzie can't remember a damn thing after having part of her brain removed...which when you put it that way, kind of makes sense. Then Karev says some shitty things to her, and she stops restartting her memory...classic. But, everyone is happy cause she remembers...and then she codes. This of course is all happening while we find out that the person who got hit by the bus, was George. Izzie walks to the elevator...she gets on...the doors open..and there is GEORGE. Tears. GGBs. One of the best scenes we have ever had on Grey's.Another 10 out of 10 scalpels!

1hr 28mins

17 Apr 2019

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S8 E1-E2: Free Falling // She's Gone with Gloria Scrubbing In!

Welcome back listeners! Here we are in Season 8 with special guest Gloria scrubbing in! Zola is taken away and Mer and Der are struggling to cope. April is our new Chief resident and she is struggling. Owen and Cristina are struggling after the abortion. Consensus -- everyone is struggling. Grey's content starts at 18:43. SPONSORS: www.thisisaday.com Use code THEONCALLROOM to get 20% off your first purchase! Become a sustaining member and cohost the show! Follow the link below: www.patreon.com/theoncallroom

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8 Jan 2020

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S6 E23-E4: The Scariest Finale Yet

These are the episodes that haunt us all. TRIGGER WARNING: This episode includes discussion of gun violence and victims of gun violence. Please listen at your own discretion. Hit Play: Grey's discussion starts immediately. SPONSORS: www.thisisaday.com Use code OnCallRoomxADAY to get 20% off your first purchase! Become a sustaining member and cohost the show! Follow the link below: www.patreon.com/theoncallroom


21 Aug 2019

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S1 E4: Tampons and Bugs

This week on The On-Call Room, Abbey and Bri are recording during an epic thunderstorm. Abbey admits that she's always been afraid of thunder and lightning and the two of them ultimately creep the hell out of themselves. Bri wants to feel validated about her knowledge about the surgeons and their jobs - and spoiler alert - she is in the end. Abbey praises Izzy's locker room shake down and Bri questions how Karev will ever redeem himself #mcdouche. They attempt to name their own lingerie lines (unsuccessfully), share stories about squishing bugs and speak to tampons. The characters are FINALLY being defined and Abbey and Bri continue to discuss their favorite Seattle Grace doctors.

1hr 18mins

25 Apr 2017

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S8 E21-E22: Moment of Truth // Let the Bad Times Roll

It's finally the moment! Our favorite characters are headed to San Francisco to take their boards! As smart as they are ... things do not go according to plan. Between puking on carpet to losing your virginity - our residents totally bomb their boards. Our patron Megan joins us from NYC and gives such incredible input. Grey's content starts at 10:00min SPONSORS: www.thisisaday.com Use code THEONCALLROOM to get 20% off your first purchase! Become a sustaining member and cohost the show! Follow the link below: www.patreon.com/theoncallroom

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17 Mar 2020

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S2 E16: BOMB SQUAD Part 1

You’re leading ladies are back in action, after a short leave of absence. We apologize for the delay but Bri was having a birthday and Abbey’s mind has been consumed by Broadway.In this episode we find out what happened to Rodman, who Bri’s boyfriend is or isn’t, and what actress would play each of them in a performance about their lives.Bri gives her highest rating of scalpels to date on this episode, as Abbey follows suit. Let’s face it, this is the most epic episode we’ve seen in Grey’s, because bombs, and feelings that we might die today.Bailey needs a new vagina, Chief is stressed about a quiet board, Derrick and Preston can’t use each other’s names, and BOMBS. Again, this episode is epic so sit back and listen to Abbey and Bri give a play by play. There’s no other way!


22 Nov 2017

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S7 E20: White Wedding

The wedding we have all been waiting for is finally here! Callie and Arizona say "I do" in front of a bubblegum back drop with Bailey leading the way. Derek wants to adopt Zola so Mer and him get legally hitched as well. On top of all of this, Meredith has messed with the Alzheimers trial, making sure Adele gets the active agent, instead of the placebo. It is extremely stress inducing, and we know this can't end well. NOTE: In a recent Grey's episode Zola has to have surgery to replace her shunt that Derek originally put in. This is the first time since these episodes that we hear them talk about Zola's Spina Bifida. Grey's content starts at 18:49. SPONSORS: www.thisisaday.com Use code THEONCALLROOM to get 20% off your first purchase! Become a sustaining member and cohost the show! Follow the link below: www.patreon.com/theoncallroom

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13 Nov 2019

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S2 E8: A poor man's McDreamy

Scrubbing in with us this week is the infamous username "Iheartjoshhutcherson" Natalie Marcus! She's a joy to have on the podcast, and quite frankly, a joy to be around in general. Bri has finally moved, and tells her story of smudging her new apartment, coping with the move, and finally settling in. Natalie is visiting Abbey from Wisconsin, and Abbey is shooting yoga classes and ladies in their skivvies. The three of them waste no time pouring wine and chatting their favorite characters. They do a quick shotgun work up of the patients in this episode, agreeing four patients is too many. The ladies talk about the poor mans Derek, question what they would do if they were put in Sav's position, get annoyed by George (obviously), reiterate that Izzie is too emotional, and feel all the GGB's for Derek and Meredith in the final scene. The characters are finally developing and perhaps a new storyline is on it's way! Jumanji is mentioned again, because it deserves a special place in everyone's heart. Things are about to shift at Seattle Grace Hospital and we can't wait to chat about what comes next! Also, WARNING there are a few spoiler alerts this episode, so if you don't want to hear them just remember to hit fast forward.

1hr 33mins

29 Aug 2017

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S2 E1: Where the hell is Joe?

It's here! Your leading ladies are back at it again! Season 2 starts off with a bang, literally. Bri talks about how she was in the midst of a hostage situation and Abbey is practically being held hostage by wedding season. The two play who's life sucks the most, SPOILER ALERT, Bri wins. They also waste no time diving into the deep question, what happens when you die? And where the hell did Joe the bartender go during the 45 minutes he was "dead"? Abbey and Bri are excited to dissect all their favorite characters again, and thrilled that this episode finally offers an iconic scene.They are right back into their banter and are feeling all the GGB's!

1hr 9mins

10 Jul 2017

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S5 E1-E2: Season 5 Premier!

Welcome back Grey's BBs! We are in season 5 and we are doing things a little different this time around. Make sure to hit play on the podcast and listen to what we have in store for you this season. We are so excited to start 2019 with Mer and Der together again! We are less excited that Owen has joined us, but at least it brings a sparkle back in Cristina's eye. This is going to be a good season, filled with so many high rated scalpels, we can just feel it! SPONSORS: www.thisisaday.com Use code OnCallRoomxADAY to get 20% off your first purchase! Become a sustaining member and cohost the show! Follow the link below: www.patreon.com/theoncallroom


9 Jan 2019

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S1 E5: Dance It Out

Bri has a traumatic run-in with a man in a car and by the end of the episode they learn a real life lesson about being kind to others. She’s also wearing 80’s biker shorts. In episode 5 Meredith encounters her first real mistake as an intern. She also gets to have sex in a car with McDreamy so we don’t feel too bad for her. This also leads to a discussion of who actually has sex in a car these days? Bri and Abbey experience an iconic Grey’s Anatomy moment as Meredith and Christina dance it out for the first time on the series. The first Miranda Bailey teaching moment segment happens and yet again - we discuss whether Alex Karev will ever have his happy ending or if Shonda will murder him off the show. Bri and Abbey end the show as they prepare to go out for the evening. They talk about the possibility of a giveaway - so stay tuned for that! And follow us on Instagram for more information! @theoncallroompod


2 May 2017

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S1 E6: Budget Cuts with special guest Kristen Claeys scrubbing in!

Episode 6 is finally here and for the first time ever we have a hilarious guest scrubbing in on the pod! Original Grey’s viewer Kristen Claeys joins The On Call Room for what won’t be the last time. Somehow the girls begin talking about their Hogwarts houses - and Abbey realizes that George and her are both Hufflepuffs. This explains so much. The three girls discuss what happened the previous evening when they went out to a bar - and are wondering why they don’t get hit on by any McDreamy’s. They discuss the relationship traits of Derek and Burke - and wonder why they are so much more needy than the women they are with. They also apologize for shit talking to Shonda and realize that she could easily ruin all of their careers - including the podcast. The episode includes tumors, sad dads and finally some story lines that make them feel things. Including the first occurrence of GGB’s (Grey’s Goosebumps). Kristen leads Bri and Abbey in a game which they call the Bokhee game. Abbey and Bri act out emotions using only their eyes and it’s not the best game for a podcast. And lastly - the girls discuss the immense amount of budget cuts in the show and somehow - Kristen finds out that she is covered in wine. It’s a good one!

1hr 19mins

9 May 2017

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S2 E15: We are a mess: closet breakdowns and sinus infections with special guest Wyn Wiley

This week on the podcast we talk more about musicals than anything having to do with Grey's Anatomy. Bri has a cold so don't mind how often they stop and go, it's just part of the creative process!Wyn joins the gals this week and knows nothing about Greys, but quickly picks up on how important and godly Derek Shepherd's hair is. We finally have the iconic Meredith in a closet scene - and Abbey tries to keep everyone on track because she had some serious GGB's and needed to let everyone know. Listen a long and please send out some good vibes for our podcast editor as well as Bri's sinuses.Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and leave a review!


31 Oct 2017

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S7 E19: It's a Long Way Back

Callie has survived the musical episode and is on her path to healing. She can't see Sophia and it is killing her, and it is killing us watching this. This episode spans over 12 weeks so LUCKILY we get to see Callie leave the hospital with Sophia in her arms, but only after she has a breakdown. Turns out it's not just the accident that is making her anxious, it's just the fact that she is now a parent. Other side stories, Teddy and Henry are flirting hard, Karev unethically gets dragon lady to give him $100,000 to bring children from Africa over to Seattle Grace, and Cristina and Teddy are still not working together. NOTE: Zola is not played by the same actress ------->>>> here is a link to an article about who has played her through the years. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/greys-anatomy-find-out-who-plays-zola-and-if-it-has-always-been-the-same-actress.html/ Start the episode at 23:48 for only Grey's content. SPONSORS: www.thisisaday.com Use code THEONCALLROOM to get 20% off your first purchase! Become a sustaining member and cohost the show! Follow the link below: www.patreon.com/theoncallroom

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6 Nov 2019

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