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A Guild Wars 2 Podcast where the hosts discuss everything Guild Wars 2 on a weekly basis, news, professions, PvP, PvE and even community related topics.

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Mac client beta (you’re welcome Steve), destory spammers one button click at a time, crafting made easy, butter…not so rare, rocket boots seem fine to me, gold tips from Marco and someone hates 5 things about Guild Wars 2…bfffft! Special Guest: Markco’s Gold Tips

1hr 10mins

20 Sep 2012

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18 – Builds and Forges and Trinities Oh My!

Say hello to our special guest Shokenaw, who expects to keep exploring and finding beautiful things in the world. Zach will keep doing whatever he feels like, Vayne loves finding references to GW1 and recovering captured waypoints, Nick just wants to do dungeons, and Travis can’t figure out whether to play an alt or stick with his ranger. Also: tips on building your character traits, the mystic forge is slightly predictable, and a heated discussion of *gasp* the trinity! (or lack thereof). Shokenaw’s Blog

1hr 5mins

6 Sep 2012

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17 – Houston, We Have Lift Off

Guild Wars 2 has been released, recent updates to game mechanics, the social game that isn’t so social and so much more! The game has launched! If you pre-purchased the game not through buy.guildwars2.com, make sure you apply the SEPARATE game code to your account. BWE access codes and live game codes are different! Sound and vision mag talks with audio director James Ackley http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/article/sv-interview-guild-wars-2-audio-director-james-ackley GW2 crew hosting launch events this Saturday in NY, Orlando, Austin, LA, and Seattle http://www.facebook.com/GuildWars2/events Time magazine is very impressed with GW2 so far http://techland.time.com/2012/08/28/guild-wars-2-its-the-pinball-machine-of-mmos/ http://techland.time.com/2012/08/28/guild-wars-2-sales-one-million-pre-served-record-400000-playing-at-once/ Before the game was even technically out it hit 400,000 concurrent users, a record for pre-launch http://massively.joystiq.com/2012/08/28/guild-wars-2-hits-400k-concurrent-users-before-launch/ A few errors are going on, if you see one check out this site for common issues and fixes http://en.support.guildwars2.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/8994 Wednesday Status http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/z1poz/guild_wars_2_status_wednesday_august_29/

1hr 3mins

31 Aug 2012

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16 – Travis Knows Songs

Guild Wars 2 wins stuff, beta client isn’t really a beta client, ArenaNet proves they rule at biking, Colin puts some rumors to bed but lets them stay up all night, GW2 purcahses are region locks, Travis has some fun with sound effects – annoys audience, Dances, and jumping puzzles. Hey Stephen, the video you asked about with Colin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzDti9XxHFs Justin’s tool that analysis the Guild Wars 2 market and lets you know what makes the most sense to craft: http://giygas.justinvanderheide.com/

23 Aug 2012

Rank #4

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15 – Yup. We Can Still Annoy Vayne.

ArenaNet gives us a glimpse of the servers going live, times you can expect to get in-game during launch, deep Mesmer and Necro discussions regarding “pets”, the economy of Guild Wars 2 along with learning curves, steam rolling dungeons for armor, mounts??  Hm.

1hr 10mins

16 Aug 2012

Rank #5

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14 – Travis Smart. Races Easy.

Another stress test, of course more jumping puzzle discussion, we make up a new race (when I say we I mean Vayne), why can’t we find a profession and stick with it?  Questions with listeners!

1hr 15mins

9 Aug 2012

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13 – Vayne, Team Killer

Guild War players wanting to reserve their character names need to act now, Hall of Monuments can still be fun, pick up Guild Wars for cheap, Vayne kills Travis in WvW Mystic Room, characters can now model, lazy crafters get their wish (Travis is one of them), Nick completed a jumping puzzle, jumping puzzles are not the only puzzle to complete, Baz talks some PvP, Hunger Guilds and some great questions from the community! Disclaimer: The Searing Podcast is not sponsored by or affiliated with Dairy Queen and/or Blizzards in anyway…however they are delicious!

1hr 5mins

26 Jul 2012

Rank #7

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12 – Ya! We Know Famous People!

Photo courtesy of Sony Online Entertainment and Travis Neiderhiser’s AmazingnessSpecial guest Margaret “Maggie” Krohns of SOE, Alpha Collective and Boons & Conditions joins the show!  Final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event 3, worlds get erased, Save money on sound tracks, ArenaNet actually likes their players, Nick and Travis clearly know nothing about PvP, Vayne doesn’t want to stab anyone oh and he is now a co-host, Guild Wars 2 economy will end up like America’s, define your own end game, weapons that shoot lava, fruit, unicorns or something…and more community involvement.Special thank you to @PurrfectStorm (Maggie) and congratulations to HolyShatt for winning a BWE3 Beta Key!

1hr 27mins

19 Jul 2012

Rank #8

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11.5 – Another Way To Win A Key

We have decided to add another way for our listeners to win a BWE3 Beta Key!  Listen, Learn and Submit! Visit The Searing Has 25 Guild Wars 2 Beta Keys for more ways to win!


15 Jul 2012

Rank #9

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11 – Vayne Knows Stuff

Note: Intro has some issues – fixed at :58 seconds. ArenaNet gives us a Guild Wars 2 Release Date, August 28th and a Final Beta Weekend, July 20th-22nd.  Travis asks Andy McNamara a question, The mice and salad will be playable in BWE3, ArenaNet shared their sauce, Jeremy Soule tears it up, Mesmer players want an updated UI, Leveling is NOT too slow, why we play Guild Wars 2 over World of Warcraft, racial slurs regarding Tyria’s races, MrRudder’s co-worker smells and a ton more! Special thanks to: Half Assed Morning Show Andy McNamara

1hr 8mins

12 Jul 2012

Rank #10