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Chance, Risk and Health - for iPad/Mac/PC

The Human Genome Project, the cutting edge of 21st century science, involves a unique collaboration between biologists, geneticists and statisticians, using the latest information technology. Today we stand on the brink of a new era, and the work of one man prepared the way. But few people today know of the achievements of Ronald Aylmer Fisher. The four video tracks on this album investigate the enduring legacy of a largely unknown genius. The material forms part of the course SMK184 Chance, Risk & Health.

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Chance, Risk and Health

A short introduction to this album.

12 Apr 2010

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Reinventing Statistics

Fisher's principles are at the basis of modern research in agriculture, medicine and industry.


11 Dec 2008

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Measuring the Unmeasurable

Combining genetics and statistics. Today's cutting edge research into the human genome uses Fisher's concept of maximum likelihood.


11 Dec 2008

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The Quest for Certainty

A Lonely Genius. Experts reveal the logic behind Fisher's ideas and their phenomenal legacy.


11 Dec 2008

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Brink of a New Era

Foundations for computer software. Fisher's methods are still used all over the world. Experts explore his most controversial ideas.


11 Dec 2008

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