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SPORTS | ATHLETIC TRAINING | PEAK PERFORMANCE | ENTREPRENEURSHIP | LIFESTYLE DESIGNBeing athletic naturally gives you the greatest opportunity for a successful life. We aim to help you build a gameplan for growing in your sport/athletics by reaching true potential and applying everything you learn through your athletics to building a legacy through business & life skills. Beyond Athletic provides you with user-initiated Q&A's, Elite Athlete Case Studies, RJO Lessons from Ryan Jay Owens' pro athlete career playing in over 30 countries & awesome Gameplanning Sessions with experts to reach peak performance as an athlete & person.LOVE TO READ? GET THE SHOW NOTES, LINKS & MORE @ www.beyondathletic.com

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#7 How To Live Alone In Italy & Now America As A 14 year old with Milica Kubura

How many 14 years old leave their country to study abroad? We Milica KUBURA is one of them… She contact me through my sports agency Elite Volley Agency & non-profit Elite Sport Students project. She asked for help getting to a US college. I told her she shouldn’t have to pay an agent OR ANYONE for doing any of this because her education is MOST important. We put together a CV with her transcripts & all other documents. I sent it off to my network in the USA of over 1400 coaches and she received in the next weeks a TON of interest. JACKPOT! Well what made her decide to go to the US? Why did she live alone in Italy as a Serbian girl at the age of 14? Find out in this episode. Leave a Review & Subscribe to #BeyondAthletic in iTunes so other can find us too! Share this with one person you think could benefit the most... About Milica KUBURA 21 years old & a freshman @Florida State University playing both sand & indoor volleyball. Born in Belgrade, she wanted to be actress. Attended drama school. Physically she was destined for sports. One sibling, her sister, who was the inspiration for her to start play volleyball. Also she had amazing support from both of her parents. Lived ALONE in Italy, on her own will and decision, to learn Italian and study at the AGE OF 14! She decided to continue her education in USA… Find out how she got there by listening! Review & Subscribe to #BeyondAthletic in iTunes so other can find us too! Share this with one person you think could benefit the most... Key Discussion Points: What’s her story and how she got into sports? What else she’s interested in? What did she struggle with in sports? Why was it important that she go to a great school while playing volleyball? What is her advice for international students that want to go to school in America? What are her goals? Key Lessons: How she made her own decision to play volleyball in the future…. That she will struggle but must push harder…. “In sports there are always obstacles and we always have these moments when we think, ‘What is the purpose of this?’ Because in sports you have first to work hard & after that it’s all worth it.So we have to be patient all the time.” She learnt to do everything in her life by herself at 14yrs old… Why she had to learn Italian in first 3 months … She couldn’t imagine her life without school and her sport... “In my family a college degree is REALLY IMPORTANT… both parents have it.. my sister has it…” Why SHOWING your team your ambition for a better education necessary… "You just need to show what is your plan for future and to be persistent" She defines what success means to her… “Find what you love and let it kill you.” ― Charles Bukowski How not being a starting player for her team was a HUGE challenge… That you shouldn’t be afraid of chasing your dream… "Don't be afraid to make changes in your life... listen to your heart, don’t overthink everything... chase your dream & everything would be ok." How goals play an important part in her success... “Now is the right time” - Lotus Sutra


7 Oct 2014

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#48 Dr. Ben HOULTBERG on How Michael Phelps' Rehab Trip Can Teach You Lessons

Show Notes: http://beyondathletic.com/48 Episode #48 Dr. Ben HOULTBERG on How Michael Phelps' Rehab Trip Can Teach You Lessons is all about understanding and managing psychological and emotional responses during competition...


21 Nov 2016

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#3 How To Achieve Something Great & Be Respected with Brankica Mihajlovic

About three months ago Mira Golubovic mentioned two young athletes she was so impressed by OFF and on the court. One was Branka (Brankica) Mihajlovic from Bosnia & Hercegovina. How is she from Bosnia yet playing women’s indoor volleyball for one of the best national team programs in the world.. Team Serbia? (Team Serbia national sports teams are actually all-around, one of the most winningest countries in the world speaking generally) I don’t want to spoil it but you find out in this episode. We sat down just days before the World Championships were starting and talked about how she stay positive and fights for everything she believes in. We had a special guest appear, one of the best players for men’s volleyball in the world…. Find out who by listening! Leave a Review & Subscribe to #BeyondAthletic in iTunes so other can find us too! Share this with one person you think could benefit the most... About Brankica MIHAJLOVIC Started volleyball at age 12 and International pro at 18 years old. Changed national teams for a challenge. Olympian by the age of 21! Played in Switzerland, France, Brazil and now Japan. All Star player from Grand Prix 2013 & as 4 medals of all three colors (Gold, Silver & Bronze). Key Discussion Points: What’s her family like and her story? How she started in sports? How did she adjust to life abroad at such a young age? How does she approach challenges? How it feels to play at the highest levels? What are her habits for playing well? What are her daily habits? Key Lessons: Why it’s important to have a plan for 10-15 years into the future… “You need to know what you want in your life and to be with a strong mind & character and to really wish for this (thing) and never give up.” Why having people close to you is so important... “As a kid, 18/19, I think you don’t know how to resolve (problems)… You need to have support also from your close ones but in general you have to be the one to decide.” How to thrive on a high level team by becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable How she transitioned from pro to national team at 21 years old.. "You also need to respect yourself & respect others. If you are on the team it means that you are equally as good as them." How she keeps her goals in mind and written down… “When you have some issues, some problems they will remind you that you KEEP pushing yourself.” How she controls her mind in pressure situations and why the mental game is so important Why we must respect other people to earn their respect Why mistakes must be accepted and are important to success “It’s not normal if you are (not making) mistakes. You have to accept this and go for the next point. You cannot return something that has happened”


18 Sep 2014

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#6 How To Go From A ‘Fat’ Kid To An Olympian with Carlos Eduardo Schwanke

Leave a Review & Subscribe to #BeyondAthletic in iTunes so other can find us too! Share this with one person you think could benefit the most... About Carlos Eduardo SCHWANKE Born in 1974 in Santa Catalina, Brazil. Grew up in small city near Santa Catalina with his German father & Italian mother. Started with volleyball because of health at age 12. He played in 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and is a World League medalist. (Brazil is the MOST WINNINGEST national team for volleyball in history) He had a decorated pro career entirely in Brazil. He now is a head coach and when he started as an assistant he immediately won three Super League (Top pro) in Brazil with a men’s team. Key Discussion Points: What’s his story? What his inspirational quote? What was his biggest obstacle? Who influenced him the most? what separates elite players from rest of the pack? How does he control his mind while playing? What is he most proud of? What has his life so far taught him? Who he would interview and why? Why adding value is important? Key Lessons: How mentors play an extremely important role in our lives… How being rejected is not a bad thing… “I was big and a little bit fat… So i had to start playing something.” "When i went to tryout for one team when i was kid, I was rejected. I was disappointed and i wanted to do something other.” Why being injured and not having options to recover is false… “Doctors told me that i will not be able to play volleyball again,but with believe and faith i recovered." Some people are important to keep close throughout life… What could make him the best player possible… “..Trying to find something outside from sport: religion, faith, your goals… If you surround yourself with positive things and keep being better & better then you are in front of your opponents." What to do to make his mind his tool during sports & life… What’s most important in life to be successful… "Most important thing is to have (listen to find out…)_ in your life." How what you are most proud of can turn out not to be a goal… That accomplishing goals can be incredible… “... and I said ‘We did it!’ and I turned to the stage and I saw (listen to find out… It’s a HUGE name!) with the Olympic torch & I started crying…All the moments… All the preparations...All the hard days of trainings...In that moment all of those things were (listen to find out…)_!” The reason why adding value to other people is so important...


5 Oct 2014

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#47 Thinking Outside The Box (Part 1 of 4) with RJO & Marcos Soltero

#47 Thinking Outside The Box (Part 1 of 4) with RJO & Marcos Soltero http://beyondathletic.com/47


10 Nov 2016

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#16 No Fear! Unleash Your True Potential with David DEUSER

Coach Case Study Ep16 No Fear! Unleash Your True Potential with David DEUSER David Elliot Deuser Date of Birth: 26/1/1966 Brief Bio USA Volleyball apprentice Summer 1987, Women Assist. coach Loyola University of Chicago 1991, 92 seasons. Richards High School head boy's coach 1992 State Champions 41-0. Lewis University head men's coach 1994 to 2004. Volleyball Mag. coach of the year 1998. AVCA men's coach of the year 2003. 2014 Great Lakes mens PVL head coach, National Champions. Quotes: "I Can!" & "There is no greater factor in your game than how you feel about yourself as a volleyball player." -Stan Kelner TOPICS: Building self confidence on the court Build Trust.. competitive & unified environment Build Positive reinforcement not only punishment Create situations for success.. replace negative thoughts with self assured.. FREE FROM FEAR A book or learning resource: Volleyball Cybernetics (Book) & Living the Miracle Audio, mental training and rehearsal CD. ✓ A Healthy Habit Get enough sleep. ✓ Travel Tip: I always take and carry EmergenC packets with me when I travel. and I wash my hands constantly. ✓ Adds Value to others by... Visiting Childrens Hospitals with my team. “People who put excellence in the first place have the patience to end up with success. An additional burden for the victim of the success mentality is that he is threatened by the success of others and he resents real excellence. In contrast, the person that is fascinated by quality is excited when he sees it in others.” -Joe PATERNO Facebook: David Deuser Website: http://www.thevolleyballinstitute.com Email: lewismensvolleyball@msn.com

1hr 6mins

24 Dec 2014

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#45 Do It With Passion Or Not At All with Dustin WATTEN

Show Notes: http://beyondathletic.com/45


24 Oct 2016

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#39 Why You Should Listen To Your Body with Reid HALL

Reid's speaking today & tomorrow March 15/16th at the 1st #Athleteblab co-hosted by Fit Across Cultures & Beyond Athletic Register (free) here: http://bit.ly/athleteblab Hurry! Ten topics over 2 days from Health-Finance-Going Pro-Retiring-Etc! 2. See his live/recorded sessions on Mobility: http://bit.ly/1nMT0WN & OFF-SEASON Training http://bit.ly/blabOFFSEASON2016 On today’s show, we will be discussing mobility and flexibility as an athlete. We will touch on areas we might be doing wrong, topics and techniques we may not have thought of, and things that we can be doing without any professional guidance. Reid provides numerous hands-on take-aways that we can put into action NOW to help our training and preparation to become the best athlete we can be. Finally, we will delve into the mind and how focus and mindfulness play a large role in ensuring an effective and productive fitness routine. Full Show Notes: http://beyondathletic.com/39 BIOGRAPHY Former Canadian National Beach Volleyball Team (6’/183cm), Captain for University Volleyball Team Canada Games Gold Medalist & 4th Place Finish at U18 World Championships Honours Degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences, CPT, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach Owns and operates his personal training business LEAVE A REVIEW & Subscribe to #BeyondAthletic in iTunes so other can find us too! Share this with one person you think could benefit the most…


16 Mar 2016

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#12 Why You Should Get Out Of Bed To Fail Everyday with Mia JERKOV

Athlete Case Study: Croatian Pro & National Team Volleyball Player Dec 5, 2014 Back in 2011 we met in South Korea as players in their V-League. While in Croatia on a mini-vacay with two puppies three young girls & a husband/wife staying in a cute village near Split named the Kaštela's. She invited me to check out the city a few times during my mnth stay and we got to know eachother a bit better. She got that stern look but she a softie for sure! Brief Bio She grew up in Split, Croatia (one of the most beautiful areas of th southern Croatian coast....) as a daughter of a mother whose rules are never broken, a famous basketball player father and two brothers the focus was on being a complete person & well educated. Worked a bit at the family pizzeria as a kid. Learned to respect money and keep herself & her home tidy. Was a really skinny and weak kid but fast... picked up tennis & swimming.... through constant boring & lonely without friends travel with her parents a change had to made... A coach wouldn' t stop calling her even though she had reservations and relaly no idea of what volleyball was like... She had to live 12hrs away from her family to pursue volleyball and that was the toughest decision of her life at 15yrs old.

1hr 1min

5 Dec 2014

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#20 Get Scouted And Create Your Brand with Momir GAJIC

#20 Get Scouted And Create Your Brand with Momir GAJIC Expert Case Study Momir GAJIC | Serbian former basketball player, Minnesota Timberwolves Scout Intern & ItsMyPlay.com Owner & Entrepreneur Date of Birth: 09/05/78 Brief Bio:. One of the youngest intern - scouts in NBA (Minnesota Timberwolves). 1 out of 2 Serbian - Passport full time NCAA Division 1 coaches (University of Rhode Island) Founder of ItsMyPlay project which was chosen top 80 most perspective start-ups in Demo Conference in Silicon Valley. Personal Quote.... "Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in." - Bill Bradley Lessons? Athletes are in essence entrepreneurs. I would like to provide tips relating to mind set that every athlete should have while going through challenging times. Mentors? I had many influencers in my life. Picking different qualities from different people is my habit. Name one learning resource you love to use... Entrepreneur Daily Tools Guest cannot live without: Whatsapp, Trello, Gmail Give a tool/habit you love to use to stay healthy: Find a place where you can meditate. A useful tool or tip for eating on the go -OR- for traveling in general? Raw almonds is one the best nutrition snacks you can have while in on-the-go mode What's a cause or thing/action you like to do to add value to other peoples lives that you either know or dont know at all? These are spontaneous acts of kindness. The other day I saw old lady sitting down on the sideway waiting for the bus. It was raining and she was soaking wet. The bust station didn't have the bench and roof cover. I stopped and offered to drive her home. She accepted. I never plan these actions but I react with my instinct when I see people in the need of assistance. Contact Guest Here: Twitter: @itsmyplay Instagram: @momirg2015 Facebook: Momir Gajic Email: momir@itsmyplay.com Guest's Personal Website: http://www.momirgajic.com Optional Link To CV/Resumé http://www.itsmyplay.com/people/2/profile


10 Jan 2015

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#22 How To Break 10 Records by 23yrs Old with Milan RISTIC

January 17, 2015 | ATHLETE CASE STUDY #22 How To Break 10 Records by 23yrs Old with Milan RISTIC Milan Ristić (Serbia) Track & Field Hurdler | Beyond Athletic Podcast BIO Born, Milan RISTIĆ, in Belgrade, Serbia on 8 August 1991 (age 23). Currently living in North Carolina, USA. He is a son of Velimir and Gordana Ristic, he has an older sister Marija. He's a track and field athlete who specializes in hurdling. Having competed in hurdling and other events with archrivals AK Crvena Zvezda and AK Partizan, he has represented Serbia in international competition. Went to college in the U.S. First attended UNC Asheville, and then my junior year transferred to UC Berkeley where I finished my degree. 3x NCAA All-American. Got married to Meredith Foster Ristić while I was in college at UNCA, where I met my wife the first year when I came to the U.S. He is a Serbian national record holder in the indoor 60 meter hurdles event and broke 9 records at UNC. Ristić is a member of Serbian national senior team since 2010. HEIGHT: 188CM, 6'3" | WEIGHT: 88KG, 193LBS MEANINGFUL QUOTE "If you can dream it, you can do it" -Walt Disney BIGGEST INFLUENCERS My wife Meredith and my family! FAVORITE LEARNING RESOURCE: youtube.com because I can see the stuff I read or hear about in hurdling world HEALTHY HABIT: Fishing, anywhere really because it relaxes me. TRAVEL TIPS: For traveling, lots of vitamins, fruits and vegetables, because it's hard to get a good meal in a hurry. HOW THEY ADD VALUE TO OTHERS: Volunteering at different events and helping people in need. CONTACT PERSONAL FB | FANPAGE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER See Full Show Notes @ http://beyondathletic.com/22


17 Jan 2015

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#11 Don't Be Afraid To Change Your Life Before Going Pro with Milica KUBURA (Part 2)

Ep11 Why You Should Study & Play Sports For A US School Before Going Pro with Milica KUBURA (Part 2) This is the 2nd part of episode 7 with Milica KUBURA of Florida State University Seminole women's sand & indoor teams. She is a 19 year old from Serbia who lived in Italy alone at 14 years old for school and now again in the USA. She is a former Junior National Team player and talks about her reasons for leaving Serbia for her education and more opportunities than Serbia can provide for her. Give tips and advice about how to do what she did, what makes her successful and daily routines.


28 Nov 2014

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#21 How To Survive Sports & Feed Your Body with Dr. Jeremy HOFF

#21 How To Survive Sports & Feed Your Body with Jeremy HOFF Expert GamePlan Session Full Name: Jeremy Jay Hoff Date of Birth? 09-02-1980 Born in Chicago Il. Grew up in Evanston Il. HS VB hall of fame. Mens College Volleyball at Rutgers Univ in NJ. Met wife there. 2002 Male athlete of the year. RU Hall of fame. Hold records in all stats except assists and kills (no. 2). Medical school. Now a physical medicine and rehab/pain and sports med doc. Interests in nutrition, exercise, psychology, coaching. "When the game is on the line, I don't want the ball in anyone else's hands, not in anyone else's hands in the world." - Larry Bird FAVORITE SUBJECTS Nutrition, intelligence/learning/psychology MENTOR: Mike Hulett, high school volleyball coach and coach of the olympic sitting volleyball team; LEARNING RESOURCES: medical - Medscape; educational/indulgent MindBodyGreen Daily Name one app or tool (like an evernote, etc) that you cannot live without: Brainwave - 32 binaural programs Give a tool/habit you love to use to stay healthy: Cold shower every morning. A useful tool or tip for eating on the go -OR- for traveling in general? Plan ahead and don't break your habits, but if you have to be creative. What's a cause or thing/action you like to do to add value to other peoples lives that you either know or dont know at all? Donate to the Dr. Scott Nadler foundation (musculoskeletal research foundation)

1hr 20mins

15 Jan 2015

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#46 Nicole DAVIS [2x Olympian]: How to Harness Your Competitiveness (& Why You May Need To Pivot)

Nicole Davis (2x Olympic Silver medalist) and I (@RyanJayOwens), talk about competitiveness, drive, deep focus and how to stay on course but change how you get to your destination (AKA Pivoting). Show Notes: http://beyondathletic.com/46)


30 Oct 2016

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#17 Everything Is Possible with Jana MATIASOVSKA

#17 Everything Is Possible with Jana MATIASOVSKA ATHLETE CASE STUDY | Volleyball Jana MATIASOVSKA (Slovakia) Born: 7. 7. 1987 Height: 199 cm Weight: 83 kg Spike reach: 319 cm Block reach: 300 cm Position: Receiving Spiker, Opposite Spiker Born in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1987. Started playing volleyball at 13 for a local club, Slavia UK Bratislava. Upon high school graduation, went to study at University of Louisville through a volleyball scholarship. In 2009 turned pro, signed with Russian Uralocka Yekaterinburg. After 1.5 seasons in Russia, played two seasons in Azerbaijan, one in Korea, again one season in Azerbaijan, and currently in Poland. QUOTE: Positive anything is better than negative nothing - Elbert Hubbard Mentors: Every step of the way there has been someone. First my parents; then my great mentor at the University, Stan Jonas; and now my fiance, Yigit Kulan. They have provided me with support and motivation. HEALTHY HABIT: sleep a lot and eat a healthy diet HEALTHY TRAVEL TIP: Always pack a snack - banana, nut mix or at least a sports drink HOW SHE ADDS VALUE TO OTHERS: I donate to World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Otherwise, I believe in random signs of kindness and help, so I try to add my part whenever I see an opportunity. Often the teams I played for participated in various charity events. CONTACT: Facebook - Jana Matiasovska Instagram - jankamati


27 Dec 2014

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#19 10 Steps To Find A College For Your Sport! with Ryan Jay Owens

Solo Session with Ryan Jay Owens ** 10 STEPS TO FIND A COLLEGE FOR YOUR SPORT! ** MAKE IT A GOAL Write it down! Put why you want to accomplish it…. what happens if you do.. what happens if you don’t do it… people that you know that did it & people you don’t know but that were the best at it like All-Americans from your country or state. List of top 10-15 places where you would like to go to (inform yourself about schools, academics and coaching staff) PREPARE YOURSELF Get all of your school records, create your CV, schedule your tests and make sure you’re eligible to play for either the NCAA, NAIA or JUCO schools. RESEARCH! Make a list of possible mentors, coaches, schools & companies that can help you get to school. Use Facebook, USNews.com, the school’s team rosters & an internet search will help you find international/national college recruitment scouts/service like my free service through EliteVolley.com & Elite Sport Students Project. CONTACT YOUR NEW NETWORK Send your email and CV to all of the mentors, coaches, schools & services ASAP. You can start this at age 15! [SANJA TOMASEVIC TIP: Ask coaches for a chat and a tour of the school via Skype or Google Hangouts.] IMPROVE IN SCHOOL The better you do in school the more chances and opportunities you will have when you want to go to college. Learn more through MOOCs if you find your subjects easy… Join a school extracurricular club or comittee… Get tutoring from teachers or other students… Take required tests for US Colleges like the SAT & TOEFL… Surround yourself with top students. IMPROVE IN YOUR SPORT Improve your weaker skills first… Don’t forget your mental skills like visualization or meditation like olympians… Get flexible, stronger & faster… Learn how to “EAT CLEAN” and get the proper amount of sleep and how to recover from exercise… & find a mentor in your sport… pick the best athlete’s in the world to emulate by watching their videos online & don’t be afraid to contact them via twitter, email, Facebook. [#PRORJO TIP: Anyone in need of help for fitness, finding a school, nutrition, volleyball, etc. Contact Me] STAY UP-TO-DATE & FOLLOW UP Keep your CV online using Google Drive and make new documents using Google Documents.. all FREE! Be sure you follow SAT, TOEFL, ELIGIBILITYCENTER.ORG Follow coaches & students playing in US & CANADIAN schools from where you are from… Follow Up by telling teams when you update anything on your CV! Communicate with the people helping you to see if anything has changed! TRACK PROGRESS Make sure you are hitting your mini goals each day/week/month! Keep track of schools that are contacting you… Keep records of your improvements physically, nutritionally, educationally, socially, etc. REVIEW GOALS Every month be sure to re-evaluate your goals to be sure they are still what you want to accomplish. Change anything that needs to change. Mark the ones you completed as COMPLETED! :) BE DISCIPLINED Be aware of what you are OR are NOT doing everyday to reach your goals… Keep them in places where you can see them. Mirrors, doors, tables, pocket, bags, phone/computer screens, etc. Find someone that is driven to have a great life like you. Ask that you check in with each other each day or each week at a certain time to check that you both have done the mini goals you should be doing every day and week. BEWARE! BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TELL & WHO YOU ASK FOR HELP TIPS: CLEAN UP YOUR IMAGE SELFIES? ALCOHOL? ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES? OFFENSIVE BEHAVIOR? GET RID OF THEM! No team wants a player that will cause trouble or not have great character! ADD VALUE BY HELPING OTHERS & SHARE IT ON YOUR CV SPEND TIME WITH MENTORS: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with!” -Jim Rohn [#PRORJO TIP: Use BeyondAthletic.com to get free menotrship and contact ifno of Olympians, Pros & college stars!] USE FREE SERVICES WHEN POSSIBLE IF QUALITY… EX: ELITEVOLLEY.COM, BEYONDATHLETIC.COM & ESS…. KHANACADEMY.ORG, CREATIVELIVE.COM, COURSETALK.COM… SPORTS STREAMING SITES LIKE LAOLA1.TV, YOUTUBE, LIVETV.SX, WIZIWIG.TV, SPORTLEMON.TV RESEARCH WHAT YOU DONT KNOW! Tweet Me @BeyondAthletic and tell me what you liked, that you heard it or as questions!


9 Jan 2015

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#51 Carolina BLANCO on Getting Paid To Play (Sports)

#51 Carolina BLANCO on Getting Paid To Play (Sports) Executive Director at SIG basketball agency Shownotes: http://beyondathletic.com/51


12 Dec 2016

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#42 Becoming Emotionally Intelligent with Jordan HARBINGER

#42 Becoming Emotionally Intelligent with Jordan HARBINGER http://beyondathletic.com/42 March 27, 2016 BACKGROUND In this game plan session, we focus on emotional intelligence with podcasting phenom, Jordan Harbinger. We also get into the details of decision making in high-adrenaline situations, first impressions,and networking and how athletes can improve upon these skills. BIOGRAPHY Jordan has spent several years abroad in Europe and the developing world, including South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, and speaks several languages. He has also worked for various governments and NGOs overseas, traveled through war zones, and been kidnapped — twice. He’ll tell you the only reason he’s still alive and kicking is because of his ability to talk his way into (and out of) just about any type of situation. LEAVE A REVIEW & Subscribe to #BeyondAthletic in iTunes so other can find us too! Share this with one person you think could benefit the most… KEY DISCUSSION POINTS How do we react in high-adrenaline situations? How can athletes prepare for being forced or having to take on different roles? How can we begin to make positive personality changes in our life? How important is it being able to be comfortable and confident with teammates and coaching staff? @21:30 How does this translate to success and building our network not only in sports but outside of it? What are some simple ways for athletes to show up to new teams and come off in a way they they can be trusted? @29:30 How important is it to treat people well before even meeting them? How important is this for general happiness in life? @36:00 How can people get started on increasing their emotional intelligence? @40:55


27 Mar 2016

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#13 The Only Way To Make Yourself Happy with Ning "Nikki" ZHAO

Athlete Case Study : Volleyball Ep13 The Only Way To Make Yourself Happy with Ning "Nikki" Zhao Ning Zhao doesn't mess around when it comes to strangers approaching her online but after a thorough background check on who I am (Ryan Jay Owens) with her former NCAA D1 coach, Chris POOLE, and a big thumbs up that I was not some crazy person she agreed to this interview with a lot of excitement! She's been waiting a long time to tell someone her story to hopefully inspire other athletes to be goal oriented and not just think sports can offer them everything. Sometimes you must also drastically change your surroundings, like she did moving from China as an 18 year old to the USA, to play at a strong school so her education would be strong as well as volleyball. BIO Ning Zhao or "NIkki" as many refer to her was born Aug 20, 1976 in Beijing, China. She started to play volleyball as a nine (9) year old (!!!!)... She made the Chinese junior national team which was only 12 of the best young players in China (## Billion people Populate China!) before quickly deciding at 18 years old to not pursue the Olympics... She decided to pursue making sure her future after volleyball would be happy, healthy and full of opportunity and accepted a full scholarship to study & play in the USA. She started at Central Connecticut State university but quickly changed to Barton Community College for 2 years where she was a 2x All American. In her final 2 years of school at U of Arkansas -Fayetteville they were ranked 15th & 8th in the nation as a team.. making the Sweet 16 the 2nd Round of the NCAA tournament. She was ranked the 9th best setter in NCAA D1 volleyball her senior year & is one of only 3 players to hold the record of 3000 assists. She was honored with SEC 1st Team & AVCA All American, Now she's "a full time mommy" of a 9yr old boy and 2year old daughter after benign off and on assistant coach for a few years after her collegiate volleyball career. She plans on possibly coaching in the future and/or assisting young Chinese players to get to USA schools to play sports. LEAVE A REVIEW & Subscribe to #BeyondAthletic in iTunes so other can find us too! Share this with one person you think could benefit the most... MOST GRATEFUL FOR: THE CHANCE TO STUDY & PLAY IN THE USA! PERSONAL MOTTO: "SMILE! I DON'T OWN ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD!" READ: THE 7 RULES OF LIFE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN HER LIFE: FORMER SYRACUSE COACH JING JU. HE SCOUTED & BROUGHT HER TO THE USA BUT LEFT HER 3 MONTHS LATER TO SWITCH SCHOOLS... "WITHOUT HIM I WOULDN'T BE THE STRONG PERSON I AM TODAY!" Key Discussion Points: What’s her story and how she got into sports? Who is she today after her volleyball career? What was her biggest failure? Why was it important that she go to a school in the USA? What's her proudest moment? What are her future goals? What was the moment she decided to study in the USA? How does she add value to people? What's her next goal? Key Lessons: She must think about her future "What am I going to do after I retire from volleyball? We needed to get some education...I needed other life skills other than volleyball." Studying and playing volleyball in the USA is a huge opportunity. "I saw the opportunities getting a good education besides volleyball... so I decided to come." How graduating from a USA college is why she is a happily married mother of two. Failing can make you stronger. "First you have to have a strong mind. You have to believe in yourself and be strong. I don't need (the coach). I don't need anyone (to do it for me)." "Just believe in yourself and there's always nice people around you." Do what you love on a daily basis to be happy "Cooking is AWESOME but so is volleyball!" She is interested in coaching and also helping young players come the study & play in the USA. Some little things can make people feel much better She should be more goal oriented. ATHLETE's TIPJAR Sleep & Morning ritual: Drinking a glass of water every morning & SMILE! One personal habit to contributes to athlete's health: Cooking and playing volleyball Athlete's Learning Resource: Pinterest Most grateful for: The opportunity to study & play for a USA school. How athlete add's value to others: Smiling. Tapping them on the shoulder and just giving them a high five when they are stressed. Believes something little can make someone feel "much better" Athlete's travel tools: Phone & Passport Advice to 16yr old self: "Be MORE goal oriented!" INFO Charity/Organizations They Add Value to: Helping young student athletes come to study in the USA Business/Work: Full time mom Past/Current Teams: Central Connecticut State University Barton Community College University of Arkansas - Fayetteville Recommended Guest: None Follow Athlete Here: Facebook | E-mail Ryan | Pinterest Definition of Beyond Athletic? "Sports is NOT the only way to make a person happy! You can't play forever, you must find other passions. There's a whole other world besides the sport you're in..." For example "Family.. Cooking.. Traveling..." LEAVE A 5 STAR REVIEW FOR MILICA'S EPISODE ON: ITUNES -OR- OUR SITE WE WILL TWEET YOUR REVIEW TO THE ATHLETE! @BEYONDATHLETIC


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#9 From Swimming in High School to Olympic Medalist in Volleyball with Heather Bown

Find out why one of America’s sweethearts is not unlike myself is (when I used to be out of my element… ) SHY! Which came be misunderstood as: annoyed, evil, arrogant, self-absorbed, almighty, etc. ;P PART 1 of 2 Leave a Review & Subscribe to #BeyondAthletic in iTunes so other can find us too! Share this with one person you think could benefit the most... About Heather Bown Bown was born in Orange, California and has an older sister. Played a lot of recreational sports like gymnastics, tennis, diving, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, etc. Started swimming in high school & volleyball at 15 as a junior. Went to college at U of Hawaii & UC Santa Barbara for volleyball. Was a 2x 1st team D1 All American and WAC Player of the Year in her final years. Joined the USA indoor national team in 2000 until 2012. Olympic Silver medalist. 4x Grand Prix champion. 3x Olympian… and on and on…. :) Currently in Graduate school and helping out Classroom Champions as a mentor. Find out about her story and more like what her medals have to do with “six fingered cats in the Key West!” by listening now... Key Discussion Points: Part 1 What drives her? What’s her story? When did she stumble/fail? What lessons she learned? What was her light bulb moment? Part 2 What was a defining moment in her career? What’s her current future plans? What her daily/morning rituals are? What is a personal habit that contributes to her success? The best advice she’s ever gotten? What she likes to do to add value to others? What’s her definition of an athlete being Beyond Athletic? Key Lessons: Why not accomplishing one goal can lead to new options… "I was always told I'm not good." Following in your older siblings footsteps for some time can help you grow as a person… Why getting up early contributes to her success… “I’m in bed by 8 or 9 o’clock at night… whereas in Europe that’s the time they go to dinner” What sports is all about… "it's not about focusing on winning or losing… You never really lose. You can always learn something..." Learned how to make decisions… “When you are kid and everything is taken care of for you, you never really think past next weekend" How to overcome personal and team issues… Why losing out on a medal in the Olympics shouldn’t stop her... “You learn how to play w/ people and trust the person next to you…” The universe has it’s plan for you… “Man plans. God laughs.” QUOTE: “You win, you learn but you NEVER lose.”


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