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This podcast is centered around conversations that discuss the ever growing dilemma of escaping the status quo or the matrix to live the lives of our choosing.

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Hollyweird Gatekeepers EXPOSED!! Ft. Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein + More | Red Pill Radio Ep 8

In this episode I will be diving deep into a subject that has propelled me to start businesses and communities of my own. That subject is Hollyweird gatekeepers! Thankfully they are finally being exposed and brought to light. I break down the psychology and the power structures that have made this possible in the past and how to dismantle them. I also dig deep into how to be more compassionate to those who have been sexually abused and how to become allies in healing.Follow Me on IG @AnokhiTheOneFollow Red Pill Radio On IG @RedPillRadio

1hr 24mins

2 Oct 2019

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