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The Trinity Center for Spiritual Living is dedicated to the learning, practicing and living of Universal Spiritual Principles. Our Podcast services are enjoyed worldwide by individuals seeking to live a journey in oneness with divine Presence. If you would like to express your support for the TCSL Podcast with a donation, follow the link below.www.TrinityCenterAtlanta.org/donate

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Spiritual Mastery

Unleash the boundless potential of your creative consciousness with a spiritual practice that is a piece of cake to embody. The more your practice your spiritual birthright, the more you orchestrate your spiritual mastery!Wisdom for Service:“You are actually pre-paving your future experiences constantly. … You are continually projecting your expectations into your future experiences.” Esther Hicks


20 Jan 2019

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Well Here We Are

Our human journey consists of many crossroads, decisions and unknowns which may often leave us wondering which path is the best path and which decision is the best decision. Whereas our spiritual journey consists of only one truth, divine Source is all there is. Discover how to ensure your path and decision reflects only your spiritual truth, divine Source is all there is.Wisdom for Service:“You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.”Tony Robbins


1 Sep 2019

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The Intention of Living Life on Purpose

Intention and purpose are as beautifully and naturally intertwined as the double helix of your DNA. There are no accidents. You’re here for the purpose that you signed up for before you entered the world of particles and form. Many of the things that you refer to as problems result from the fact that you’re disconnected from intention and therefore unaware of your true spiritual identity. The process of polishing that connecting link and reconnecting is basic to your intention to live your life on purpose.Wisdom for Service:“Your sole business in life is to attain God-realization. All else is useless and worthless.” — Sivananda


5 May 2019

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The Art of Being Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones Guest Speaker

Join best selling author Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones for a very special morning that could well change your life! With a deep understanding of universal principles and drawing on wisdom from both eastern and western philosophies, his presentations draw seekers at all levels of spiritual practice. Dr. Dennis will also be our featured musician as well! For more information on Dennis visit his website at www.DennisMerrittJones.comWisdom for Service:“Our soul recognizes who we are. As you strive in the present moment to consciously be who you have come here to be, life takes an a richer, deeper meaning and purpose than you ever dreamed possible. Mindful living is a lifestyle. It’s a way of being ‘on purpose’ by consciously walking a Sacred Earth, incorporating an awareness of Infinite Presence in all that you say, think, and do. Your every action becomes a sacred act and a spiritual experience.”Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones


3 Mar 2019

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The Wisdom of Release

It seems that one of the greatest lessons we are all given in our lifetime is the ability to gracefully release and let go of whatever or whomever we are clinging too tightly. We know that when we clutch too tightly it causes suffering for everyone involved. When we master the wisdom of release we are able to transcend that suffering because we will know when it is the proper time to let go. Wisdom for Service:If you love something, set it free. If it does not return to you, it was never meant to be yours in the first place. If it does return to you, you most likely either married it or gave birth to it, and, in either case, fed it on a regular basis.Source unknown


24 Mar 2019

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Spiritual Dynamics

You are a generation of humanity actively participating in the evolution of divine Consciousness. Every word you speak, every vision your create, every action you take is imbued with the formative energy of Source. You are a expression of Source which has come forward to have a positive and dynamic impact of the whole of the Universe and this is your time to live this truth! You are a Spiritual Dynamic!Wisdom for Service:“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”Tony Robbins


2 Dec 2018

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Prosperity For All Dr. John Strickland

Every corner of the earth is endowed with the boundless abundance of the Divine. The Universe ensures there is always more than enough for everyone to live a life of endless abundance. Live a journey that always experiences more than enough.Wisdom for Service: "God’s abundance is available to every one of us. We only need to know how to claim it. Let’s claim our good right now. Let’s not waste.” Dr. John Strickland


30 Jun 2019

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The Power of Consciousness, Treatment & Reiki TCSL Practitoner

The TCSL Prayer and Reiki Practitioners share their insights and wisdom on: The Power of Consciousness - Ann Faith Harris The Power of Reiki - Judy McDowell The Power of Consciousness - Dexter Ford


25 Aug 2019

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Aligning with Newness

The Universe stands at the ready to express through you in vibrant newness. You may effortlessly release residual beliefs and past conditioning that no longer serve you and step into the dynamic demonstration of a journey which mirrors your highest vision. Through release, you embrace your spiritual mastery!Wisdom for Service:“…we are surrounded by, and immersed in, an Infinite Good. How much of this Infinite Good is ours? ALL OF IT! And how much of It may we have to use? AS MUCH AS WE CAN EMBODY.”Dr. Ernest Holmes


13 Jan 2019

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Ready for a New You! Mimi Williams Guest Speaker

Our planet is undergoing massive changes that are altering the very nature of reality! Despite these changes, our job as Spiritual Beings is to be here now, achieve personal happiness and feel JOY!Wisdom for Service:“I turn my daily activities into joyful experiences!" Mimi Williams


5 Jan 2020

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Think Feel Heal Dr. John Strickland Guest Speaker

A consciousness of vibrant health and wholeness is your divine birthright. The 8 keys to a Consciousness of Healing and Wholeness provides you with the spiritual principles and practices to live a journey of vibrant health and everlasting wholeness!Wisdom for Service: "If you BELIEVE healing is possible it WILL be done! Healing is accomplished as you believe!"Rev. John Strickland


16 Sep 2018

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The Evolution of Newness

The loving energy of divine Presence consistently seeks to evolve Itself as something wonderfully new. Your entire being is an affirmation of the evolution of newness!Wisdom for Service:“Change is in the air, as old patterns fall away and new energies are emerging. Consciously release what needs to be released, and welcome with a full embrace the newness you’ve prayed for and so richly deserve.”Marianne Williamson


7 Apr 2019

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Igniting Your Passions

Every moment of life awaits the expression of your passionate energy. The soul-level passion you express within your journey is a demonstration of the boundless joy of Presence being made manifest through you! With just the slightest up-leveling of your thought you can ignite your passion to light up the whole of the Universe!Wisdom for Service:“Follow your bliss!”Joseph Campbell


2 Sep 2018

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The Universe has Your Back

­What would you do if you had no fear, no concern of what others might think? Whatever it may be does it allow for you to live your idea of best your life? Great then get busy and do it as the Universe always has your back!Wisdom for Service:“….. instead of letting yourself go to where you want to be, you beat the drum of what-is, and so you hold yourself apart from your expansion—and you feel terrible while you do it.”


4 Aug 2019

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Your Magical Intentions

There is a level that you can reach with gratitude that causes unlimited abundance in your life. The way that this level of gratitude is reached is through your relationship with the Universe. You can tend to think of the Universe as separate from you, and when you think of it, look up above yourself and toward the sky. While the Universe most certainly is above you, it is also below you, and behind you, and beside you, and it is within every single thing and every single person. Translation, the whole of the Universe is within you.Wisdom for Service:“As below, so above; and as above so below. With this knowledge alone you may work miracles.” The Emerald Tablet


25 Nov 2018

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Imaging for an Empowering & Fulfilling Journey

There is a deep tendency in human nature to be all that we imagine ourselves to be. A mental image consistently nurtured with our consciousness becomes ingrained in our subconscious minds. Once ingrained in the subconscious the whole of the Universe conspires for this ingrained mental image to flourish within every physical aspect of our journey. By learning how to incorporate the spiritual principles of imaging into your journey you establish the foundation for an empowering and fulfilling journey.Wisdom for Service:“You can offer your vibration on purpose. That’s what visualization is. That’s what imagination is: projecting thought energy on purpose.”Esther Hicks


7 Jul 2019

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First Responders Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

Join Rev. Mary Louise for an empowering lesson about the distinction between responding and reacting. The point being, when our first response to any situation is with God-consciousness our perception is immediately in the realm of Truth and we move forward with confidence, knowing what is ours to do. Otherwise, when there is an inclination to re-act first, one may perceive fear and hopelessness. The objective of the lesson is to become “first responders” as we travel our hero’s journey.Wisdom for Service: “Today I respond to life with an attitude of love, compassion, peace and wisdom.” Rev. Mary Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner


8 Sep 2019

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Ending Worry and Manifesting Your Desired Image

­ To say one believes in the unlimited loving, trans-formative and healing power of the divine mind of God is one thing. To live in constant awareness and consistently demonstrate this belief, is another. The deference in belief and demonstration, centered in the power of imaging and is found in the answer to this question, “are you living your highest belief or your most troublesome worries?”  Imaging allows an individual to fully release all worry and begin living and demonstrating your highest beliefs. Wisdom for Service:“The light of Presence surrounds me. The love of Spirit embraces me. The power of Source sustains me. The essence of Spirit guides me. Wherever I am God is.”Rev. Tony Crapolicchio


14 Jul 2019

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The Frequency of Success

The physical realm of existence is energetic vibration resonating at a frequency of manifestation. You can tap into this frequency of manifestation to successfully manifest your every dream.Wisdom for Service:“Think of yourself as human magnet, constantly attracting what you think, speak and feel.”Esther Hicks


15 Sep 2019

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Anything Can Happen Sunday

When you are centered in the vibration of your oneness with Source, ALL BETS ARE OFF! YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING! Anything Can Happen Sunday is a service overflowing with great music, terrific fellow spiritual travels and an inspiring message for TCSL’s Founder’s Day Service. So fasten your seat-belt it’s going to be an AWESOME ride! Wisdom for Service:“You Really Are the Center of the Universe!”Esther Hicks


30 Sep 2018

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