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A conversation between you and I about knitting and where life takes us.

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Episode 102 The Places You Will Go

Show Notes:YarnOver TruckRead about the yarn truck!Shawl made from Yarn Truck yarnParagon YarnFirst souvenir sock projectLake Michigan trip shawlIn which you and I talk about the romance of knitting on public transit and on airplanes, the amazing awesomeness of the YarnOver Truck, and the lengths we go to never ever (EVER) run out of yarn while traveling. Week's worth of yarn and tools in the red bag. Skein as a cowl Lakeside knitting First souvenir socks Shawl of Yarn Truck yarn


18 May 2017

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Episode 304 Curses

What to do when you HAVE to knit but nothing is turning out right? Cursed yarn? Self doubt? What? How do we cope with this terrible situation that so many of us find ourselves in? Also, some behind the scenes details on April Showers, my latest design that was released in Knitty, Spring + Summer 2018!April Shower on Knitty (OMG!)Fog Along KALCold Open QuotePatreon


22 Mar 2018

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Episode 103 Stuff Just Got Real

Show Notes:Share #whatsinyournotionsbag The Ravelry forumsJulie's amazing Boardwalk Sweater!Backyard FiberworksJuxtaposition test knit thread In which I get real with you about the struggle I have with designing in a vacuum, how social media helps negate that, and three projects that I'm SUPER excited about. Also, a call out for ideas on how you and I can connect more.


1 Jun 2017

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Episode 303 When You're Around

Inspiration. Where does it come from? How can we sustain it? Where do my ideas come from? All that and more, including some special voicemails, are in this episode. PLUS! KAL updates!Fog Along KALFiber Artwork FB Live videoKnit CircusJulie on Instagram and RavelryWhen You're Around, performed by Good and Strange


8 Mar 2018

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Episode 202 Oh Hey! It's Susan!

GIVEAWAY TIMESign up to be a patron to get access to this summer's videos and to hang out with us in a virtual real time knitting group. <3 I really want to see your face. Check out the Ravelry group for details on testing knitting and upcoming designs!Join me as I chat with my right hand gal, Susan. She's the person who keeps me going, offers perspective (even when I might not want it), and tests knits basically everything I design. Plus details about a GIVEAWAY and your voicemails!


5 Oct 2017

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Episode 402 What's With All The Pink?

Call back to Episode 1 of this seasonWould you consider being my patron?Hula Hut Yarn IGTraveling knitting picturesPic of FO from NY travel Yarn from ChicagoColor question on IGOrange and gray hatStitches MidwestLeading MenTester earburn thread on Rav


26 Jul 2018

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Episode 401 Big Magic

Two most recent designs: Sirius Rising and Italic. Both are shawls!Ravelry listing of all Violet Pie releasesSign up for Test Knitting or Beta Knitting or both!Big Magic by Elizabeth GilbertVacation Knitting on IGLe Mouton Rouge, the LYS that hosted my first Trunk Show, and her InstagramLeading Men Fiber ArtsPatreon! Sign up in July at the $15.00 level and you'll get 3, possibly FOUR patterns in August!


14 Jul 2018

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Episode 301 Violet Eyes

New pattern releases since last we spoke:OdettaFirst EditionUnderlineGeo PointThe Knotty Lamb is the yarn store that helped me vanquish designer imposter syndrome for the first time!Knit Circus provided yarn support for the Color Shot Mitts pattern that released today, along with yarn for a G I V E A W A Y! Sign up for The Violet Pie's newsletter to be entered to win delicious yarn.

9 Feb 2018

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Episode 205 All The Swatching

In this episode, you and I talk all about affordable budget yarn and the way various big box store yarn swatches hold up when put through their pacesSignup link for the open virtual knitting group

16 Nov 2017

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Season 3 Bonus : I'm In Knitty!

April Showers on Ravelry!Episode 302InstagramFacebookTwitter PatreonEmail: thevioletpie at gmail.comRavelry Forum


21 Mar 2018

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