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Episode 3 - Ginger Biscuits Rock!

My first few lessons were both exciting and overwhelming! Join me as I talk about my initial experiences with flight training and why ginger biscuits rock my world!Episode 3 - Ginger Biscuits Rock!

17 Sep 2014

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Episode 9 - Crosswind Landings

Shortly after my solo I got the opportunity to practice some crosswind landings with what I would consider to be fairly strong direct crosswinds. This was a very new and challenging experience for me as we hadn't ventured out to fly with winds above 15 knots at this point. The METARs for the time I was flying showed the following :EIDW 181200Z 28025KT 9999 FEW018CB BKN033 06/00 Q1008 NOSIGEIDW 181130Z 28021KT 9999 SCT020 07/01 Q1008 NOSIGAs our runway is 22, this meant a direct crosswind of between 18 and 23 knots. Follow along as I tried my hand at crosswind landings for the first time.Episode 9 - Crosswind Landings

17 Sep 2014

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Episode 15 - I'm a Pilot!

After 5 years of training I am delighted to say that I have achieved one of my lifetime goals in passing my Private Pilot Skills Test. I can officially say that I am a Pilot! What a great feeling!Its been an exciting journey and all came to a head on the 5th May. Listen in as I talk about that day and what doing a skills test in Ireland is all about.Episode 15

20 Aug 2016

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Episode 13 - Theoretical Knowledge Exams

I finally decided to get my Theoretical Knowledge Exams out of the way so with CRP-1, charts and a notepad in hand I headed out for my lessons and subsequent exams.PPL Equipment and Books needed for PPL studyIt was a lot of hard work but am delighted to say that I passed all of them.Listen in as I talk about that experience and also describe some sample questions.Mentions in this episodeMy awesome family, Rowena, Jody and Luke. Follow Rowena on Twitter at @MaidenRowenaThe Plane Talking UK Podcast. Download episodes on iTunes and follow them on Twitter at @PlaneTalkingUKTony Simpson and his Cessna 150. See Tony's blog at http://tony-cessna150.blogspot.ie/Episode 13

22 Apr 2021

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Plane Talking UK Podcast

I was very surprised and honored recently to be asked to be a guest on another aviation podcast in the UK called the Plane Talking UK podcast. Carlos, Matt and Simon produce a very professional and upbeat aviation podcast dealing with the latest civil and military aviation news, and took the time to talk to me about my own pilot journey.Thanks to Carlos and Matt for a great time! Head on over to planetalkinguk.com for more information on the podcast and I've included the episode within this post for anybody who is interested.Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 42

22 Dec 2014

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