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The Site Shed is a podcast designed to assist and educate trade based business owners around the globe with business related topics and current affairs. The podcast is targeted to tradespeople and contractors like plumbers, builders, electricians, tilers, roofers, locksmiths, landscape gardeners & horticulturalists, printers, chefs, hairdressers, however it is a small business podcast so it also suits anyone that is in business. Facilitated by former plumber Matt Jones, this podcast addresses topics related to the trades, such as; apprenticeships, technology, business tools, web, digital, cloud, content creation, SEO, marketing, as well as regular guest appearances from co-host specialists, successful case studies, good and bad experiences and lot's of do's and don't that have been learned through the school of hard knocks. Matt's unique approach to communicating relevant topics is both refreshing and enjoyable. His experience as a plumber of 12 years, combined with his knowledge of the digital and business space as the owner of Tradie Web Guys, a company that helps tradespeople and contractors grow their online presence, you're sure to transform your earbuds, into a university.

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TSS087_Getting paid for bids, quotes and proposals

Do you ever feel like you should be getting paid for quoting, or bidding? Series: How to stop competing on price and getting paid for bids, quotes & proposals Cohost: Greg Hamlyn from Trades Coaching With the recent ongoing discussions we've been having around firstly, competing on price and secondly getting paid for doing quotations, I've invited Greg Hamlyn from Trades Coaching and Builders Profits onto the show to discuss the tactics he teaches to his clients in these specific areas. Greg has been working with trade base organisations for a very long time and his expertise is well regarded in both the local Australian market, as well as the USA. With offices and staff in both countries, Greg and his team constantly strive to add value to businesses they work with and in this series, I'm glad to say that some of that value will be past on to our listeners also. Episode 3.Getting paid for bids, quotes and proposals A lot of work goes into preparing a detailed bid, proposal. If done correctly, there's a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration and once that proposal has been submitted top the prospect (as they're typically not yet a customer), you're effectively handing over a whole bunch of detailed intellectual property. The problem is that if your proposals are detailed and a lot of work has gone into them, once submitted, it leaves you exposed. The prospect basically has all of the information they need in order to simply hand it to the next builder and have them tender off the work you've done. In this podcast, Greg and I talk about how to start charging for that service, so that you can justify the time you've taken to create it, while at the same time have the prospect qualify themselves with their wallet. Enjoy the podcast and please, share it with someone else who might like it. Link to part one Link to part two See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


11 Sep 2016

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Become A Home Service Millionaire

Author, podcaster, entrepreneur & home service millionaire Guest – Tommy Mello Book landing page Book resources Podcast Like hearing success stories from other tradie sand contractors? If so check out these other podcasts.  Zero to $850,000 in 2 years From A to B with Corey Philip Proof that your trade business can run while you travel the world Stephen Scoggins from A to B Podcast Highlights 01:10 – 12 states in 19 markets 02:09 – Book – ‘Home Service Millionaire’ 06:32 – Learning customer skills 07:34 – From dentist to landscaper 11:32 – Entering the garage door business 15:59 – Becoming a billion dollar company 20:19 – Buying companies 27:30 – Service agreements for recurring revenue 34:29 – I’m an avid reader 40:29 – Systems are paramount to scale 42:40 – Training your team 50:12 – Knowing your numbers and analytics 55:10 – About the book About this podcast, ‘Becoming a Home Service Millionaire’ If you’ve ever wondered what lies in the realm of possibility when it comes to creating an empire from a humble business, this podcast will cast some serious vision. Garage doors. Yeah, right! Who makes money from installing and repairing garage doors?  Tommy Mello is who. He’s also one of the friendliest and humble guys you’ll speak with. He wants to help and he wants to educate. A trait that I see regularly in success stories from people that have made it themselves. Absolutely no silver spoon in this story. Just hard work, dedication and passion.  In this podcast, we learn about his $30 million business that consistently grows 100% per annum. We learn about Tommy’s goals to become a billion dollar company. We learn about his mentors, his strategies and so many other things that have led him to where he is today.  Tommy is the author of ‘Home Service Millionaire’. A book that he tells me he has put years, of blood, sweat and tears into. And I believe him. In this podcast, Tommy tells me about where he draws his inspiration, the books he reads (he’s a prolific reader), his attitude towards implementation, his marketing prowess and so much more.  It truly is an awesome podcast. One for the trophy room. I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please share it with someone. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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10 Apr 2019

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TSS110_Getting started with Youtube

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. It's time to take advantage of that. Series: How to KILL it on YouTube Cohost: Stan Genadek from Dirt Monkey University For as long as I can remember, I've been encouraging the tradies and contractors we work with to start leveraging YouTube as a way to promote their businesses. Being that the majority of trade based businesses have in one way, or another a visual service, YouTube offers a brilliant opportunity to position yourselves as the expert through educational videos of sort. Stanley was recommended to me by Tom Reber from Motor Hard, who you may recall from the awesome series we recorded on Goal Setting. Here are the links to those episodes, go check them out, they're sooooo good. Part one - Creating a game plan in your business Part two - Setting goals that count towards your game plan Part three - Keeping accountable to your goals Stanley is a landscape gardener who has managed to create a huge YouTube following by basically documenting his business. You can check it out for yourself at this link. It's a channel dedicated to all things landscaping, so if you're looking for motivation, or ideas on how to develop your own YouTube channel, you may as well mirror it off someone that's doing it. If you enjoy this podcast, tell us. Better still, leave us a review on iTunes. We really value your feedback and the reviews you leave allow us to keep going. Episode 1. Getting Started With YouTube In this podcast, Stan talks to us about how to go about starting a YouTube channel. We talk about finding your niche, we talk about finding your audience and we also talk about establishing your branding. There's quite a lot of things that 'should' be considered when developing a channel, so I really dive into some of the nitty gritty things that are important, yet often get overlooked. In the following podcast, Stan talks to us about how to create great video's on YouTube and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you learn that you do not in fact have to spend a lot of money to get yourself going. In fact, you probably already have everything that you need, so be sure to tune in for that episode. If you liked this episode, go ahead and share it with someone.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


23 Jan 2017

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TSS137_Recruiting your A-Team

Want to build a sustainable business? Better start recruiting your A-Team Cohost: Al Levi - The Seven Power Contractor Series - The ultimate blueprint to finding, training and retaining A-Level Staff If you've been listening to the podcast for a while, the name Al Levi will be familiar to you. Al is by far our most requested guest on the show and he's also been on the show more than anyone. I almost feel like giving him a regular gig ;-) The Seven Power Contractor is his book, which talks about the methodology that he developed while running a New York plumbing company with his Dad and brothers. You can actually get hold of the first chapter of that book through the form below...and I suggest you do because it's awesome! Anyway, in this series, we're talking about staff. We tried to cover all of the important topics and we summarised it into the topics below. Recruiting your A-Team Onboarding and training your A-Team Retaining your A-Team This is the first episode, 'Recruiting Your A-Team' and in this episode, Al talks to us about the process that he uses to find the right team members for his organisations and the organisations that he coaches. Other episodes from Al Planning Power Operating Power Staffing Power Org Chart Defining roles Steering the ship When is the right time to expand? If you'd like to hear Al's awesome and hilarious story, check out the link below. From A-B with Al Levi Are you enjoying these podcasts? If so, please do us a favour and leave us a review at your choice of the links below. Google Facebook  iTunes - Apple Stitcher - Android See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


30 Nov 2017

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TSS142_Learn how to make your business stand out with copywriting

The fastest way to stand out in a crowd. Copywriting. With the internet being a necessary evil for every modern business, it’s no secret that ‘Content Is King’. If you want your content to stand out, you need to learn the art of copywriting. If you like what we're talking about in this episode, go back and check out these: The Role Of Content In SEO Simplify Your Website Creating engaging content Authority Content Let’s face it, there’s a lot of noise on the internet. Everyone’s creating content in some form and whether we like it, or not, it’s getting published. We’re constantly bombarded with blogs, podcasts, videos, images, facebook posts, tweets and dozens of other forms of content and for the better part, most of it goes totally unnoticed. We simply register it as ‘more noise’ and disregard it. The art of copywriting has been around for a lot longer than you and I. Even longer than language as we know it. Egyptian hieroglyphics and ancient cave paintings are examples of early copywriting, which told stories through drawings. More recently we have literature in the form of books, newspapers, magazines and encyclopaedias. Of course like anything, there are those that stand out as ‘experts’ when it comes to copywriting. Benjamin Franklin, Gary Halbert, Rohal Dahl, and so on. In a world that now gives anyone the right to create ‘content’ via the app on our phones, it’s important that we learn how to create content that stands out from the ‘noise’. Creative copywriting is a skill that can be learned. No one is born knowing how to do it, it’s a skill that is refined. This means it’s likely that where you are right now, is probably the worst you’ll be. So where do we start? In today’s podcast, I’m speaking with Owen Russell, who is a Sydney based copywriter. I’m speaking with him about the do’s and do not's of copywriting and content creation with the aim of helping you create less noise and start creating better content. As business owners, we have a responsibility to educate. We need to educate our customers and we need to educate our ‘potential’ customers. Copywriting is the way we do that. Maybe through our websites, maybe on our social media channels, maybe in newsletters we send out. The bottom line is, we ALL need to get better at telling our story and if there’s anything I’ve learned over the years it’s… “Copywriting is not a destination, it’s a journey.” There’s always room for improvement and there’s likely always someone who can teach you how to do it better. In this podcast, the aim is to help you become better at copywriting, so take note and more importantly…apply what you learn. Your business will thank you. FREE download Owen has generously left behind an eBook that he put together to help you learn and understand the basics of SEO. Fill out the form and grab your copy! You can reach Owen at russell-writing.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


23 Jan 2018

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Creating a Million Dollar Design Build Business - Fares Elsabbagh: Part 1

Building Won't Make You a Million Dollars, Marketing Will In the first episode of this series I'm conducting with my man Farres Elsabbagh, we discuss how most tradies have this tendency to underestimate the importance of investing in marketing. For us to generate this lucrative Million Dollar Design Build Business, a very important first step is to understand what marketing can truly do for your business. What most business owners need to understand is that there is an infinite pool of possible customers out there. "Marketing turns from expense to investment when done right" At the end of the day, it's all about reaching your customers and that's exactly what marketing does for you. Although there are other crucial aspects of your business, Marketing should never be left out of focus. Every tradie out there should remember this. In The Next Episode We discuss how tradies and contractors can start adding more value to their time. It's entitled "Stop working for free, time is money". That podcast is coming very soon. It's totally loaded with as many insightful discussions as this one. Stay tuned!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


10 Oct 2018

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TSS122_Marketing your business

About the 'Grow Your Perfect Business' series Welcome to the the Grow your Perfect Business Series from The Site Shed. This series has been methodically planned to help you through the various stages of business in an order at which (in my experience) they are likely to be relevant. The whole idea is to leave you with a solid roadmap that you can customise to your business accordingly. Why? You may ask... Well quite frankly, in my years of running businesses and speaking with hundreds of amazing business owners, there is one thing that I've picked up on that is consistent across the board. No matter how big or small the business, no one has all of the answers. Now don't for a second think that I do... What I'm trying to communicate is that there is a lot of moving parts to a successful business and getting clarity around them will 100% serve you at some point. Albeit, perhaps not all at once. However at some stage, you'll likely need to address one of the topics that we cover in this series. So hopefully, when that (inevitably) happens, you'll have a basic understanding of what's going on. We'll be covering a large number of topics, many of which are well and truly 'above my pay grade'. So as always, I've recruited the expertise of specialised collaborators that can shed some light on their area of expertise. As mentioned already, I don't have all the answers and I've created this framework off my own experiences. If you have feedback, suggestions, criticism, or praise, please let us know, so we can take it into consideration. Here are the links to the previous episodes. Make sure you check them out, as each episode ties into the previous. Part One. TSS114 - Planning for Success Part Two. TSS115 - Personality Profiling Part Three. TSS116 - Knowing your customer Part Four. TSS117 - Defining your offer Part Five. TSS118 - Finding the right help Part Six. TSS119 - Defining Job Roles Part Seven. TSS121 - Designing The Right Systems For Your Business Also, if you're digging the work we do, please let us know by leaving a review on iTunes | Stitcher, Soundcloud, or YouTube. Part eight of 'The Grow Your Perfect Business Series'. This is - Marketing Your Business Well, we're now well and truly into the nitty gritty of what makes a business run. With the last episode on designing and implementing the right systems and this episode on marketing your business, it's fair to say we have the finishing line in sight and we're gunning for it. Marketing is a very important part of any business and in this podcast Will and I dive into not only the common areas of marketing that we might be familiar with, but also the less 'obvious' areas, like our own personal brand. What people and companies often tend to overlook is how the ecosystem works together. Sure many of us are familiar with 'AdWords', or 'SEO', however less of us understand how they affect each other. What role does your website play in this 'ecosystem'? What role does your uniform play in this 'ecosystem'? What role does your field technician play in this 'ecosystem'? Find out in this podcast. Also, stick around to the end, where Will offers us a framework that we can all benefit from on how to best go about marketing your business. I hope you enjoy this episode and once again, PLEASE leave us a review at iTunes | Stitcher | Soundcloud, or YouTube.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


21 Jun 2017

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Building your referral team

Series – The Ultimate Referral Marketing System For Tradies & Contractors Part One – Building Your Referral Team Guest – Michael Griffiths From – www.referralmarketingguru.com.au/ Book: The Referral Marketing System – Available on Amazon. There are few tradies that don’t take advantage of referrals. I have many clients who literally ONLY get work through word-of-mouth and referrals.  It’s no secret that leads that come via a referral have a far higher conversion rate. People will always ask others for their opinions and recommendations…especially for home services.  This series is about helping tradies and contractors create a better referral marketing strategy. If your most valuable leads come from that source, why not double down and do it properly.  My guest for this series is Michael Griffiths, the ‘Referral Marketing Guru’. A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Michael talks the talk and walks the walk. I will be amazed if you don’t strip pure gold from this podcast series, as Michael dives deep into relating his philosophies to tradies and contractors.  Part One: Building Your Referral Team In part one of this series, Michael teaches us the successful frameworks that enable us to develop a referral team that operates like a well oiled machine.  I was blown away at how useful the strategies that Michael teaches in this podcast are. He dives into different types of partners, different networking circles and loads of other useful things regarding creating a referral team. If you’re a tradie, you’ll love this podcast and you’ll love this series. It is jam-packed full of awesomeness. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


28 Feb 2019

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TSS0128_Building a business and dealing with suicide with Jason Spaull

"It's never as bad as it seems guys" - Jason Spaull August marks'Tradies National Health Month here in Australia With that in mind, I asked Jason Spaull to come on the show to talk about business, suicide and how to keep your head above the water when times seem tough. Like a lot of you folks reading this, Jason runs his own business. Also like you and I, Jason experiences the ups and downs of running a traditional business. As we all know, there are good times and bad in business, however for many the bad can seem so bad that it becomes all too much. No one knows this better than Jason. Jason's world get's turned upside down You see two years ago, Jason's brother took his life by suicide. "He was always the life of the party and everyone loved him", said Jason, however circumstances that (Jason is convinced) stemmed from his work led him down a dark path of depression to which he would never return. In this podcast, Jason talks to us about his experience and he also talks to us about what he believes was the conrtibuting cause of his brothers mental health decline. Acknowledge something is wrong and take action Jason is a firm believer that if we can get better at understanding how to run our businesses, our whole lives will improve as a result. if we're making money, then that's one huge stress that we don't have to encounter. Education is the key. We don't know, what we don't know. Jason quotes, 'If your car is playing up, you'll take it to a mechanic. If you're feeling sick, you'll go to ac doctor, however if you're unsure about something in your business, or our personal life, we normally bottle it up and try to deal with it ourselves." Guys, it's okay to seek help. This podcast is here as a resource for you and there are many other resources that you can turn to if you need help dealing with stress, anxiety, negative thinking, etc. I am more than happy to speak with anyone that needs it, as are I'm sure many people around you. You just need to ask. Remember, it's NEVER as bad as you think.  People care about you, so if you're struggling with anything, don't be afraid to take the first step. Here are a couple of resources for you: For business help - TheSiteShed.com/resources Mates In Construction Lifeline RUOK See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


13 Aug 2017

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Mental Health For Tradies Podcast Series: Part 1

The True Value of Mental Health For Tradies Mental health is one of the things that you never take for granted as a tradie. Aside from the physical stress brought upon by continuous projects, it is important to keep an eye on how we take care of the mind.  In this podcast, we collaborate on how tradies and contractors can strengthen their mental health while dealing with the daily challenges of their trade business. How Can Tradies Take Better Care Of Their Mental Health? To accompany this amazing podcast is a brief list of practical things you can do for your mental health. Check it out:  1. Get enough sleep It's no surprise that getting sufficient amount of sleep is one of the most effective ways of preserving your mental health. Tons of research concludes that lack of sleep has a direct correlation with depression (especially the not-so-young bunch!) 2. Find an outlet for stress Stress can eat up all the happy hormones out of you. This is why an outlet for stress is very crucial to your mental health.  And by 'outlet for stress', we don't mean partying and drinking the night away! Boxing, travelling, hiking, skiing, and similar physical intensive activities are the perfect way to get your mind away from work-related tension. 3. Surround yourself with the right people The word 'right' is the key-term in here. This is because everyone has different kinds of personality. You may find yourself easily getting along with certain people at work. That's ok! It is very important to surround yourself with people that you truly understand and accept. On top of making friends at work, continuously nurture your relationship with family members. People with strong connections in the family often find themselves less stressed than those who try to push away their family from their life.   On The Next Episode... In the other half of this insightful podcast series on Mental Health, we go deeper into the effects of bad mental health.  Aside from that, we also go through some real life examples of how observing proper mental-health has helped tradies be at the top of their game. Similar episodes TSS131 - 8 Pillars With Stephen Scoggins TSS128 - Building a business and dealing with suicide TSS077 - Fit for work TSS075 -Tradies national health month See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Aug 2018

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TSS169_Strategic Planning Series Part 3: Execution Will Trump Any Plan

Execution will Trump Any Plan In the final episode of this series on Strategic Planning, Ed Plant joins me as we discuss why execution will trump any plan. In the world of business, owners always get encouraged to make the most rigorous planning and preparations. Although this is partially helpful, it also is important to not forget about the actual execution of what you’re planning for. Being able to execute your plan correctly plays the most crucial role in the growth of your business. It is when you think of execution that you are also able to make adjustments to your plans accordingly. “It’s good to put a job in that you go out and do with the guys once a month or quarter.” The Strategic Planning series has been a total treat to conduct with Ed. If you’ve missed out on one of the episodes, it would be helpful to watch those as every series is systematically tied up with one another.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


26 Sep 2018

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Finance 101 for Tradies Podcast Series Part 2: Structuring Your Financial Deals

Structuring Your Financial Deals Bill Petrovski returns on the second episode of this podcast series to collaborate with Matt Jones in discussing the importance of a well-structured financial deal. After discussing the value of spending money wisely, they now go over what it truly takes to structure your finance deals in a way that favors your current situation.  "Cash flow is king because if you know what is your cash flow each week, each month, and ongoing; you know what you can spend and what you can't spend." - Bill Petrovski If you are relatively new to the ins and outs of a finance deal, this podcast will serve you very well. Learn how to structure your finance deal today. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


11 Jul 2018

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Understanding cash flow and reporting

Part Two – Understanding cash flow and reporting Series: Tax Essentials for Tradies and Contractors  Guest: Tab Burkhalter from The Numbers House Accounting is one of those topics that is hard to make sexy, but when you learn new tricks, it can make an incredible difference to both your business and your personal life.  When I started my business journey, I never had any advice or counsel from anyone that had a clue about numbers. I had no one in my corner. There were no podcasts, no amazing facebook communities. Even my accountant at the time was an absolute punish to get information out of. In this series, Tab dives into three essential areas that tradies and contractors need to focus on. Three areas that I wish I had better understood when I started out. Three areas that we could probably all improve on.  My advice to everyone, especially those starting out in business, is to learn numbers and understand your finance. You don’t need to be an accountant to keep yourself on track and out of danger.  If you’re interested in numbers and finance topics, you’ll want to listen to these also. Get a grip on your financials – [LINK] Lack of focus on Gross Profit Margin – [LINK] Profitability. Get your financial house in order – [LINK] About this podcast, ‘Understanding cash flow and reporting‘ Podcast Highlights: 02:34 – The accrual method of accounting 05:41 – Cashflow supporting expenditure 07:03 – Budgeting 10:38 – Managing tax and overheads 13:34 – The danger of pricing jobs at cost & hoping on variations 19:36 – Charging $250 will barely break even 22:54 – Financing shortfalls on credit cards 26:21 – Reconciliation frequency and habits 30:51 – Banks making money off poor cashflow management 33:53 – The owners’ draw Stemming on from part one of the ‘Tax Essentials For Tradies & Contractors’ series, titled, ‘Why you need two sets of books’, this episode dived deeper into the importance of understanding how to manage cash flow and how to report on our numbers.  I know over the last 12 months, I’ve implemented a weekly reporting schedule into my business and we’ve had the best year yet. Is that the only reason? Likely not. However, it’s certainly made it easy for me to see potential problems arise in the early stages. The two things that were the turning point for my businesses, would certainly be understanding cash flow and regular reporting. I just used to bury my head in the sand and not want to confront reality. Since I changed that, my business has progressively got better and better.  In this podcast, Tab runs through his methods of managing cash flow and accurate effective reporting. Enjoy.  If you enjoyed this podcast, please take 5 to leave us a review: Google Facebook  iTunes – Apple Stitcher – Android See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


26 Jun 2019

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Finance 101 for Tradies Podcast Series Part 1: Spending Your Money Wisely

Spending Money Wisely Bill Petrovski gives valuable tips on how to spend money wisely by using all available resources to get the best tax rate that will still let you pursue bigger financial goals. Tradies and contractors are included in the list of people who can get blind-sided by spending their funds incorrectly. "The benefit comes from the deduction of tax, not a direct rebate" Often times, tradies and contractors neglect the importance of accurate tax rate. He emphasizes that playing your cards right when it comes to your tax rate is of prime importance. To top it off, they finish off this episode by going through different efficiency and job management tools that can help you in Spending Money Wisely.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


4 Jul 2018

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TSS144_Is SEO Complete BS?

SEO. How to decipher the good, from the bad The world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) seems to have become a red-hot place for scammers to pull the wool over the eyes of those that don't know any better. This podcast came from a post on The Site Shed's private Facebook community in relation to how legitimate SEO actually is. Read the post here As someone that runs a digital agency (Tradie Web Guys), we deal with SEO on a regular basis. Not in a negative light I might add. Our experience with SEO is fantastic, but sadly the companies we speak with on a daily basis are not always as 'enthusiastic'. It's funny that even though I run a digital agency, if I go a day without getting an email from some company in India trying to sell me SEO or a website, it's a bloody good day. I know you're all getting the same emails. The group told me.  Anyway, the point is, what's legitimate and what's BS? What's expensive and what's not? What are good results and what are bad? And so on and so forth. In this podcast, I talk about where SEO was and where it is now. I talk about the problems that exist and the fundamental elements of SEO. I also discuss 'content creation' and how to go about making a start. If you like the topic of SEO and Content, you'll probably love these too. Go check them out. The role of your website in SEO The role of your content in SEO Syndicating your content Authority Content Revealing SEO Myths How to make your business stand out with copywriting If you'd like any help with any of this stuff, I've set up a page just for The Site Shed listeners. Click here to visit.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Feb 2018

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A Step-By-Step Framework On How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile

Part One – A step-by-step framework on how to create your LinkedIn profile Series: How to Use LinkedIn as a Tradie Guest: Jacob Bracey, founder and director of Underdog Agency LinkedIn is a powerful tool to connect with other people, companies, and organizations for job opportunities. Even if you think you don’t need this platform, it is an excellent avenue for you to expand your network, among many other benefits. However, setting up a LinkedIn profile and using it to attract clients has been a constant dilemma for many tradies. You will learn all about maximizing your LinkedIn page in our How to Use LinkedIn as a Tradie series. For the first instalment, our guest--the founder and director of Underdog Agency, Jacob Bracey, talks about the proper way to create a LinkedIn profile to help you find potential customers. After all, if you’re starting a business and you want to take advantage of different online platforms such as LinkedIn, it is a must that you present yourself and your business correctly and professionally. For other similar stories to help you get started, you may check these episodes: TSS101 – Why You Need To Be Marketing Online – [LINK] TSS171 – Creating A Million Dollar Design Build Business – [LINK] TSS186 – How To Make The Most Out Of Your Network – [LINK] TSS219 – Zero To A Million In Four Years – [LINK]   About this podcast, ‘A step-by-step framework on how to create your LinkedIn profile’ Podcast Highlights: 7:15 – About Underdog Agency 10:48 – Customizing LinkedIn URL 12:55 – Your LinkedIn profile photo 16:50 – Service tagline on your profile 19:30 – LinkedIn connections and contacts 21:05 – Expanding about your service in the “About” section 24:31 – Posting and sharing activities relevant to your service  29:10 – Elaborating on your past job experiences 30:03 – Your educational background 31:31 – Showcasing your skills on your profile 33:14 – Recommendations from others In this episode, we’ll go through each section of a LinkedIn profile, its functions and importance, and how you can maximize it to reach out to different clients all over the world. The next instalment of this series will focus on understanding why LinkedIn is useful in the realm of business and pointing out its advantages in connecting with clients. Hopefully, this video would give you a headstart to make your business flourish.   About Our Guest Jacob Bracey is the founder of the digital marketing agency, Underdog Agency. By using powerful strategies and making use of LinkedIn as a lead generation channel, Underdog Agency helps businesses grow by reaching new audiences and closing more deals. From manufacturers to suppliers and point of sale, Jacob and Underdog Agency aims to boost companies’ networks and pipelines with more opportunities. You can contact Jacob directly at jake@underdogagency.com.au. You can also reach him on LinkedIn and WhatsApp. If you enjoyed this podcast, please take the time to leave us a review: Google Facebook iTunes – Apple Stitcher – Android See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


3 Dec 2019

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How Darren 4-X'd his electrical business in 7 months

How Darren 4-X’d His Electrical Business in 7 Months Guest: Darren Hiscock from Hiscocks Electrical It is challenging to grow and scale a business if you are not knowledgeable about the strategies and techniques necessary to achieve your goals. Thus, it is crucial to educate yourself with helpful business tools and principles. In this episode, Darren shares his transition from being an electrician to a business owner. He emphasizes the importance of seeking the help of a business coach who can guide you to grow your business, just like he did with Hiscocks Electrical. He also sought other guides such as business books to help him change his perspective about business. If you are interested in growing your business, you may want to check out these episodes: TSS088 – Using innovation to grow your business – [LINK] TSS178 – Zero to $850,000 in 2 years – [LINK] TSS198 – Maximising Gross Profit in Your Business – [LINK] About this podcast, ‘How Darren 4-X’d His Electrical Business in 7 Months’ Podcast Highlights: 07:44 – The effect of business on his personal life 10:39 – Fundamental shifts in his growing business 12:32 – Shifts in delivering perspective 15:02 – Importance of personality profiling 21:21 – Transition with his leadership 23:24 – New challenges associated with a growing business 26:33 – Positive effects of business on his lifestyle 28:34 – Goals for the company 38:54 – Other positive influences for the business 41:45 – Short term goals 42:49 – Importance of organizational structure 50:02 – Importance of a business coach This episode highlights the need for business owners not only to grow the business but also to maintain its growth. It is essential to employ personality profiling to support the growth of the company. A growing business means an ever-increasing membership, and it is imperative for owners to hire recruits and train them correctly.  Aside from the growing number of members, an organizational structure is also crucial for any business. This structure will determine the business’ capacity to give order to its internal relationships while providing excellent services to customers. Lastly, business owners need to plan smartly. They need to have the right attitude and mindset when dealing with problems. This way, they can adequately manage the business projects they are currently working on. If you wish to reach the same heights Darren did, check out the Tradiematepro Coaching Program.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Oct 2019

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TSS023_Discovering what your business strengths are

Series: Outsoucing Cohosts: Warrick and Michaela from 'The Tradies Business Show' In this series of Toolbox talks, I'm joined by our friends Warrick and Michaela from The Tradies Business Show, where we're talking about Outsourcing. I asked them to join me on this series because they both formally ran a company called Tradies VA, which was a business that helped trade based organisations leverage the use of assistants, so that the business owners could free themselves up to take care of the more important areas of their businesses. Waz and Michaela both a wealth of knowledge in this field and I'm sure you'll learn a bunch from what they have to say. Episode 1: Discovering what your business strengths are within your own business. In this episode, Waz, Michaela and I talk about the power of discovering what your own strengths are within your business, so you can spend your time doing what you're good at and not all the other things that can be delegated. So often, we find ourselves wasting time in our own business, but doing things that others can do so much better. Some examples of this might be: ANSWERING PHONES!!! Accounting Invoicing Following up late payments Estimating This is a great podcast that drives home the point that if you waste time doing what you're not great at, you're doing more damage than good. Coming up in following episodes: TSS024 - Developing processes that can replace you in your own business. TSS025 - Building a power remote team You can reach Warrick and Michaela at Tradies Business ShowSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


24 Mar 2016

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TSS091_Where You Begin Is Not Always Where You End Up

Matt Jones appears on 'The Art Of Construction' podcast out of Colorado in the USA. Podcast Title: Where You Begin Is Not Where You End Up. Hosts: Devon Tilly and Kevin Keefe Obviously, we create a LOT of content and produce a lot of podcasts at The Site Shed. It's great fun and I love doing it, however it's nice occasionally to mix it up a little. I was introduced to the team at The Art Of Construction, through a listener of ours based in the USA (Shout out to Nick from Content Corps). Nick noticed some similarities in our podcasts and suggested that we meet. It was a great experience for me to guest on their show and if you're listening to this podcast, you will love theirs. It's really quite similar apart form the fact that The Site Shed is located in Sydney, Australia and The Art Of Construction is in Colorado. You'll love the dynamic that Devon and Kevin (or Dev and Kev) have. They have a very different, yet fun approach to the interviewing process, which was interesting to me. Obviously I'm used to doing things a certain way at The Site Shed, so it was a good experience for me to see how they run theirs and I'd be lying if I didn't say there are certain things they much better than I. In this podcast we speak about a number of things, especially on the marketing front. Kev, Dev and I spoke about websites, local marketing, social media and content creation and I also left them with a useful framework for listeners that are interested in building an online profile. I hope you enjoy this show and make sure you head across to the links to subscribe to their show. Here's the link to the original podcast, complete with show notes, and relevant links. You can reach The Art Of Construction at: iTunes Stitcher Facebook Email Desiree Website See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


20 Sep 2016

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TSS133_Lack of focus on Gross Profit Margin

"What we measure, we can improve". Let's learn how to improve our profit margin in this podcast. Series: The Top 3 Mistakes Growing Trade Businesses Make Cohost: Danny Kerr from BT Academy Let's assume that we're all in business to make a profit. So why do so few of us have such a poor focus on our gross profit margin? In today's podcast, Danny runs us through the framework that he uses and teaches at BT Academy, with the hope that we start giving it the attention it deserves. This is part two of the three-part series. Here is the link to episode one - Attracting the right talent. Based out of British Colombia, Canada, BT Academy exists to teach businesses how to create a sustainable business structure, using the principles of a franchise model. Franchises depend heavily on systems and processes, which serves as the fundamental lynch-pin in a franchises ability to operate out of multiple locations while delivering a consistent product/service. My co-host in this series, Danny Kerr, has a background in franchising. A few years ago, he decided it would be a good idea to educate trade business owners how they can create similar frameworks in their own businesses. As a result, BT Academy was born and they now help hundreds of organisations, right across Canada and the United States take their businesses to a level that is systemised, profitable and independent of any one person (in most cases the business owner). In this series, we'll be talking about what Danny considers the Top 3 mistakes that trade business owners make, from his experience with dealing with hundreds of organisations. Those areas are: Attracting the right talent Lack of focus on Gross Profit Margin The wrong prioritisation of time  If you're interested in attracting talent, you'll likely enjoy these past podcasts also: How to find the leaders in your organisation - Peter Cox Staffing Power - Al Levi Implementing an Org Chart - Al Levi Defining Roles in your family business - Al Levi Identifying and creating roles in your organisation - Greg Hamlyn How to find the right staff members for your business - Greg Hamlyn How to retain your staff - Greg Hamlyn When is the right time to expand? - Al Levi & Ellen Rohr Lack of focus on our gross profit margin In the previous podcast, Danny taught us the fine art of attracting the right talent into our organisations. Stemming on from that episode is this one, where he talks to us about the importance of understanding money, cash flow and profit margin. There's a misconception that turnover is the goal that we should all be chasing as business owners, however, it couldn't be further from the truth. Turnover means NOTHING unless there is profit in the business. Your business might well be turning $20 million a year, however if your profit margin is only $100,000, that business sucks. Totally. It's really important that we understand the difference, which is why I am so thrilled to be bringing you this podcast. Not only has Danny shared his knowledge with us, he's also left behind a spreadsheet that you take and make your own. It's absolutely genius. Not only that, he's offered to spend some time with you, to help you get it set up correctly in your business. If you don't take advantage of that, you're completely crazy. Also, do something nice for one of your friends. Copy the link to this page and send it to them.  No joke, Danny has left behind FOR YOU the most amazing templates, frameworks and business tools, you'll likely ever get your hands on. There's cut and paste templates for hiring and job posting, there are how to videos to follow and there's even an absolutely incredible figure tracking spreadsheet that took Danny and his team over 50 hours to create...and a video on how to use it. Amazing! He's also made some time in his crazy busy calendar for you to have a chat with him and his team, so you can learn how to apply those documents directly into your business. Again, for FREE. They've also got loads more awesome things that they'll be sending you, so fill in the form, grab your stuff and claim your calendar spot right now!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


31 Oct 2017

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