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Sandy Robins is a pet lifestyle expert, a contributor at MSNBC.com and TodayShow.com, author, and columnist on several pet-centric websites and magazines.

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Cats, cats, and a few very fashionable dogs for balance

Purina One® tells us all about the true nature of cats Dr Jill Villarreal tells us about a symposium coming up where you can learn why your Fluffy behaves as he or she does Our Fashion correspondent, Valentina Bloomfiled tells us about a major fashion event and show last week in Coconut Beach, Fl where amazing new dog fashions hit the runway And Alice de Almeida joins in to bring us up to date on New Yorks's most celebratied feline, Matilda, the Algonquin Cat, back in residence at one of New York's swankiest hotels.


31 May 2012

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No more cat odor! The Pet Advocate & The tiger on your lap

Its a very eclectic show. We first learn about a new product that will be the best friend to Fluffys everywhere, Zero Odor! There's abrand new website on the web and it just could become your faithful "goto" for all things realted to you and your pets, meet petadvocate.net. And it that a littel tiger resting so peacefully on your pal?  Yes, says Joanne McGonagle, author of The Tiniest Tiger, and undertanding this could bring you and your cat clser together.


24 May 2012

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Is Fluffy Fit to Fly?

Traveling with Fluffy or Fido is becoming more the norm as pets now frequently travel with thir familites. Yes, even on planes. But the process of bringing fluffy along can be difficult and timeconsuming and its possible, unless everything is in order you caould arrive at the airport and not have all of Fido's T's crossed or I's dotted, in which case, your pet may not be able to fly. Then what? Alsaka Airlines and Banfield pet Hospitals have teamed up to simplify the process and give you assurance everything your four legged family member needs to fly is in order, icluding a helath inspoection and all documentation. Today our guses from Alsask Air and Banfield explain the prceedure andasnswer a lt of questions about Flying with Fluffy.


17 May 2012

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From fashion statements to a test that could save your Fido

Its an unusual edition of Pawsitively Pets as we stroll though the lastest in fashion for your dog, then learn how a new home test can help you to detect the most serious diseases your dog could face, suing a new test in the home, wthout a trip to the vet. Also, our regular contributor, Stacy Mantle steps in withthe latest from Petsweekly.com.


10 May 2012

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A massage for your horse and maybe a rescue too

The Ketucky Derby, one of the world's the prestigious horse racing events and the first race in the Triple Crown is this weekend and this show is all about horses. How to massage your horse and all about horse rescue.


3 May 2012

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