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Discover how to make great money investing in real estate, in a way that helps people, doesn't require a lot of risk and leaves plenty of room for you to live your life. The REtipster Podcast is the best source of insight and inspiration for new and experienced real estate investors! Seth Williams pulls back the curtain to reveal the inner workings of how he runs his land investing business and rental property portfolio. In each episode, Seth explains the most essential real estate investing strategies and business essentials you can use to stay ahead of the curve in your real estate profession. Discover how to skyrocket your income, replace your day job and earn your financial freedom WITHOUT risking your life savings in the process. Seth dishes out real-world guidance about what works and what doesn’t in today’s business environment. Seth is a land investor, rental property owner, online educator and skilled communicator who has been a student of the real estate investing game for over a decade. Join him in the next episode and learn how to crush it in your real estate business!

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A Decade of Land Investing Experience in 60 Minutes - Interview with Renee Riker

#30: Renee and I both learned about the world of land investing and land flipping about ten years ago when Jack Bosch launched his first course on the subject.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/30)After a lot of emails back and forth, we eventually joined a mastermind group with a few other people. Over the years, we have learned an absolute TON from each other, simply by acting as a sounding board for one another, sharing our successes, our frustrations (of which there have been plenty) and figuring out the best ways to run a land business.In a lot of ways, Renee has helped me to see the power behind a mastermind group (even if that group only consists of one other person). For me, it has frankly been WAY more powerful than any mentors I’ve ever paid for. When two or more people are seriously dedicated to the same business AND willing to share what they’re learning with each other, they’re both inevitably going to learn a lot in the process.


3 Dec 2018

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David fired his boss to pursue land investing full-time. Here's how he did it...

#36: In today’s show, we’re talking with David VanSteenkiste.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/36)Who is this guy? He’s a name and face that has continually popped up in my social media feeds for years. In all of the various land-related conversations I see around the interweb - David always seems to be there, chiming in with his thoughts and suggestions for others about how to handle various challenges and situations in the land business.A few months ago, he told me about how his land business had actually grown to the point where he’s been able to quit his day job and work his business full time. Obviously, this is a HUGE milestone - and a sign that he’s clearly got a few things figured out.If you're in the land flipping business and you want to grow it to the point where you have total autonomy over your life (or even if you’re considering jumping into the land investing game as a beginner), David is a great example of what’s possible when you take the business seriously take action on building your financial freedom.

1hr 15mins

4 Mar 2019

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Is it Wrong to Make Low Offers? Interview w/ Brian Ellwood

#43: Brian Ellwood is a former wholesaler who was able to retire from the working world at the age of 30 by accumulating several dozen properties. Now days, his greatest passion is to help others do the same.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/43)Brian’s initial area of expertise in real estate was mostly in wholesaling houses, fix and flips and buy and hold investments… however, he chose to steer the ship more in the direction of buying more long-term buy and hold properties, so he could generate enough passive income to cover his bills and spend his time doing what he really enjoys.In this interview, we’re going to talk about how Brian was able to build and grow this kind of business, his philosophy and approach to real estate investing, and we’re also going to talk about a CRAZY experience he had a few years back with the local media, how it really took a toll on him mentally and professionally, and how he managed to take a really difficult experience and turn it into an asset for his business.

1hr 5mins

10 Jun 2019

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How To Sell Land Fast (Without Driving Yourself Crazy) - Interview w/ Clint Turner

058: Today we’re talking with a recent acquaintance of mine named Clint Turner.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/58)Clint reached out to me recently because he’s been putting together a well-organized framework for selling vacant land properties (and even though Clint talks about this stuff in the context of the land business, I think a lot of this applies to every niche of real estate).He gave me the chance to look at a course he’s built and from what I’ve seen of it, I thought it brought some value to the table with some good ideas for people to think about if they’ve been struggling with the selling side of their real estate business.For a lot of land investors, “selling” is one of the biggest challenges and bottlenecks they have to deal with, so I thought it would make sense to get Clint on the podcast to hear more directly from him about how he does things differently than most land investors and why it works.

1hr 6mins

7 Jan 2020

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Finding Your Groove as a Land Investor

#3: In this episode, we're going to listen in on a recorded conversation I had with my friend Karl James back in 2016 (this is actually one of the first recorded interviews I ever did).(Show Notes: REtipster.com/3)Karl is a land investor who has found a lot of success over the past few years. He got his start in the land investing business by following the steps detailed on the REtipster Blog, and as he's gained more experience, he has figured out some other creative ways of fine-tuning the strategy to make it uniquely his own.After exchanging emails with Karl and hearing about his successes, I wanted to sit down and have a conversation with him about how he runs his business, because I think he has some GREAT insights that a lot of us can learn from. Listen in for some great tips on how to take your land investing strategy to the next level.

1hr 2mins

28 Dec 2017

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Job-Free Before 23: How Armaan Quit His Job to Run His Land Investing Business

057: Today, we’re talking with Armaan Premjee.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/57)Armaan has been a member of the REtipster Club for the past year and he reached out to me a few months ago to let me know that he recently quit his job to focus on his land business full time.Part of what makes Armaan unique is that he’s fairly young (22 years old) and he’s also an immigrant who came to the US at the age of 18 from Mumbai, India.To be clear, quitting one’s job isn’t the right path for everyone and it doesn’t automatically mean you’re successful - but whenever I hear someone say this, it always makes my ears perk up because, for me, that was my dream for many years… and I know it’s a major step when someone actually makes this leap. If I could’ve done this when I was in my early 20's, holy cow, my life would’ve been pretty cool.In this interview, we’re going to dissect Armaan’s business and figure out how he was able to get to where he is.If YOU are someone who wants to take this same path, perhaps you’ll be able to reverse engineer part of this process and get a little closer yourself.


23 Dec 2019

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How To Be A Selling Machine in the Land Business - Interview w/ Peter Toth

#52: Peter Toth is someone I've known about for a few years now, and when I was talking with Josh Brooks back in episode 18, I found out that Josh and Peter were actually working together in a pretty serious capacity. Josh handles all the acquisition aspects and Peter handles the entire sales side.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/52)In the land business, one of the biggest bottlenecks most people face is getting properties sold quickly.Given the inherent challenges and slow turnaround times that can occur in the land business, I thought Peter would be a great guy to talk to as a way of finding out, from a professional, full-time land seller, what is working for him right now?What are the most effective places to advertise?What are the best selling tactics?How does he create a solid value proposition that keeps their inventory moving?How important is a person’s ability to sell person-to-person (over the phone) vs their ability to write good sales copy and get good pictures?Basically - we’re looking for any insights we can get on the dispositions side of the land business and hopefully, you’ll gather some new ideas from listening in to our conversion.

1hr 11mins

14 Oct 2019

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This Guy Quit His Job With His Land Investing Business! Here's How He Did It.

#50: A few months ago, I saw a forum post in the REtipster Club from a guy named Jay Thomason.(Show Notes: https://retipster.com/50)He was leaving his day job to join his partner's land business and do deals full-time.When I saw this, I thought a couple of things:"That’s amazing!""Hmmm... I bet there are some people in our crowd who would love to hear more details on how he did this."So, we reached out to him, and he was happy to come on our podcast with his business partner Daniel Earhart, to talk about how their business works, how they were able to speed-grow their operation in just a few short years, and the role both of them played in taking a HUGE step towards financial freedom.

1hr 8mins

16 Sep 2019

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Callie Built a Full-Time Income in 11 Months Investing in Land. Here's how...

#6: Get ready to be inspired! Callie McGraw just managed to generate a full-time income in less than a year... and she did it all by flipping land in her spare time.(Show Notes: REtipster.com/6)The reason I like Callie's story so much is because she did this all while juggling the responsibilities of a stay-at-home mother of two, and all the responsibilities that come along with that HUGE job description.Her story is proof that this business can be done even when you've got other significant responsibilities on your plate. If you've let the excuse of "I don't have enough time" get the best of you - you need to hear Callie's story!

1hr 16mins

15 Jan 2018

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Best Practices for Real Estate Investor Websites - Interview w/ Danny Johnson of Lead Propeller

#19: In today's episode, we're talking with Danny Johnson - Founder and Creator of Lead Propeller (among many other things).(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/19)This guy has a long and successful history as a house flipper and a software developer, and he has blended those two specialities together to help real estate investors create websites as quickly and seamlessly as possible.In our conversation, Danny dishes out tons of great advice on how to create a website that converts, how to get more traffic and how to make your website a powerful and valuable tool in the overall scheme of your business operation.


2 Jul 2018

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Why Early REtirement May Be More Achievable Than You Think - Interview w/ Chad Carson

#22: In this interview, I sit down with Chad Carson and chat about his latest book, Retire Early with Real Estate, available through BiggerPockets.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/22One of the things Chad discussed at length in this book is how real estate can be used to pave the way for an early retirement... but retirement isn't just about not working, it's about true and lasting financial freedom, along with the MANY non-financial gifts that come with this kind of lifestyle.Chad and I were able to discuss a lot of our thoughts on how to get there, and some of the misconceptions that people tend to have on this subject.


13 Aug 2018

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Need Money? You Need to Know About Fund & Grow (Interview with Mike Banks)

#35: One of the most common questions I hear from people in the real estate business is,"Where can I get funding for my next deal??"(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/35)It doesn't matter what type of real estate investor you are, at some point, you're going to run out of cash. If you want to keep buying properties and grow your business, you'll need some other source of funding in order to stay liquid.Now, there are a lot of ways to deal with the issue. Some investors turn hard money loans, some will partner with other investors who have the cash, others will buy properties with seller financing or work with conventional lenders (until their bank decides they've borrowed enough money).The problem is - all of these "solutions" have some big costs associated with them, and that's why this interview is such an important one.In this episode, we talk with Mike Banks of Fund & Grow. This company has made it extraordinarily easy to get short term financing that charges 0% interest for the first 12 months (at which point, most people will either refinance or pay off their loan through the sale of the asset they purchased with the money).This financing strategy isn't the right fit for every situation, but for a lot of reasons (which we'll get into in this interview), this can make a TON of sense. It offers a combination of speed, flexibility, and savings that few other financing methods can bring to the table.This is definitely one you'll want to listen through to the end!


18 Feb 2019

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Are You a Victim of These Money Myths? Keith Weinhold Sets the Record Straight

#29: In this episode, we talk with Keith Weinhold.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/29)Keith is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, an International Best Selling Author, he owns apartments in Alaska, homes in Texas and Florida, Coffee Farms in Panama and Cacao Farms in Belize. He’s also the Founder of GetRichEducation.com, where he runs a blog and podcast, teaching readers and listeners all about real estate investing, financial freedom and how to foster the right financial mindset.What I love about Keith is how he challenges the way I think. There are all kinds of random assumptions I’ve always made about finances, investing and how money is made (whether it’s from the way I was raised or just conclusions I’ve come to on my own). Keith has a way of reframing the question in a way that makes me realize, there’s more to the story.

1hr 7mins

19 Nov 2018

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Why "Passive Income" From Rental Properties is a Lie - Interview w/ Tom Krol

#42: Tom Krol is the Founder of Wholesaling Inc and PSL Homebuyers, and he runs one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/42)Tom has bought and sold hundreds of properties across the country and has taught a lot of aspiring real estate investors how to do the same.Tom and I recently got acquainted over the phone, and he was telling me he had come to the conclusion that "passive income" from rental properties is a total farce. He thought there was a much more effective way to build real passive income, and it involves wholesaling houses with a unique approach of selling off properties with seller financing.There are a ton of advantages that enter the picture when you work this way (which we’ll cover in a lot more detail in this interview), and I was struck by how many similarities there were between his approach and the approach of buying land at a super cheap price and selling it with seller financing.This is one of those strategies I’ve heard about from a number of people, so I’m really excited to dig into the details of how Tom has put this into practice. Hopefully, you’ll walk away with some ideas you can apply in your own business.


27 May 2019

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant: Expectations vs. Reality - Interview w/ Derek Gallimore

#40: In this interview, we talk with Derek Gallimore, Founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, a company that specializes in helping small businesses in high-cost English-speaking countries figure out how to outsource various aspects of their operation.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/40)In this interview, we talk with Derek about different roles/jobs that can be outsourced and how it improves the business processes overall. Derek also gives us examples of how outsourcing can be applied to someone like a real estate agent, a landlord that's leasing out multiple properties or a property flipper.The good thing about outsourcing is - it has never been easier to find good, competent help at a cost that is surprisingly affordable.But what does that really mean? How much should you realistically expect to pay for someone who is truly competent and knows how to think for themselves? Which roles in your business are actually worth outsourcing? What are the biggest drawbacks to hiring a VA that nobody talks about? We’ll cover all of that today.


29 Apr 2019

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The Anatomy of a Land Deal (A Comprehensive Case Study)

#8: In this episode, I'm going to give you an in-depth look at one of my recent land deals.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/8)It basically took me a full year to put this episode together. Why? Because I didn't want to publish this until I had completed the ENTIRE buying and selling process.Sometimes this process happens quickly (i.e. - within a few weeks), but in this particular deal I'm about to show you, the timeline stretched out a bit longer than normal... because that's just what happens with some deals.In the end, this deal delivered a solid profit. There were a few bumps along the way, but overall, I think it went fairly smoothly.As with every deal, new lessons were learned, old lessons were reinforced, and I walked away a little bit wiser about how to handle the future deals I do.So let's dive in, shall we?


5 Feb 2018

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Most Money Management Tips Are Wrong - Keith Weinhold Explains Why

#45: When we had Keith Weinhold on the show a few months back (you can check it out on episode 29) I remember how Jaren and I both walked away from that conversation with a changed perspective on a number of things.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/45)Part of the what Keith brings to the table on his podcast and website at GetRichEducation.com is the way he’s able to make statements that sound counterintuitive (and even a little provocative), but when he explains the rationale behind those statements, it’s pretty hard to argue with that he’s saying.I think we all make certain assumptions about our finances, investing and how money is supposed to work (whether it’s from the way we’re raised or just conclusions we come to on our own) and Keith has this way of reframing the question in a way that makes people realize, there’s a lot more to the story.

1hr 11mins

8 Jul 2019

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This is What Happened When Greg Took Action in His Land Investing Business

#13: Land investing is like any other business, you need to take action if you expect to see any results.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/13)Every so often, I get emails from readers who tell me about the success they're having in the real estate business.One of those readers is a guy named Greg Srader. Greg has reached out to me on a number of occasions to let me know about some of the awesome deals he has done in the land investing business - and it has been truly inspiring to hear about what he has accomplished.


9 Apr 2018

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The Good, Bad (the Dangerous) and the Ugly of Self Storage Investing with Scott Meyers

#28: In episode 28 of the REtipster Podcast, we get to interview one of the leading experts on self-storage units.(Show Notes: https://REtipster.com/28)Scott Meyers is someone I've heard about for years, and he's one of the prominent names in the online education space for self-storage investing. This is a real estate investing niche I’ve had a TON of interest in for a lot of years, so I was thrilled that we were able to get him on the show.Scott Meyers is based in Indianapolis, IN and he has worked on a lot of super successful Storage Unit deals… and along the way, he’s done some that almost cost him everything. In today’s show, we’re going to dive deep into all things self-storage - the good, the bad, the dangerous and the ugly.

1hr 9mins

5 Nov 2018

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How to Scale and Manage a High Volume Land Investing Business

#9: When you're doing more than a few land deals each month, it's critical to find a system that can help scale your business and handle a larger deal flow.(Show Notes: REtipster.com/9)In this episode, I sit down with Howard Zonder and Seth Drehle-Ewan.We talk about how Howard has developed a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) built on Podio, that can automate a great deal of the ongoing functions involved with the land flipping lifecycle.We also talk about how Seth has built a land flipping empire that has doubled in sales for several consecutive months and is on track to hit anywhere from $750K - $1M in revenue this year (and did I mention, he's 23 years old... yeah).It's a great conversation! I hope you enjoy it.

1hr 3mins

12 Feb 2018

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