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The Brothers Grimm Lunch Break: The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

A few times a week, over my lunch break, I will record, edit, and publish one of the original 250 fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm and translated to English by Dr. Jack Zipes.

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Episode 69: 68. The Thief and His Master

A man prays for guidance on a career for his son, receives a sign that he should become a thief, and so apprentices him out to a master thief.


12 Apr 2012

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Episode 70: 69. Jorinda and Joringel

A witch lures young maidens to her forest castle and changes them into birds, which she keeps in cages. After capturing hundreds of maidens this way, the betrothed of her latest catch dreams of a way to free them all from the spell.


18 Apr 2012

Rank #2

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Episode 13: 12. Rapunzel

The classic story of a maiden with long hair locked in a tower, but maybe a bit darker than you remember. Still, she and her prince live happily ever after.


31 Oct 2011

Rank #3

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Episode 22: 21. Cinderella

The familiar story of a girl marrying a prince, despite her evil step-sisters doing their best to keep her down. This original version is a bit more bloody than the one you may know, however.


1 Dec 2011

Rank #4

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Episode 60: 59. Freddy and Katy

A young groom is vexed by the not-so-bright actions of his wife. This is essentially a longer version of the tale presented in Episode 34: Clever Else.


14 Mar 2012

Rank #5

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Episode 86: 85. The Golden Children

This is kind of a greatest hits remix story, involving a talking wish-granting golden fish, golden brothers with matching golden lillies and horses, travels through the wide world, a sudden marriage, and a witch in the woods who can turn men to stone. And they all live happily ever after.


30 May 2012

Rank #6

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Episode 59: 58. The Dog and the Sparrow

A merchant runs over a dog in the road, and the dog's friend, a sparrow, gets revenge.


7 Mar 2012

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Episode 58: 57. The Golden Bird

A young prince manages to, despite ignoring almost all of the consistently correct advice given by a talking fox, obtain a golden bird, a golden horse, a beautiful princess, and a kingdom.


6 Mar 2012

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Episode 87: 86. The Fox and the Geese

A hungry fox happens upon a meadow full of young, plump geese.


31 May 2012

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Episode 93: 92. The King of the Golden Mountain

A rich merchant loses his riches, but a dwarf offers to restore them in exchange for a mystery item. That item turns out to be the merchant's own son. Instead of becoming a slave to the dwarf, the boy manages to escape and have a number of adventures, including becoming king of a distant kingdom.


24 Jul 2012

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Episode 57: 56. Sweetheart Roland

A beutiful maiden barely escapes with her life and her sweetheart from her stepmother, who is a real witch. They must outwit her several times thereafter, but along the way the maiden nearly loses everything she holds dear.


1 Mar 2012

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Episode 56: 55. Rumplestiltskin

A miller's daughter is locked in rooms full of straw by a greedy king after her father brags that she can spin straw into gold. She can't, of course, but along comes a strangely named little man who can.


29 Feb 2012

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Episode 108: 107. The Two Travelers

Two craftsmen, one a tailor and the other a shoemaker, one good and the other bad, travel together through the country.


23 Oct 2012

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Episode 3: 2. The Companionship of the Cat and Mouse

A mouse lives with a cat, and the cat eats all the fat.


4 Oct 2011

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Episode 88: 87. The Poor Man and the Rich Man

The Lord was travelling the world disduised as a simple man, as he often used to do. He was treated very differently by a rich man and a poor man, and each received an appropriate reward.


6 Jun 2012

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Episode 89: 88. The Singing, Springing Lark

A story of enchantment with lions, dragons, griffins, talking doves, true love, gifts from the sun, moon, and the four winds, and more.


26 Jun 2012

Rank #16

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Episode 92: 91. The Gnome

After eating an apple off their father's favorite tree, three princesses are magically cursed to be deep undreground where they must pick lice off dragons. Three huntsmen brothers, while searching for the princesses, stumble upon a gnome who lives in those same underground caverns. The two wicked eldest brothers try to cheat the youngest out of the reward for rescuing the princesses.


11 Jul 2012

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Episode 5: 4. A Tale About the Boy Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was

A simple boy who just wants to be frightened.


10 Oct 2011

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Episode 90: 89. The Goose Girl

A meek princess is usurped by her servant and is forced to tend to the geese in silence. A talking horse witnesses the events and, despite being killed, helps bring the usurper to justice.


6 Jul 2012

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Episode 91: 90. The Young Giant

A young farmer's son, who was no bigger than a thumb, suckles at the breast of a giant and becomes a giant himself (and quite a bit ill-mannered, too). He then goes out to make his way in the world.


10 Jul 2012

Rank #20