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An Insanely Detailed Discussion About the Music Modernization Act

If you want an even deeper dive, Jeff Price of Audiam (who's being interviewed) compiled a highly detailed review of the Music Modernization Act on Digital Music News.  It basically explains everything. After you hear this podcast + read this guide, you'll hopefully have a far deeper understanding of this bill (and know what to do next). Also, here's a quick annotation of this podcast, so you can skip around to various parts.   0:00 Intro 1:54 Interview with Jeff Price begins 3:57 What the hell is the Music Modernization Act (and why do we need it)? 6:17 What exactly is a 'streaming service,' and what are the different types of streaming licenses? 8:11 How does the publishing work with Pandora? 11:04 What is a Public Performance? 13:35 What is a 'Reproduction License' (i.e., Mechanical License) - and why is it so important? 27:10 Why does Congress need to get involved? 28:00 Where did the giant problem begin? 30:00 'The recording part was figured out' 31:02 Did Spotify just not know about the licenses they needed to pay? 37:00 'So they put together a solution...' (What the MMA solves + other problems this bill addresses) 40:00 The basic rules of the MMA for streaming music services 41:30 International considerations. 42:51 So what's the big problem with the MMA? 51:20 Nitty-gritty details on the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC)  1:08:00 The missing metadata problem 1:12:20 Who's really generating most of the plays on streaming platforms? 1:18:00 How does the songwriter/artist/publisher now get paid by the MLC? 1:20:28 What steps should rights holders take before the creation of the MLC? 1:22:30 Pre-1972 oldies 1:27:10 Why doesn't AM/FM radio have to pay recording royalties? 1:31:30 A deeper history of music rights in the U.S.  1:33:50 Why can't we just figure out what's actually being played? 1:35:00 Goodbye + Outro Thanks for listening! Please send us feedback at news@digitalmusicnews.com.

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17 Oct 2018

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