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From WBEZ Chicago, Chewing the Fat is a weekly podcast with food journalists Louisa Chu and Monica Eng. Together they tackle cooking, dining, culture food policy, culinary characters and more.

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CTF Ep 54 Last Meal

Louisa Chu and Monica Eng dedicate this series finale of Chewing the Fat, Louisa's late dog & companion Kiba Chu, Monica talks pig roasts w/ Jack Hitt and Louisa turns carrots into roast pork-ishness. What? This may be their last CTF meal but find their new "Chewing" podcast at www.chewing.xyz, https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/chewing/id1045316879?mt=2 Thank you!


5 Feb 2016

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CTF Ep 53 Do or Diet: David Ludwig and Dawn Lerman talk about losing that gut

Do or Diet: The Chewing the Fat ladies are back hearing from Dr. David Ludwig about his bestseller “Always Hungry” on the best way to finally lose that gut forever. Author Dawn Lerman talks about growing up the daughter of a 450 pound Don Draper who was always trying the food he advertised. And Louisa dares Monica to eat a shaggy piece of old chicken…but will she? Moving forward, you can find us in our new home, www.chewing.xyz.


23 Jan 2016

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The Art of Lebanese cooking with Maureen Abood

Is one simple mistake ruining your hummus? Just how much bulgur belongs tabouleh? Why is demand for Middle Eastern food sweeping unlikely parts of the U.S.? And why does Lebanese food rule the region? Learn the answers to this and more in our interview with award-winning food blogger, and author of “Rose Water and Orange Blossoms,” Maureen Abood.


6 May 2015

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BONUS White Heat 25, Legendary Chef Marco Pierre White (NEW interview)

A Chewing the Fat BONUS! In an all-new interview, hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng talk to legendary chef Marco Pierre White on the release of "White Heat 25," the 25th anniversary edition of the book that inspired Anthony Bourdain and generations of cooks. Chef White tells all about Gordon Ramsay, Hot Doug’s, and much more. (photo: Marco Pierre White by Bob Carlos Clarke for the book cover of "White Heat 25")


7 Apr 2015

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