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An interview podcast where different moms share their motherhood journeys and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

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Re-launch of Ralphie Jacobs Positive Parenting from Simply on Purpose

If you need a dose of positive parenting, actionable parenting tips, and perspective, Ralphie is your gal. I’m going to her parenting workshop this Saturday, so she’s been on my mind and I wanted you to easily find this episode if you haven’t already listened. Enjoy! Show Notes: Follow Ralphie on Instagram Connect with Jessica: Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com

25 Apr 2018

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Post-Partum Anxiety with Anne Johnson (Episode 64)

This was such a great chat with Anne Johnson, who shared very openly about her struggle with post-partum anxiety. I know this is a topic so many of you can relate to, so I wanted to re-launch it!


29 Dec 2017

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Episode 210: Finding Meaning in the Hard Times with Natalie Norton

Today my guest is Natalie Norton, and if she’s not already on your radar,  you will be glad she is after this. Natalie is a wise soul who imparts so much wisdom with those she shares her story with. Today we are talking about facing trial after trial in her own life, the lesson that’s taken her the longest to learn, how she intentionally parents her sons, and the word that I say that is holding me back from accepting where I am at this moment. It’s a profound conversation on motherhood and she was such a joy to speak with. Enjoy! Show Notes: Connect with Natalie on Instagram Connect with Jessica: Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com This Show was Sponsored by: Don’t let the difficulty of getting to the gym keep you from working out! Daily Burn is an awesome online resource for people to access thousands of videos online. Featuring videos in a wide range of length and styles, and catering to every athletic level. I love the convenience and the variety on Daily Burn. Not only that, they offer a live workout class every morning. So if you’re in a workout rut, give Daily Burn a try. Get a FREE 60-DAY Trial by going to: www.dailyburn.com/emp/ And… Ora Organic is your place for high quality, nutritious supplements. Check out www.ora.organic and use the code EMP for 15% off your first order. Connect with Jessica: Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com

20 Feb 2018

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Episode 253: What’s Your Brand of Motherhood? with Alison Faulkner

Alison Faulkner is the branding queen, as she helps other businesses to find their WHY, own their personal brand message, and share it with the world! Today we are not only sharing about some of the work she does, including the re-launch of her incredible Audio Courses, about working with Brands and Influencers, but we also talk about how motherhood has shifted for her since getting hit by a car in December. We also talk about investing in yourself and not shying away from change. So just a few light topics:) Enjoy, the Alison Show! Show Notes:  If you are a business, check out Alison’s INCREDIBLE Audio Courses Be sure to follow her on Instagram Connect with Jessica: Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com

20 Jul 2018

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Episode 38: Are you an Angry Mom? with Natalie Hixson

Today my guest is Natalie Hixson. As a mom that struggled with destructive anger herself, Natalie now coaches moms on how to solve their own issues surrounding anger. We’re chatting about that journey for her, tips for how YOU can address your own anger, and how we can help our kids deal with their own anger. Anger and lack of patience can be a huge source of shame for moms, so my hope is that you’ll feel less alone and have some tools to address this problem. Show Notes: www.nataliehixson.com www.instagram.com/nataliehixson www.facebook.com/natailehixson This Show is Sponsored by:  Literati Books is an incredible book subscription for kids. You get 5 high quality books each month, targeted to your child’s age. You guys, Austin LOVED getting his box. We have really enjoyed getting introduced to new literature, and any books we didn’t want to purchase, we just sent back. Easy as that! When you go to www.literatibooks.com and use promo code EMOMS you can get $20 off your FIRST BOX. Plus, kids THREE and up get a special blacklight pen. This makes a fantastic gift idea for kids that are hard to buy for!


22 Oct 2019

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Episode 39: How to Live When Fighting for Your Life with WhittLee Hamblin

Today my guest is a cancer warrior, WhittLee Hamblin. After a trying time helping her husband through a major medical trial, she found out that she herself had Stage 4 Colon cancer. She’s a mom of three little girls and this episode is the story of her motherhood journey and her perspective on life post-cancer diagnosis. She’s incredible and while you’ll need your tissues for this one, you’ll end it feeling a resolve to show up for those you love and live with more gratitude. Show Notes: www.instagram.com/whittlee www.facebooke.com/whittleehamblin Inspired Home Podcast Go Fund Me for the Hamblin Family


29 Oct 2019

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Episode 192: Giving Dayton Legs with Sherrine Hayward

Today’s interview is incredible, featuring my new friend Sherrine Hayward. Although she is most often known as “Dayton’s Mom”, she is a mom of six and today’s she’s sharing her motherhood journey, about what it’s been like to raise a child with severe special needs and to include him in every aspect of their family. Her perspective and wisdom are remarkable and it was a true pleasure to talk to Sherrine. Show Notes: Check out the video featuring Dayton: “Dayton’s Legs“ Friend Dayton on Facebook! Sponsored by: StoryWorth StoryWorth is an incredible company who focuses on helping you document family history and stories. You can buy a subscription for yourself (or this makes a GREAT gift!) and you will receive weekly prompts to questions. Over the year, the responses are compiled into a beautiful book that can be enjoyed for years to come. Especially around the holidays, give the gift of family! And you can receive $20 off when you use this link! Whether you are looking to print a new family photo for your wall or give a meaningful holiday gift, Canvas People prints are your go-to resource for well-made, vibrant canvas prints. If you use my code: ExtraMom, you can get a FREE 11×14 print. You have nothing to lose! Thank you, Canvas People for sponsoring the podcast. Connect with Jessica: Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com

12 Dec 2017

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Episode 288: Planning for your Life with Emily Ley

My guest today is the incredible Emily Ley, founder of the Simplified Planner, mom of three, and organizing inspiration! We’re chatting about early motherhood for her, and how she knew she needed to make a change in her life in order to save herself, her health, and her sanity. She also has a new book called “When Less Becomes More.” Show Notes: www.emilyley.com and www.emilyley.com/books This Show is Sponsored by: Imperfect Foods is the ONLY food delivery service that buys the perfectly nutritious and delicious foods grocery stores won’t sell and delivers them to you at a discount so you can save money AND help reduce food waste. Start saving time, saving money, and saving waste RIGHT NOW – because when you go to Imperfectfoods.com/EEP now through February 16th you’ll get $10 off your next FOUR orders — that’s a total of FORTY DOLLARS OFF! Use code EEP at checkout! And… Fab Fit Fun is a seasonal subscription box, which delivers 8-10 full-sized products to your doorstep and it’s just too fun! It’s the perfect way to treat yourself and try new brands, and feel great that you are paying a fraction of the cost for over $200 worth of product. For $10 off your box (making it $39.99), go to www.fabfitfun.com and use code EMP at checkout!

21 Jan 2020

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Episode 197: Online Safety and Having “the Talk” with Dina Alexander

Today I’m chatting with Dina Alexander, the mom who GOES THERE! She is helping moms everywhere to become more educated about how to tackle tough topics with their kids (like sex, body image, online safety, etc…). It’s a very informative conversation and I love her confidence in approaching these topics. Show Notes: Check out Educate Empower Kids website or on Facebook Check out Dina’s books: 30 Days of Sex Talks and Noah’s New Phone Connect with Jessica: Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com

5 Jan 2018

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Episode 12: Approaching Life and Motherhood with Gentleness with Caitlin Connolly

My guest today is the talented Caitlin Connolly. Caitlin is an amazing artist, and mom of twins! She shares with me today about her journey with infertility, IVF, having her twins, and pursuing her artistic passion. She shares a lot about approaching transitions with gentleness and it’s a message I for sure needed to hear. She’s amazing you’re going to love going deeper with Caitlin today! Show Notes: Follow her on Instagram or on her website This Show is sponsored by… Care/Of is a vitamin and supplement subscription service that will make taking care of your nutrition just a little easier. And what I love is their simple online quiz to help identify areas of deficiency for you, and they give you customized daily packets with supplements to take. So amazing. To get 50% off your first month of vitamins go to: TakeCareOf.com and enter code EEP50.

19 Mar 2019

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Episode 218: Raising Boys, Prioritizing Values, and Creating New Habits with Merrick White

This was my first time speaking with Merrick White, of Merrick’s Art, and her joy is simply contagious! We talked about all the things: Blogging, raising boys, finding the motivation to replace bad habits and the quote that changed the trajectory of her year. Such a fun and rich conversation with someone I’ve grown to really admire online. Show Notes: Follow Merrick on Instagram because she has the cutest fashion And her blog is here You can listen to her sister Janssen’s episode here Connect with Jessica: Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com Thanks to our Sponsors: Looking for a new mattress? Try out Casper and get $50 select mattresses by going to www.casper.com/emp and use promo code EMP and Want access to thousands of yoga videos of all levels? Don’t have time to get to a yoga studio? Looking for an affordable way to practice yoga? YogaGlo is your solution. I have loved using YogaGlo for my at home yoga workouts. I love the variety, I love doing yoga for my workout, and also for relaxation. And YogaGlo wants to give my listeners a two week trial for FREE! Go to www.yogaglo.com/emp/ for 2 weeks free!

20 Mar 2018

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Episode 19: Emotion Coaching with Georgia Anderson

My guest today is the amazing Georgia Anderson of Know How Mom! She’s incredible! Her wisdom, her life experience after raising 4 children and blending her family with 3 step-children, and just the light she shares… this conversation is incredible. She helps me with one of my children who has “big emotions”, we talk about how she navigated her life through a divorce, and so much more. Show Notes: Check Georgia out:Website: knowhowmom.comWorkshops and Travel:  https://knowhowmom.com/workshopsJoin the email list: https://knowhowmom.com/subscribeBuddy Quest and Texting Challenges (coming early June)  https://knowhowmom.com/storeInstagram: @knowhowmomtipsFacebook: Know How MomThis Show is Sponsored by… Blume is providing you a clean and safe option for your deodorant. Their products are perfect for your teen daughters, making their transition into womanhood a little easier. and… Wander Beauty is helping busy moms everywhere to simplify their beauty routine. I love their selection of products and the ease with which I’m able to use them. and… Green Chef is the answer for busy moms who prioritize putting a healthy dinner on the table for their family. It’s a meal delivery service that customizes its meals for every dietary need and YOU don’t have to go grocery shopping. To get $50 off your first box go to www.greenchef.us/EMP.

7 May 2019

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Episode 243: Losing His Wife and Loving Again with Daniel Brooker

Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there. Today, we are hearing from an Extraordinary Dad, Daniel Brooker. You might remember his now wife, Brittany Price, from episode 138, where she shared about becoming a widow, enduring that difficult time, and then finding love again. Well, Daniel was her love at the end of that difficult road, and ironically enough, he had travelled a similar path. Today we are talking about adoption, losing his wife, grief, and also finding great love again in Brittany. Blending families is not easy, but I admire how he shares candidly about the way he views step-parenting and the importance of dating. It’s a must listen, as it will offer a different perspective into loss. He’s really extraordinary! Show Notes: Follow Daniel and Brittany on Instagram to see their beautiful family Connect with Jessica: Instagram//Facebook// Email jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com

15 Jun 2018

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