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Hear samples of the quality children's music that Plank Road Publishing has been writing for music teachers for over 25 years.

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Warm-Ups For Young Voices

Properly warming up young singers can be tough, especially when you have a limited amount of time with them and when your singers are easily distracted. By popular demand, Anne and Teresa have created a fundamental set of warm-ups designed with these challenges in mind.

2 Feb 2011

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K8 KidTunes

Kids can find tons of great music from Music K-8 magazine that they can download legally for only $0.99/song or $1.98/video.


9 Feb 2011

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Recorder Karate 2

This continuation has a lot more music and fully orchestrated accompaniments. The songs are in order of increasing difficulty, divided into logical sections, including 9 Black Belt Degrees. Like the first volume, the songs are designed to be played and tested with the belt reward system. Songlist: The Wedding March, Old Joe Clark, On Top of Old Smoky, Can Can, America (My Country 'Tis Of Thee), Polly Wolly Doodle, I've Been Working On The Railroad, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Buffalo Gals, Aura Lee, Home On The Range, Rocky Mountain, Renaissance Dance, New World Symphony, Take Me Out To The Ball Game, Jingle Bells, We Three Kings, and Shalom Chaverim.


26 Jan 2018

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Recorder Karate

This classroom-tested, carefully planned recorder method incorporates a positive reward system in which students receive colored "karate belts" (not included) to hang from their recorders for each progressively more difficult tune.


12 Jan 2018

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A Joyous Season For Recorders

From the pages of Music K-8 magazine and Recorder Classroom, A Joyous Season For Recorders includes: Joyous Prelude (Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring), Finlandia - A Hymn To Winter, Saga Of The Three Ships, Quest Of The Three Kings, Fantasy On An Old French Carol, and Ode To Joy.


15 Dec 2017

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Carols For Ukulele

These familiar and beloved carols will be a really nice addition to your ukulele curriculum, and they'll provide a bit of variety at your next holiday concert. Carols For Ukulele includes: Go Tell It On The Mountain; O Come, All Ye Faithful; Good King Wenceslas; Away In A Manger; Pat-A-Pan; and God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.


17 Nov 2017

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Ugly Sweaters & Other Festive Fun

This fun-loving collection includes: Ugly Sweater, Turn Off That Nose!, I Know About Snow, Hip Hop Elves, A Kitty For A Present, I Want Some Pumpkin Pie, and Rock The Holly.


3 Nov 2017

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Spirit Of The Season

Spirit Of The Season includes: This Holiday, Here Comes The Snow, Let's Make It Shine!, Mister Frosty Winter, Season Of Bells, Mostly What I Wish For, and O Come Little Children (sacred and secular versions).


20 Oct 2017

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I'm A Little Scarecrow (28/1)

Here's a very short and very simple tune for your youngest singers. Seasonal if you like, but not necessarily, it lets them pretend that they are little scarecrows chasing away crows. There are optional claps at the beginning as well as optional movement suggestions right on the music during the chorus at measure 9. Use them as is, or adapt however works for you.

22 Sep 2017

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Back To School (28/1)

Great for a beginning-of-year rally or assembly, "Back To School" is an upbeat, happy tune that aims to get your kiddos excited about the new school year. Learning can be fun if we make it fun, so this tune is good for kids who might be struggling with leaving the joys of summer vacation behind as well as those who are already enthusiastic about school.


25 Aug 2017

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Nice, Not Naughty (Music K-8, Vol. 27, No. 2)

This retro style pop tune cuts right to the heart of the matter with its declarations that nice is preferred to naughty, especially where Santa is involved. He does, after all, check that list twice every year.


4 Aug 2017

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We All Need Peace (Music K-8, Vol. 27, No. 1)

This song was specifically written for the International Day of Peace (which falls on September 21 and is sometimes referred to as World Peace Day), but it can be used in any similar way, as it does not mention this particular occasion by name.


7 Jul 2017

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Better Bundle Up (Music K-8, Vol. 27, No. 2)

This pop style tune is funky, fun, bluesy, hip, and downright contagious. Our older singers in the studio had a great time with it, though we have no doubt that your capable younger students will enjoy it as well. Our choreographer, Melissa Schott, has put together some fabulous steps that you can use. You will find a video which includes her full demonstration as well as step-by-step instructions on our web site.


23 Jun 2017

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Risseldy Rosseldy (Music K-8, Vol. 27, No. 1)

While this song has been a staple for folk singers for well over a century, it has roots in the Scottish Highlands in the song "Wee Cooper O'Fife." In "Risseldy, Rosseldy," our couple starts newly married, but we gradually learn that the wife of the person singing the song is either lazy or more likely separated from reality a bit. And the song gets a little crazier as it moves on.


9 Jun 2017

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American Heart (Music K-8, Vol. 27, No. 1)

This wonderful, heartfelt opening song can be used either with the revue, or outside of it, as you see fit. The theme is as the title suggests, our American hearts. Which is why the rhythm begins with the iconic pulse of a beating heart, joined shortly by the singers who amplify it using the syllables "pum" and "pa." Brass, drums, strings, woodwinds, timpani, chimes, and a full rock rhythm section lift singers and audience alike to full patriotic fervor. Let your students really get immersed and sing out with joy.


26 May 2017

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Grandma’s Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is the theme in this humorous country piece featuring guitar, banjo, and chicken choir. Young singers will enjoy the lively tempo and fun lyrics, and its repetition makes the song fairly easy to learn. Movement would also enhance the lyrics of this fun song.


28 Apr 2017

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Whale Song

The notion that music comes in many forms and styles and languages has never been more evident than when you listen to the sounds of whales "singing." This song sets out to capture just a bit of these amazing sounds, not only through the actual sound effects in the various four bar interludes, but also in the accompaniment, which gives you the feeling of being out on a ship. Singing very expressively, there are lots of crescendos and diminuendos, ebbing and flowing like waves.


14 Apr 2017

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Ugly Sweater

The concept of the ugly sweater probably didn't begin with someone trying to design an ugly sweater. It seems more likely that whoever created the first ugly sweater was actually trying to make a beautiful sweater. What's beautiful to one person may be ugly to someone else. This song addresses both points of view in a comical way.


31 Mar 2017

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Snowman, Where'd You Go?

What a mystery! The snowman was just there a while ago and now, he's gone. Where could he be? Your students will have fun with the "clues" to his disappearance - a sunny day, and a carrot on the ground. But of course, the real fun and humor come with the search. Add a few simple movements to exaggerate their efforts, such as looking up for "high" and looking down for "low."


17 Mar 2017

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Artie Almeida's Easy Echoes & Excellent Ears

These nine separate warm-up sequences, in two sets, are much like they were in the two issues they came from. The first six warm-ups, "Excellent Ears," are easier and moderately short. These six echoes are based on the notes B, A, G, BA, AG, and BAG. The last three warm-ups, "Easy Echoes," are longer, and spiral progressively. They feature the notes, respectively, BAG, BAGC'D', and low D low EBAG. Since these sets are more complex, three recordings are provided for each, at 84 bpm, 92 bpm, and 100 bpm.


20 Jan 2017

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