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A podcast dedicated to geeking out on the processes that help creative ideas become things.

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Interview with Dave Mott

Jared Ponchot and Josh Riggs chat with illustrator and designer Dave Mott about drawing, artists' versus designers' process, creative pause, how tools shape process, self-driven projects and more. Mentioned in this episode:DaveMottCreative.com Monkey Works (Dave's Blog) Dave Mott on Dribbble Dave Mott on twitter Duck Duck Moose

5 Nov 2012

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Creative Pause & Peripheral Creativity

Jared Ponchot and Jeff Robbins discuss public speaking, song writing, improvisation, fearlessness and creativity, peripheral creativity, creative pause and more. Mentioned in this episode:Insert Content Here Drupalize.Me Podcast Second City The Groundlings IA Writer Lullabot Jobs

3 Dec 2012

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Richard Wolffe of MSNBC Interview

Richard Wolffe on the difficulty of simplicity, writing process, scaling creative endeavors, live television, and creating the new MSNBC.com

11 Nov 2013

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John Vanderslice Interview

John Vanderslice on moments of inspiration, triangulating objectivity, the dangers of editing, and the importance of fans in creativity

1 Jul 2013

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Josh Higgins Interview

Josh Higgins on the Obama 2012 Campaign, managing creative teams, culture and more

10 Jun 2013

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