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TMS 2353: Taco Hell

The Snails of Dusseldorf. Chewing on the Boba. I don't like little balls in my teeeeeeeea. Professor Holden McGroin. This Is Just Floatin' Meat. Bring Brian A Bisque. Slap Quitting. Tacos by the Slice. Don't lick batteries with your body tongue. Warning: This episode contains flashing lights. The Cilantro of Asian Drinks. Cruise ship dumpster food. My Complaint Is Now Dead. A Satisfactory discussion with Bill. Hard Landing With Bobby and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

1hr 41mins

27 Sep 2022

Rank #1

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TMS 2352: Pollywood Handshake

Someone Wake Billy Joel Osment. The Tallest Idiot. Cheddar Flavored Cheese Product. Kirkland in, Kirkland out. Under the door YouTube fart noises. Confusing Excrement Placement. The Smell Of A Giant Sausage Bomb. Why Am I in Your Saw" Dreams? I like to hump things around the house. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm....... chocolate. Are Girl-Scout Cookies Made of Real Girl Scouts cos I like really wanted to know. Free Products From Blue Haired Ladies. Made with non holographic cheese. Accidental Motor Boats. Sudden sneezes with Stephen and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

1hr 21mins

26 Sep 2022

Rank #2

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TMS 2351: Hesitant Evil

Brick and Motor. Eating your pet peeves. Squirrel vs. the Batman. Beyond Nose Meat. There are FOUR LINKS. Hello from the Eisner-side. A Sonic Mastication Revulsion. Karenina... (manah manah). Vegan Cannibal Horror. So no one told the baby that life was gonna be this way. Chewing Aluminum For Fun and Profit. That didn't end in a humane way. Isn't there a saying about a books cover and how you judge it with Amy? Breaking all of the streaks with Wendi and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

1hr 45mins

22 Sep 2022

Rank #3

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TMS 2350: Sentient Signatures

I want spiders precisely zero times. Brother In Law from Another Mother in Law. THERE ARE THREE BRIANS. Snoozed the Spider. Pee-Wee Simpson and Bart Herman. Cameo Isn't Naked People, but Still Weird. I'm Troy McClure, you may remember me from such games as Dominoes: Death Edition. Caught Up on Starting What I've Started. Squat and Squirt. Catchphrase Technicalities. Making Cameos on Onlyfans. Other Species Feces. A Little Guy With Tom. Recommentals with Randy, Nicole, and her biggest fan and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

2hr 5mins

21 Sep 2022

Rank #4

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TMS 2349: Welcome to Clown Town

Do Goats Have Hands 'Cause I Like Really Want to Know. Cool, like a Finger in the Anus. Sir Babycakes. Take the 20 leave the weed. Thanos, Moon Knight, and Aquaman walk into a room. Kentucky Fried Magarac. PhD In Neuro HooHaa. Not Enough Staff for Hotdogs or Sticks. Hand Farting for the love of it. Owner/Lover. Kentucky Fried Donkey. I can pee on the deputy for hours. Offending Muslims and people who like actual music. Welcome to the Motel Coulraphillia. 50 first Lyfts. Call Now and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

1hr 32mins

19 Sep 2022

Rank #5

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TMS 2348: Octa-Canarians

Congressional Medal of Jesus. I've got Covid too and I feel fine. Covid Zero. Holy Trinity of Hemsworth. THERE ARE TWO LINES! Rashy in the wet. Johnson got Fingered. Hot Throbbing Frog Off. Teepee Shenanigans. You get a pinky, and you get a pinky. Get in a canoe and EFF THE MONARCHY. Who would give Jim Henson 1 star? Show us on the puppet, what you did in Only Fans. Shenanigans with Amy! Hanging out With Dingus, His Wife and Wendi and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

1hr 49mins

15 Sep 2022

Rank #6

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TMS 2347: Towel Sniffing Dogs

Hong kong donkey dong. Can You Hook Me Up With A Fertility Idol? No One Manscapes Like Gaston. Wasn't there some Captain with a Hook? I could eat a box of Cheezits for hours. I Really Like Umamiiiiiiiiii. Cat-Bat-Girl-Woman. I didn't go to 4 yrs of Pirating school to be called Hook man! All the Donkey Penises. I'm Sure it's a fine bum. Nothing Like a Coooooold Oscar Meyer Hotdog, Nothin' Like It! Ember is the color of my energy. Weedstones, meet the Weedstones, he's the highest guy in history. Oh Hi Mark, Stephen, Nicole and Randy and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.


14 Sep 2022

Rank #7

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TMS 2346: Sploot Your Beans

No one called Saul. Amazing Lace how sweet the sound. Polite British orgasm. I Don't Like Steve Zahn's Weeeeeeeeeeen. Everyone does THAT guy. Tropical Storm Butthole. If you tacos are fuzzy, go somewhere else. These are all bad names for tacos. Rusty Crusty Musty Taco. The Spice World must flow. Six degrees of Wayne Brady. Kung Fu candy is scary. The Colonel's 4 Remaining Spices. Cover Up Your Tunafish With Bobby and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

1hr 34mins

13 Sep 2022

Rank #8

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TMS 2345: Sweet Pickle Peanuts

I Bless the rain down in Aaaanaheimmmm. No Batmans allowed. Gary of the Planet Lantronix. International House of Garbage Pancakes. I spent most of the time looking at my crotch. Ram That Pill! I'm glad no one brought a black light. Peanut Asparagus Substitutiary Locomotion. Got the Diarheear this mornin. All the Hot Sauces. All the hot sauces. Me, Lawrence Fishbourne, and 98 Randos. Oogie Boogey Shaming. Going Long With Boner-X and Dan. Rolling a D23 with Steven and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

1hr 45mins

12 Sep 2022

Rank #9

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TMS 2344: Snoop Lore

Don't Show Me Your EULA. My only expertise is that I have also seen The Crown. Fetch me the body wipes. Melted Down Gummy Patty. D23... Dice or Die. No Buttcracks at Target. Stimulus Bidet. Two American men talk about the queen of England. Scooch over to your little digital hole. There are many different mushrooms you can eat. Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

1hr 40mins

8 Sep 2022

Rank #10