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Dr Marranci's podcast channel devoted to observe the world through the anthropological lens. Comments about world events, opinions and fieldwork experiences.

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The Middle East conflict: a difficult case of schismogenesis?

In this episode I discuss the lack of progress in the Middle East peace process and the reasons for which, if what Gregory Bateson called schismogenesis is not addressed, there is very few hope that the conflict might be resolved.

25 Sep 2011

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Debating Multiculturalism-episode 1

This is a series of episodes that will debate whether multiculturalism has failed or not in both Europe and Southeast Asia

8 Sep 2011

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The hidden pharmaceutical business of war

This episode discusses one aspect of contemporary war which has been often been overlooked by both academics and journalists: the case of the pharmaceutical industry and its expansion during the Afghan and Iraq wars.

1 Sep 2011

Rank #3

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Terrorism, mental health, and cultural essentialism

The episode, starting from Anders Breivik's act of terrorism, discusses the different perceptions of perpetrators of terrorism and the reasons behind them.

21 Aug 2011

Rank #4

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From curry to kebab: symbol wars and the danger of social fears

Starting from a specific example in Singapore and through a comparative approach with Europe, this podcast tries to explain the hidden consequences of what may appear to be a simple cultural defense which in reality covers serious, and potentially dangerous, social tensions and fears.

19 Aug 2011

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