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Motivation and momentum to do what makes your soul shine. Each week, top ranking podcast host, soul strength's business coach, and social impact entrepreneur Jessica Flint helps you overcome your fear, shift your mindset, and create an abundant dream life where you can be the most expansive, confident, and authentic version of you. This podcast features heart-to-heart conversations with successful authors, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, experts and everyday all-stars like you about their path to greater purpose. And it doesn't stop here. In fact, it gets a little weird at times. Join special guest, Charlie the Chronically Depressed Vampire, for laughs and inspiring pep talks to never give up.

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The 4 Steps of the SUCCESS CYCLE

The more we succeed, the more we want to succeed, the more we believe we can succeed, and the more we find a way to succeed. This momentum and certainty fuels the "success cycle". Tune in to learn how you can spiral upwards to success using this 4 step sequence based off the work of Tony Robbins.


25 Mar 2022

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Failure is an ILLUSION

"Most people have been programmed to fear failure. They give up to avoid failure, or they do not even attempt just so that they will not fail. Failure, however is an illusion. Through failure, you learn how to succeed. By trying and failing, you refine your thought and point it closer to success. But this is only if you do not give up." -David Cameron GikandiTEXT "DAILY" to 512-548-2422 for my morning LOVE NOTESA Happy Pocket Full of Money: Infinite Wealth and Abundance in the Here and Now by David Cameron Gikandi on AmazonBook Synopsis: True wealth is not about buckets of cash. True wealth is not about designer clothes. It is not about a new Mercedes. True wealth, asserts David Gikandi, is about discovering value within yourself and value within other people. It is about a kind of conscious living that incorporates gratitude, a belief in abundance, and the experience of joy.


15 Mar 2022

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7 Mar 2022

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If SHE CAN DO IT, so can you!

We always have the decision to take a step forward into growth or backward into safety. Listen to this story of bravery and courage as this little lady victoriously stepped outside of here comfort zone and was forever changed. Let me know what you think over on Instagram. Follow me here.TEXT "DAILY" to 512-548-2422 for my morning LOVE NOTES


24 Feb 2022

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Will you ever see the SUCCESS YOU WANT?

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18 Feb 2022

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The SCIENCE OF HOPE: 3 Research-Backed Components

When the going gets tough, the hopeful keep going. Learn the 3 components all hopeful people have in common. Which one could you use a little work on? Let me know over on Instagram. Follow me here.TEXT "DAILY" to 512-548-2422 for my morning LOVE NOTESThe Psychology of Hope by C.R. Snyder on AmazonBook Synopsis: Why do some people lead positive, hope-filled lives, while others wallow in pessimism? In The Psychology of Hope, a professor of psychology reveals the specific character traits that produce highly hopeful individuals. He offers a test to measure one's level of optimism and gives specific advice on how to become a more hopeful person.


16 Feb 2022

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The Gift of SELF-LOVE with Mary Jelkovsky

What is on the other end of an eating disorder and body image struggles? For author and community builder Mary Jelkovsky, it is the gift of self-love. A gift she generously share with the world through her words. TEXT "DAILY" to 512-548-2422 for my morning LOVE NOTESConnect with Mary Jelkovsky: Buy the The Gift of Self-Love Follow Mary on Instagram Check out her beautiful website and retreats


14 Feb 2022

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YOUR STORY MATTERS and can help others

Did you know there's a framework for all success stories (including yours)? Let's go through it stage by stage so you know what is up ahead.TEXT "DAILY" to 512-548-2422 for my morning LOVE NOTES


14 Feb 2022

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LIFE IS PRECIOUS, and so are you

You've been blessed with 3 precious gifts in this life. Let's talk about why you want to start using them NOW.TEXT "DAILY" to 512-548-2422 for my morning LOVE NOTES


14 Feb 2022

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Be guided by your VALUES, not by other's approval

Join me for a 3-part exercise to clarify your values and how to successfully use them to guide your behaviors, decisions, and actions. Summary of Questions What are your top peak experiences in life, what were the values that were being upheld in those moments? Think about your biggest accomplishments in life. What were the values you exercised to achieve them? What pisses you off? When you're upset, one or more of your values are being violated. TEXT "DAILY" to 512-548-2422 for my morning LOVE NOTES


11 Feb 2022

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