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Former NBA news writer Chris Walder (Bleacher Report, theScore) talks sports with a variety of guests in a brand-new podcast.

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The Walder Sportscast w/ Sandra Appiah: Creating "Dishes and Dimes" Podcast, Defending NBA's Play-In Tournament, Doug Ford Hate

Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Sandra Appiah (@sandiesideup), the creator of the popular "Dishes and Dimes" basketball podcast, onto the program. The two discuss the infancy of her podcast and how the idea came to be, the impact the show has had on up-and-coming women in the industry, the experience of being a fan and having the opportunity to interview players, gaining media access, and more. Sandra then dives into the NBA's play-in tournament and defends the concept against recent criticism, if the postseason could survive without the likes of the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, if the Toronto Raptors should be vying for a spot in the tournament, and more. Sandra also participates in a round of "Likely or Unlikely" to talk Carmelo Anthony, Kyle Lowry's future, more all-female telecasts, and a Lakers-Clippers matchup. And in her final rapid-fire questioning, Sandra gives her thoughts on the Raptors retiring jerseys, crappy reality television, "The Misfits" and "The Boys," which of her co-hosts she'd want by her side in a zombie apocalypse, Doug Ford's handling of the pandemic, and more. (Music: Cocktails - Underbelly & Ty Mayer, American Vernacular - RAGE)  Use promo code "WALDER" at Manscaped.com for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. 


7 May 2021

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The Walder Sportscast w/ Shemroy Parkinson: Entering Radio Industry, Handling Racism Online, Watching "The Bachelor"

Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Shemroy Parkinson (@Shem), the executive producer of KISS 92.5's "Roz and Mocha Show" and a correspondent for Breakfast Television, onto the program. The two discuss Shem's journey in radio and how he ended up working on a high-profile program in Toronto, why he decided to ditch Criminal Law to enter radio, and if there's a certain level of paranoia that comes with being in the industry. The two then move on to the global pandemic and how it's affected Shem personally, how his faith has helped him during these trying times, and what it's like seeing the likes of Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson encouraging people not to get vaccinated and avoid wearing masks. Shem then gives his thoughts on the Derek Chauvin trial, and how he deals with racist trolls on social media. He also chimes in on the Raptors season that is, if he'd like to see the team aim for a playoff berth, if he's still found moments of joy in a difficult season, and if the 2019 championship gives the franchise any leeway. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Shem talks WWE's WrestleMania event, "Wentworth," his passion for soap operas, "Passions," Scarborough eateries, Cadbury mini eggs, stove tops, "The Bachelor," and so much more. 


29 Apr 2021

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The Walder Sportscast w/ Blake Murphy II: Derek Chauvin Verdict, BLM Impact on Raptors, Bo Dallas WWE Release

Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) is once again joined by Blake Murphy (@BlakeMurphyODC), a Toronto Raptors beat writer for The Athletic and co-host of both the "Raptors Reasonablists" and "Columbia House Party" podcasts. The two discuss the recent guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, how the last year with the Black Lives Matter movement has affected the Raptors' players and organization as a whole, if he's had to adapt with his coverage for a team accustomed to winning that's now well below the .500 mark, the reactions he's seen on Twitter from a fanbase split on whether the team should pursue the play-in or a lottery pick, which Raptors reserve has been the most pleasant surprise, and much more. Blake also participates in a round of "Likely/Unlikely" to talk Stephen Curry's MVP bid, Kyle Lowry's future in Toronto, and a potential Los Angeles Lakers/Brooklyn Nets NBA Finals. And in his rapid-fire questioning, Blake chats about the Aron Baynes Fan Club, "Scrubs," Linkin Park, the WWE releases of Bo Dallas and Wesley Blake, his note-taking, his impact on other writers, and more. (Music: American Vernacular - RAGE, Orange - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena, A Caring Friend - Bad Snacks)


23 Apr 2021

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The Walder Sportscast w/ Crina Mustafa: Sports Media Aspirations, Raptors Potential Tank, Defending Jelly-filled Timbits,

Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Crina Mustafa (@crinamm), a writer, podcaster, and social media manager for the likes of Unbenched Sports, Raptors Cage, and many other outlets, onto the program. The two discuss Raptors Twitter becoming massive fans of Gary Trent Jr. almost immediately following the team acquiring him from the Portland Trail Blazers, what the all-female team at Unbenched hopes to achieve and promote with their work, being a young female college student with aspirations of making it big in sports media, what the all-female Raptors broadcast meant to her, who she idolizes in sports media, and what her long-term goals are. They also discuss Fred VanVleet's tweet praising former teammate Terence Davis and why he was forced to delete it, if Crina believes someone like Davis can be reformed, if basketball journalists should use statistics in stories involving domestic abuse or something similar, and more. Crina also gives her thoughts on whether the Raptors should consider going for a high draft pick over a playoff berth, the recent fines and suspensions following Toronto's loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, the team possibly bringing aboard Khem Birch, and more. And in her final rapid-fire questioning, Crina defends jelly-filled Timbits, bashes "The Office," talks her former job as a karate instructor, describes the perfect Kyle Lowry statue, shoots her shot for podcast guests, and much more. (Music: Secret Job - Godmode, Surf - Text Me Records)


9 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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The Walder Sportscast w/ Baynes Fan Club: Raptors Twitter Backlash, NBA Trade Deadline Moves, Chris Jericho Love

Host Chris Walder invites the creator of the Aron Baynes Fan Club (@BaynesFanClub) onto the program. The two discuss the origins of the ever-popular Twitter account, why the creator doesn't disclose his name publicly, if he ever considered making a fan account for another player, why he's not a Celtics fan despite living in Boston, how he deals with the negativity directed at his account because of Baynes' struggles with the Toronto Raptors, and if Baynes deserves the hate he receives. They also go over some of the moves made both before and after the Trade Deadline, including Kyle Lowry sticking around with the Raptors, LaMarcus Aldridge joining the Brooklyn Nets, and the litany of acquisitions and departures surrounding the Celtics. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, the creator reveals his love of Chris Jericho and professional wrestling, what he remembers most from Baynes' career-high 37-point performance, what tweet he wants his followers to most remember him for, any mistakes his "intern" has made, and so much more. (Music: Turbo - Cxdy, A Caring Friend - Bad Snacks)


29 Mar 2021

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The Walder Sportscast w/ Aaron Rose: Norman Powell's Future, Pascal Siakam in the Clutch, Getting Vaccinated

Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Aaron Rose (@aaronbenrose), a Toronto Raptors writer and reporter for Sports Illustrated, onto the program. The two discuss Raptors Twitter and how to go about describing the community to others, what it was like first joining Sports Illustrated and the crazy events which soon unfolded, as well as why readers should check out content on the site after the public image of the brand took a hit following massive layoffs in favor of freelancers. The two then get into Raptors basketball and how the struggling team should play out the remainder of the season, Norman Powell's recent run and whether or not the team should look to move him ahead of the deadline, Pascal Siakam's recent inability to make game-tying or buzzer-beating shots and if he can bounce back from his lack of success in that department, Kyle Lowry's future, and which players on the second unit should soak up the most minutes. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Aaron talks COVID-19 vaccinations, what shows he's been watching while encouraging others to reach out to him with recommendations, if Kawhi Leonard deserves to have his number retired by the Raptors, if he has any history watching professional wrestling, his grades for Toronto's statement jerseys, what it was like living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and much more. (Music: Lint Roller - Cxdy, Beam Me Up - Spazz Cardigan, Dude - Patrick Patrikios)


22 Mar 2021

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The Walder Sportscast w/ Matt Bonner: Becoming a Podcaster/Analyst, Flagrant Foul on Kevin Garnett, Attending Wrestling Events

Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Matt Bonner (@MattBonner_15), a former 12-year pro with both the Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs turned TV analyst and host of the "Spurslandia" podcast, onto the program. The two discuss Bonner appreciating the art of the interview now that he hosts his own show, what it was like immediately transitioning from an NBA player to on-air talent, as well as his experience in Italy and what it was like first joining the Raptors. Bonner also recalls the day he was ejected from a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves for a flagrant foul on Kevin Garnett, and being on the court when Kobe Bryant scored 81 points against Toronto. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Bonner tells a pair of stories involving his past wrestling fandom, how he'd encourage non-fans to get into curling, what it was like having Snoop Dogg tell him he used his likeness in NBA Live, if "Passin' Me By" by The Pharcyde is still a great warmup song, what his ultimate Mr. Sub looks like, and more. (Music: A Caring Friend - Bad Snacks, Sailing - Delicate Steve, Orange - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena)


15 Mar 2021

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The Walder Sportscast w/ Noor Zainab: Dishes and Dimes Impact, Raptors First-Half Storylines, Love of Wrestling

Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Noor Zainab (@zainroon), one of the many hosts of the popular "Dishes and Dimes" basketball podcast, onto the program. The two discuss the success of her ensemble podcast and the impact it's having in what tends to be a male-driven industry, the power of content creation without a Broadcast Journalism background, as well as Doug Smith's "thug" tweet about Dwight Howard and having more POC and women covering the Toronto Raptors. They also go over the Raptors' first half of the 2020-21 season and the biggest storylines, the potential of Kyle Lowry getting moved, the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend festivities and the lack of anticipation surrounding the events, and much more. And in her final rapid-fire questioning, Noor reveals her prior wrestling fandom and how far it goes back, her perfect coffee shop experience, what it was like working at Sport Chek, which of her co-hosts would die first in a zombie apocalypse, if she really does have a cat named Kawhi, and so much more. (Music: Cocktails - Underbelly & Ty Mayer, Easy Sunday - Bad Snacks)


6 Mar 2021

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The Walder Sportscast w/ ROH's Shane Taylor: Pushing Black Wrestlers, Challenging Rush, Cleveland Cavaliers/Browns Fandom

Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Shane Taylor (@shane216taylor), a former Television Champion for Ring of Honor Wrestling and the current No. 1 contender for the ROH World Championship, onto the program. With Shane residing in Houston, Texas, the two discuss the recent snowstorm that hit the state and if it's affected Shane and his family, as well as Shane's thoughts on Senator Ted Cruz heading to Cancun with so many citizens suffering. Shane also discusses his upcoming championship match against Rush, what it means to him having fans vote him as the challenger, capturing the Six-Man Tag Team Champion with the Soldiers of Savagery, potentially becoming the promotion's second Black World Champion, if the industry has made progress in pushing Black talent, conversations with his children about being Black in America, morale in ROH, his wrestling legacy, ROH working with other wrestling companies, and so much more. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Shane remembers the Cleveland Cavaliers' 2016 NBA Championship, if he wants J.J. Watt on the Cleveland Browns, explains why breadcrumbs on Mac and Cheese is a horrible idea, which wrestling move he wishes he never had to endure again, teaches Chris how to throw the perfect punch, and more. (Music: Shane Taylor ROH Theme - Monteasy, Orange - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena, Chaos - Gunnar Olsen)


23 Feb 2021

Rank #9

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The Walder Sportscast w/ Andrew Zuber: AEW-NJPW Relationship, Improving NXT, Pandemic Wedding Advice

Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Andrew Zuber (@the_Zubes), a co-host of both the Sportsfeld podcast and Wrestling Brain on Twitch, onto the program. The two discuss the ever-changing landscape of sports media and creating your own path away from major outlets, as well as being fulfilled with putting out your own content with no restrictions. They then dive into a number of professional wrestling stories, including KENTA's appearance on a recent "AEW Dynamite," the newfound working relationship between AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling and what it means for both promotions, if we'll see more companies sharing talent, if fans care too much about television ratings, what NXT needs to do to get back on AEW's level, and much more. Andrew then plays "Likely or Unlikely" with Chris to talk Kenny Omega's AEW world championship reign, if Sting will hold gold in AEW, the Fiend's future, and more. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Andrew recommends a classic (and short) Bill Goldberg match, reveals his favorite "Lost" character, if he likes macaroni and cheese more than Minoru Suzuki, which Oreo cookie is his favorite, his now dated Super Bowl prediction, offers Chris some advice on how to have a wedding during a global pandemic, and much more. (Music: Easy Sunday - Bad Snacks, Lifelong - Anno Domini Beats, Smokey Eye - Cheel)


8 Feb 2021

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