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We Got To Hang Out is a podcast hosted by Christopher "Cree" Stricklen with a relaxed format and a big message. A goal of the show is to shed light on those who positively impact our community of cycling. WGTHO provides a platform for you to hear stories in a way you likely don't hear in mainstream media. A casual environment breeds authentic storytelling, so let’s hang out!

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Episode 38 // Jen Whalen @ Golden Saddle Cyclery

We Got to Hang Out with LA’s own Jen Whalen (@jennysayyes) at Golden Saddle Cyclery. We talk about the good stuff; California Girls, riding her bike across the country, libido, comedy and her current relationship with bikes. Bonus sound bites by Kyle Kelley and friends.  Thanks Jen, we think you're pretty radical <3 Special thanks to Free Public Wines (www.freepublicwines.com) for the special delivery all the way down to Los Angeles. That little can of goodness fits perfectly in a jersey pocket :) 

1hr 1min

2 Apr 2018

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Episode 26 // Fred Armisen (Portlandia, Saturday Night Live)

Does he need an intro?  We discuss Portland(ia), Freds, S-K and fight over the location of OG Stumptown.  


18 Sep 2017

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Episode 51 // Breadwinner Cycles

We got the legendary duo of Breadwinner Cycles together for a hang session. Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira share the tale of how they met and the series of events that led them to collaborate on what has become a cornerstone of the Portland cycling scene and framebuilding world. Their bikes are beautifully built and their cafe is serving up some of the best snacks and coffee in town (complete with a cool view into their workshop). Have a listen, we loved hanging out with these two wonderful humans and friends! p.s. Order a bike here ;) https://breadwinnercycles.com Episode Sponsors: https://ridepdw.com Enter code: HANGOUT for 10% off  https://stagescycling.com Our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/wgtho

1hr 27mins

11 Feb 2019

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Episode 33 // Jude Gerace (Sugar Wheel Works)

What a pleasure it was to talk with our friend, Jude, owner of Sugar Wheel Works.  She is a master of her craft and makes beautiful handbuilt wheels here in Portland.  A great conversation you don't want to miss!  We love you and what you do, Jude!  


22 Jan 2018

Rank #4

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Episode 23 // Sacha White (The Vanilla Workshop)

This week on We Got To Hang Out we talk with Sacha White of Vanilla, Speedvagen and Coat Paint Shop, collectively know as The Vanilla Workshop. Sacha shares stories about growing the business and getting involved with racing legends like one of our favorites, Tina Brubaker! Website: http://www.thevanillaworkshop.com IG: @thevanillaworkshop

1hr 3mins

7 Aug 2017

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Episode 22 // Sarah Swallow (Adventure Cyclist)

This week's episode features bike packing and vanlife aficionado Sarah Swallow! Sarah spoke to us from East Coast while eating a mid-ride pizza snack and preparing for one of her awe inspiring adventures. Check out her webpage: http://www.swallowbicycleworks.com/

1hr 2mins

24 Jul 2017

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Episode 35 // Leah Benson (Gladys Bikes) & Erik Tonkin (Sellwood Cycle Repair)

Listen in to hear Leah Benson of Gladys Bikes and Erik Tonkin of Sellwood Cycle Repair discuss topics such as business, bikes, feminism and inclusivity.  Meanwhile, Annalisa attempts to keep them on task.  Enjoy this episode and thanks for hanging out!  

1hr 6mins

19 Feb 2018

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Episode 36 // JoAnn Schinderle (Comedian)

JoAnn Schinderle joins us for this episode to discuss her path to stand up comedy, the culture of comedy in Portland and her own observations of what it's like to be a stand up comedian. She was named Portland’s Funniest by the Willamette Week in 2017 and a finalist at Portland's Funniest Person's Contest hosted by Helium Comedy Club in 2017. Go see her show, Control Yourself at the Alberta Street Pub every Sunday night! Thanks JoAnn <3 https://www.joannschinderle.com 

1hr 3mins

5 Mar 2018

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Episode 41 // Jolene Holland (Ultravoilet Racing)

We got to hang out with the creator of @ultraviolet racing, @joleneholland. She is ubiquitous with Austin racing and also just earned her graduate degree in Community and Regional planning and is focusing her work on bike transportation planning. Jolene embodies inclusivity & positivity, and her enthusiasm for women in sport is infectious. We’re pretty sure you’ll be able to hear her smile on this pod!


14 May 2018

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Episode 19 // Walton Brush (MASH)

This week on We Got To Hang Out we interviewed Portland cyclist Walton Brush. Walton is both a talented cyclist and exceptionally nice dude. He's ridden the Tour of California route on a fixed gear (wtf?!), been on the podium at elite nationals and is a big proponent of pockets on bib shorts (http://thefridge.bigcartel.com/) 

1hr 11mins

19 Jun 2017

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Episode 43 // Jenn Kriske of Machines For Freedom

We got to hang out with Jenn Kriske of @machinesforfreedom shortly after the news dropped of their partnership with Specialized earlier this month. She gave us a cool glimpse into the brand that has intentionally broken down the stereotypes around body image, gender, and age in cycling. Have a listen to the history of this women-run business and what is coming up for them next!


18 Jun 2018

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Episode 55 // Dave Aldersebaes aka Captain!

Oh hey! We’re back for this spicy episode with Dave Aldersebaes. He is the quiet orchestrator of one of Portland’s longest-running racing teams and has been a steady mentor for many racers throughout their journeys. His passion for and knowledge of the sport paired with his uncanny ability to bring people together with some combination of astute leadership savvy and pure magic has created the epitome of what we all desire and need as humans - real connection and community. He has a talent for teaching the pure essence of road racing as well. What’s the secret? Have a listen to find out :)

1hr 3mins

16 Sep 2019

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Episode 18 // Rapha Cycle Club w Anne-Marije Rook & Aaron Erbeck

A couple weeks ago we made the trip to Seattle to talk with Anne-Marije Rook of Ella Cycling Tips and Aaron Erbeck who was one of the first members of the Rapha Continental. We recorded this episode live in the Seattle Rapha Clubhouse following a ride with an amazing number of new friends and some truly delicious biscuits and mimosas.  

1hr 9mins

12 Jun 2017

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Episode 54 // Tyler Hamilton with Pas Normal Studios

The connection to Tyler was made in a way that we love most about our local and extended cycling community; a friend of a friend reached out with the idea, and we embraced the opportunity. The stories that Tyler is a large part of have undeniably impacted the image of bike racing and cycling culture - the rise and fall of great American athletes. Wherever you, as our listener, fall in opinion on the hot-button issues of doping in the Postal Service era and beyond, we hope you enjoy this episode where we get a glimpse into the real emotion and experience of one human. What’s it like to fall from grace and how does it change the things one values? What is Tyler up to now? Have a listen and find out. *Apologies for some digital hash on Barb's mic!* **Thanks Dylan W. for helping out with some new production techniques!


28 May 2019

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