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Turning Coal to Liquid Fuel

The U.S.--and the world--has an abundant supply of coal. So does it make sense to turn it into a replacement for oil? David Biello reports


27 Mar 2009

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Hurricanes Move Away from Equator with Expanding Tropics

Since the 1970s the locations where tropical cyclones (hurricanes and typhoons) reach their maximum intensities have shifted toward both poles at a rate of about 35 miles per decade. David Biello reports


15 May 2014

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Moon Base Work Yields Clean Steel Process

A new method to make steel using electricity rather than flame could produce virtually no carbon emissions. David Biello reports


13 May 2013

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The Curious Case of Bees

Honeybees: A European import vital to food production--or are they? David Biello reports


2 Apr 2009

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Who's Paying the Price for Global Warming?

U.S. taxpayers have so far borne the brunt of climate change costs. David Biello reports


19 May 2013

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Can America's Trains Go High-Speed?

The government is pushing for it, but are high speed trains even possible in the U.S.? David Biello reports


25 Jun 2009

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Plastic Bags Litter Seafloor

A new survey reveals that trash from our activities on land litters the bottom of the ocean, from shallow to deep. David Biello reports


9 Jun 2013

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Give Thanks for Methods to Cut Back on Wasted Food

The world wastes more food than all of sub-Saharan Africa produces. Can that be stopped? David Biello reports


27 Nov 2011

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The Price of Traffic in China

It's not just the inconveniences of traffic jams that may last for months outside of Beijing, it's also the global climate. David Biello reports


30 Aug 2010

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Does Solar Power Need a Revolution?

Some argue that major technical breakthroughs are needed to make electricity from sunshine cheap. Are they right? David Biello reports


21 Mar 2010

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Teaching Bankers about Climate Change

Why is HSBC teaching its employees about global warming? David Biello reports


6 Feb 2011

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Does Drilling for Electricity Make Sense?

Harnessing Earth's heat to make electricity is an underrated renewable resource. David Biello reports


14 Feb 2011

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Climate Change Getting Worse by the Minute

The world is not on track to reduce, or even restrain global warming. David Biello reports


16 Jun 2013

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Climate Change Alters Soil Bacteria Distribution

A warmer planet means that heat-seeking microbes will elbow out those that prefer life a bit more chilly, with unknown effects on the planet's ecology. Karen Hopkin reports


7 Jul 2013

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Global Warming Beliefs

How we perceive the future of our Earth may depend on an individual's view of nature and on their own human nature. Christie Nicholson reports


2 Aug 2009

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Tropical Forests Pay Price for Gold Rush

Desire for gold has made mining in tropical forests financially worthwhile, leading to ecosystem destruction. Cynthia Graber reports


21 Jan 2015

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Is There a Formula for Better Cities?

Mathematical rules could allow for better city planning, David Biello reports


30 Jun 2013

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Where's the Best Place to Put a Wind Farm?

It's not just where it's windiest, according to new research. David Biello reports


14 Jul 2013

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How to Prevent Another Fukushima Explosion

A new material for protecting nuclear fuel could cut down on the risk of explosions. David Biello reports


28 Jul 2013

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Desert Shrubs Could Suck Up Carbon

Planting the shrub jatropha in arid regions worldwide could sequester enough carbon to offset the annual CO2 pollution of China, the E.U. and the U.S. combined. David Biello reports


4 Aug 2013

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