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RV Miles is THE #1 podcast for any RV camping enthusiast! RV travel tips, destinations, news and so much more for RV owners and RV dreamers.

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84. Surprising Things We’ve Learned Two Years Into Full-Time RVing

On today's episode of RV Miles, the unexpected things we've learned in the past 2+ years traveling the country. Everything from many shoes we carry, to how fast we drive, to what type of coffee maker we've finally settled on. All that, plus news, a new brain teaser, and more!

1hr 1min

9 Mar 2019

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55. RV Mythbusting

On today's show, we tackle some of the biggest myths circling the RV community! Does a bag of water with pennies in it keep flies away? Does a pink flamingo mean you're looking for a campground rendezvous? Does your rig need to be under 30' to stay in national parks? All that and more on this week's RV Miles!


18 Aug 2018

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42. The State Parks Episode

On today's RV Miles, we talk the ins and outs of state parks. If you avoid them, you shouldn't! But there's a lot to know about the pros and cons of state park campgrounds. Plus, we'll catch you up on the E.coli outbreak at Canyonlands National Park, and a new Winnebago model that boasts an electric system that can run an air conditioner all night on batteries.  Sponsor: Boondockers Welcome Get 10% of a Boondockers Welcome membership with code RVMILES at boondockerswelcome.com, and visit thousands of free overnight parking spots provided by RVers just like you. Resources: Winnebago Partners with Volta for Electric Vehicle-Grade Power System in 2019 Travato DontMoveFirewood.org St. Bernard State Park Bottomless Lakes State Park Buccaneer State Park Pere Marquette State Park City of Rocks State Park


18 May 2018

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51. Setting up the Campsite

On today's RV Miles, we cover the ins and outs of setting up the campsite with your RV. Everything from arrival to cracking open the first tasty beverage! Use our checklist to make sure you get set up quickly and have more time to relax and enjoy the scenery. 


21 Jul 2018

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49. Avoiding Crowds at National Parks

On this week's RV miles, we discuss getting the most out of a National Park visit. How you can beat the system to avoid the crowds and have wilderness experiences all to yourself! Plus a new brain teaser, a new "app of the week" and so much more!


7 Jul 2018

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62. The Black Hills: Custer State Park and the Buffalo Roundup

This week on RV Miles, we begin our tour of the stunning Black Hills region of South Dakota. We cover the simply massive Custer State Park, including its wildlife, and a unique annual event - the Buffalo Roundup, where more than 1300 wild bison are herded into corrals by cowboys and cowgirls for health checkups.  We'll also take you on some amazing scenic drives — the Needles Highway, which spins through hairpin and pigtail turns, as well as 8' wide tunnels through the magnificent needle spires of the Black Hills, as well as the Iron Mountain Road, full of scenic vistas and striking views of Mount Rushmore.  All that, plus some RV-related news items, a listener question, a new brain teaser, and more! 

1hr 4mins

6 Oct 2018

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50. Small Towns and Campground Reviews

On this week's RV Miles, our tips for finding campground and RV park reviews, some great small-town America destinations, a gear review, news, and so much more! Resources: LocalFit - New gym membership for Travelers. Access to 6000 health clubs nationwide for $10 a month. Half off for pre-enrolls ($5 a month if you pay for 12 months. https://localfitusa.com/ America's National Parks Podcast - Unleashing a Tamed River, the removal of the dams on the Elwha River in Olympic National Park. http://nationalparkpodcast.com/elwha/ Gear of the Week - GearTie from Nite Ize. https://amzn.to/2LaLJQz TripAdvisor - Trip destination reviews. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ Allstays - Campground and RV park listings and reviews. https://www.allstays.com/ Campendium - Better campground and RV park listings and reviews. https://www.campendium.com/ Road Food book - find the best roadside food destinations to take your RV. https://amzn.to/2mhwRC5 Our experience at Bacon Bash in River Falls, WI: https://youtu.be/AlH-UaIgzcc

1hr 5mins

14 Jul 2018

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95. Tow Vehicles and Beating the Heat When Boondocking

It’s memorial day weekend, and there are a lot of travelers on the road. How many? AAA gives us the details. Pairing a tow vehicle with am RV trailer sounds like a simple equation, but it’s a lot more complicated we realized. We’ve got some tips and an update on our search for a new truck and RV. And with the unofficial start of summer here, we have the tips you need to know to beat the heat when you’re out boondocking. 


25 May 2019

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88. 2019 RV & Camping Gear Guide

It's one of our favorite times of the year! Let's kick off the camping season together with our 2019 Gear Guide, full of all kinds of great products to help you have a great time on the road or at the campground! 

1hr 4mins

6 Apr 2019

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48. Beating the Heat in an RV and All Things S'Mores

On this RV Miles, we give you our best tips for staying cool in an RV, whether you're at a place you can use your air conditioner or are out boondocking. Then, we'll run down some wild new s'mores creations you can try the next time you're around the fire pit. Plus news, a new brain teaser, and the app of the week. Show notes and more info at www.rvmiles.com.


30 Jun 2018

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38. Santa Fe and Bandelier National Monument

On this episode of RV Miles, we explore our final New Mexico podcast destination, the artsy-yet-historic town of Santa Fe, and the nearby Bandelier National Monument, which offers so much more than we expected. In the news, KOA has released their annual study of the camping lifestyle, and you'll be amazed at how many new RV travelers and tent campers are out there. Resources: KOA's 2018 North American Camping Report Santa Fe Railyard District Santa Fe Plaza/Downtown Cochiti Lake Recreation Area Bandelier National Monument


13 Apr 2018

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47. RV Driving Tips

On this week's RV Miles, we're talking tips and tricks for new RV drivers. How to get out there and drive that new rig safely! It's not as intimidation as it can seem. Plus, we have news about how you can win a new RV, and a great GPS app you should check out.  Sponsor: Boondockers Welcome Get 10% of a Boondockers Welcome membership with code RVMILES at boondockerswelcome.com, and visit thousands of free overnight parking spots provided by RVers just like you. Sponsor: RV Health Get one month of RV Health for one dollar at RVHealth.com/RVMiles. Resources:  Participate in the Great American Campout for a chance to win a Keystone RV and a stay at Jellystone park: https://www.nwf.org/Great-American-Campout inRoute GPS and route planning app: http://carobapps.com/products/inroute/ Trailer Sway Demonstration: https://youtu.be/i2fkOVHAC8Q


22 Jun 2018

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134. Finding the Best Campgrounds

This week, is Los Angeles RV friendly? Pumping gas at an all-too-small gas station, what’s up with grumpy snowbirds, and we break down our top resources for finding the best campgrounds.

1hr 1min

3 Mar 2020

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91. The Best Internet Option on the Road

Togo is taking the RV world by storm with their all-in-one app and now their new Roadlink router coupled with the absolute best unlimited cell data option available. We have all the details straight from the source. More and more people are camping, but just how many more might surprise you. Try 61% of U.S. Households. There’s a combo RV and beach mat that lets the sand and dirt flow right through, and we’ve got our all-time best RVing tips. All that and more on this week's RV Miles Podcast. Enter to win the Togo Roadlink 2 Router ($399 value) here: https://bit.ly/togoroadlinksweepsView the full show note for this episode at rvmiles.com/91

1hr 5mins

27 Apr 2019

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124. 2019 Travel Favorites, Unconventional Camping Tips

This week, we recap the good and bad of our 2019 travels, plus some unconventional camping tips and a major change to a popular internet option.


23 Dec 2019

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