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We are back with an expanded show to share practical tips for health, food and fitness, plus learn along with you as we explore our own curious questions. We created our first podcast, Food in Session, to help you build a nutrition knowledge base and allow you to decide the best path for you and your family’s nutrition needs. Our continued goal with Curious Me: expand the podcast to include information to optimize your life- body, mind, social and purpose.

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126. Macro Eating Plan Step by Step

This one is all about the macros and how to put together your own macronutrient based healthy eating plan. We love it because a macro plan teaches you about what's in your food, it's balanced and it works! www.foodinsession.com The Flexible Fat Loss Solution by John Gorman https://www.team-gorman.net/tgstore/ 


3 Nov 2019

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FIS03- Goals with Flavor

Chicken and vegetables.  Boring!  Grilled chicken with tomato basil sauce over buttery spaghetti squash.  Delish!  In this episode, Emily shares ways to make foods that are good for your health and taste amazing.  No sacrifice or longing for sweets either.  Listen in to learn how to add flavor to your healthy living goals and see if you can guess the food product based on the ingredients.  Major bragging rights to the winner!


13 Jul 2016

Rank #2

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FIS53 Q&A Salt Cravings, Added Sugars, RDNs and Journal-free Healthy Eating

We tackle more of your questions in this Q & A episode! How do I battle salt cravings? What are added sugars? What is the difference between dietitians and nutritionists? Tune in for the answers to these and more of your health questions.


25 Apr 2018

Rank #3

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FIS78 IG Live Nutrition, Fitness, and Fun Q&A with You!

Our first live IG Q&A with our amazing listeners! Plus a surprise guest joins us in the studio. Hint: he's handsome.


2 Dec 2018

Rank #4

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FIS35-Lessons Learned and Common Mistakes with Macro IIFYM Diets

Macros are so hot right now!  In this episode we cover what a macro or IIFYM diet includes, common mistakes on this eating plan and how to be successful tracking your macros.  


16 Aug 2017

Rank #5

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FIS50 Wallet Wellness- Budget-Friendly Healthy Eating From Garden to Grocery

Learn tips to living a budget-friendly healthy lifestyle. We cover food budgets, best buys to fit your goals, tools to save on food and supplements and three tips to avoid overspending. Plus #CSS returns!


14 Mar 2018

Rank #6

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FIS77 Q&A Best Starbucks Drinks, Sandwich vs Wrap, Holiday Health, Fast Effective Workouts and More

Extended Q&A episode includes answers to the healthiest Starbucks drinks, holiday health questions, fast and effective workouts and more.


25 Nov 2018

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FIS82 Make it a NEAT New Year with Nicole Loiterstein

Must listen!  Nicole Loiterstein is the owner of NEAT Method St. Louis.  NEAT Method is the nation’s largest and most successful organizing company with locations more than 40 markets around the country.  NEAT Method has been featured in REAL Simple, the New York Times, Architectural Digest and Forbes – just to name a few.  Nicole guides us through saving an overflowing closet, the one appliance your kitchen should be organized around and her top tips to stay neat and tidy in the New Year.


30 Dec 2018

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FIS63 To Fast or Not to Fast- Types of Intermittent Fasting, Pros and Cons

Fasting for health and weight loss seems to be all the rage but is it right for you? We cover various types of fasting, what autophagy has to do with it and pros and cons of incorporating intermittent fasting into your healthy lifestyle.  


19 Aug 2018

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FIS62 Q&A Your Nutrition Questions Answered

Answers to nineteen of your nutrition questions! Sweet cravings, calorie counting, organic produce, honey versus sugar, gym motivation and more!  


12 Aug 2018

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FIS04-Fit Fat and the Shame of it All with Karen of Cake? Yes, Please

Karen of Cake? Yes, Please joins us to talk about Fit and Fat Shaming- what it is, how to deal with it and her top tips for achieving YOUR healthy lifestyle.  As a coach, Karen challenges her ladies to learn about themselves and how food works.  As her blog says, "She will make you laugh, cry, examine all the things people hate about themselves and then she will challenge you to change it."  Karen is an inspiration to MANY!  Listen in to hear her story and take the challenge to create your picture of health.


27 Jul 2016

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FIS85 Keep a Promise to Yourself

Keeping a promise to yourself matters.  Tiny fissures develop in our relationships marked by broken promises and the exact same goes for yourself.  You break so many promises to yourself even you don’t believe you! Learn to regain trust in yourself in this episode through building habits, one micro-promise at a time, and planning for obstacles. 


20 Jan 2019

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FIS54-Shape Up for Summer... and Life

Summer bods are the focus of the moment for many, but how about that life bod? In this episode we cover getting your mind, energy and thoughts on track for a healthy life... plus 5 tips to work on that summer/life bod!


9 May 2018

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118. Get Your Groove Back- Creating a Good Daily Routine

Routines are important for work, health and family and they do not have to be boring!  Learn about creating a healthy routine and how to get back in the groove if you've fallen out of a good routine.   Show notes and links:  www.foodinsession.com


8 Sep 2019

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FIS74 Your Best Defense- Your Immune System Health

Your best defense is your immune system. Tune in for the best foods to include in your diet to boost your immune system plus 5 tips to ward off cold and flu bugs.


4 Nov 2018

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91: Five-Ingredient Meals to Try Now

The best part about these five-ingredient meals is that you  probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen!  Whip up one of these healthy, five-ingredient meals to save money, time and avoid the drive-thru, processed food mess.


3 Mar 2019

Rank #16

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FIS21- Batch Cooking Bootcamp

We all hear the term "meal prep" so much that you would think it was just a flashy buzz word.  However, meal prep and batch cooking (two terms meaning essentially the same thing- preparing your meals in advance) are surefire ways to ensure success of your nutrition program.  In this episode we tackle how to prep like a pro and the time, money and stress meal prep can save.  Plus, a surprise guest visits the studio!


1 Mar 2017

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FIS67 Food and Mood- Healthy Eating and Mental Well-being, is there a Connection?

Can your diet affect your mood? In this episode we cover what science says about your diet and its effect on anxiety, depression and mood and diet factors that could help.


16 Sep 2018

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FIS73 Five Food and Nutrition Myths

We crack five food and nutrition myths in this episode including: Are brown eggs healthier than white eggs? Does darker salmon have more omega-3s than lighter colored salmon? And more! 


28 Oct 2018

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108. Best and Worst Restaurant Meals

It's summertime social butterflies, so that means more dining out and grabbing meals on the run. In episode 108 we cover the best and worst meals to order at restaurants and fast food. Plus a #CSS winner!


30 Jun 2019

Rank #20