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Welcome to the Central Church podcast! We exist to introduce people to Jesus and help them follow Him. Central is a place where it's okay to not be okay, so everyone is invited to come as they are. Our Senior Pastor Jud Wilhite is known for his conversational approach to teaching the Bible and his passion to help others know God and love Him more. For more information and tons more content, you can download the Central Church App or visit us at http://centralonline.tv We're glad you're here and we hope you enjoy!

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Good Friday | Jud Wilhite

Video Message for 04.10.20 | In this message we remember the cross of Christ, and we also remember the amazing love that was displayed in His suffering. Jesus surrender His life because He considered you worth dying for.

10 Apr 2020

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The God of Peace | Jud Wilhite

Video Message for 04.05.20 | Worry is automatic, but receiving God's peace takes practice. In this message we look at three things you can do today to ease your mind and heart in these anxious times. God can give you peace within the pressure.

5 Apr 2020

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Hope in the Storm | Jud Wilhite

Video Message for 03.29.20 | When we face unprecedented problems, our emotions get overloaded. Not only do we need more grace from each other, we need hope from God. In this message, we see that Jesus is with us in the storms, and He can speak peace into our lives. Your future is not determined by the problems you face, but by the God you trust.

29 Mar 2020

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God is Still For You | Jud Wilhite

Video Message for 03.22.20 | When life is uncertain you can be certain of one thing: God is with you! Get hope and encouragement from the God who never abandons you, and is STILL for you even in the darkest valleys.

22 Mar 2020

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Faith in Fearful Times | Jud Wilhite

Video Message for 03.15.20 | Whenever we face uncertainty, people become afraid. We start making decisions based on the fear we feel, rather than the things God says. In this message we remember that God is in control even when life seems out of control. Faith is always the best response to fear.

15 Mar 2020

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Special Guest Speaker | Robert Madu

Video Message for 03.08.20 | Join us for guest speaker Robert Madu, teaching pastor from Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, TX

8 Mar 2020

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Back in Black | Rock Your Blessing | Jud Wilhite

Message for 03.01.20 | God loves to bless His people so that His people are a blessing to others. In this message we'll discover the power of living in God's blessing and sharing it with others. With His help you can move from overwhelmed to overflowing.

1 Mar 2020

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Back in Black | Rock Your Generosity | Jud Wilhite

Message for 02.23.20 | The Bible often links generosity and joy. In every area of life, when you open your hand and give, that same open hand can also receive good things back from God. In this message, we'll consider the benefits of giving and be inspired to live generously in the presence of our generous God.

23 Feb 2020

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Back in Black | Rock Your Debt | Shawn Williams

Video Message for 02.16.20 | Are you the master of your Mastercard, or has debt taken charge of your life? In this message we'll look at a biblical perspective on debt, learn some practical ways to pay down your balances, and be inspired by Jesus' insight on what really endures in life. You can break free and rock your debt.

16 Feb 2020

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Back in Black | Rock Your Worry | Jud Wilhite

Video Message for 02.09.20 | Money is a huge source of worry. You can get so stressed about not having enough that you miss out on the joy of what you have. But Jesus challenges us to trust God with daily needs as well as long-term concerns. This message will encourage you to feed your trust, starve your worry, and grow your joy.

9 Feb 2020

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