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To reforming economics as an interpretation of reality, rather than a diversion play for monopolists.

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Timeless Battle

Prof Michael Hudson, author of J is for Junk Economics and many others, joins to discuss the fight for the natural bounty of the earth, with his unique take on the Middle Ages. Watch out for our debate in the last third of the interview. Thanks for all your support over the year. ****FYI we’ve had some technical issues on the podcast so last week’s excellent podcast with Ben Phillips (ANU) can be found inserted in Oct 11th entitled “How the World Might Work”. Show notes - http://www.earthsharing.org.au/?p=5857

20 Dec 2017

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A Community Land Trust for Victoria

An entertaining workshop at the NENA conference sees Karl & Rayna give their first public presentation of the proposed community land trust. A solid primer for anyone wanting to get their heads around CLTs. Come on let’s get this going! Show notes.

7 Nov 2018

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Money laundering through property in India, Argentina

Econometricians Varsha Mohinani (India) and Tamara Lojo (Argentina) discuss their nations economies in light of the Transparency International report into money laundering in property. Isn’t it refreshing to hear what’s happening outside the anglosphere? Show notes - http://www.earthsharing.org.au/1rJ

5 Apr 2017

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Trickled On Times to Cease

Bryan Kavanagh discusses the failure that is neo-classical economics with the statement “We’ve seen that being ‘trickled on’ doesn’t work”. We discuss this in light of another surprising election result with Jacinda Ardern in NZ (apologies kiwis for my mispronunciation).You gang must be able to recite this material with ease by now eh? Send any show ideas/ interviewees to renegades@earthsharing.org.au Show notes - http://www.earthsharing.org.au/2017/10/trickled-on-times-to-end/Photo by James Padolsey on Unsplash

25 Oct 2017

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Property Rights Tilt the Playing Field for Generations

Karl returns for the 1st monthly show, with a focus on Property Rights. Just how much of an advantage are they and how can we re-balance these opportunities? Along the way we visit a London catwalk and hear from Fred Harrison alongside host of worldly problems. To a one world rent!Show notes will now be stored on the prosper site.

27 Mar 2019

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Instinctual Sharpenings

Author of Biohistory, Jim Penman (CEO Jims Mowing), joins to discuss his analysis of the rise and fall of civilisations. We discuss the biological and behavioural underpinnings to society and how environmental factors can be sculpted to affect outcomes. A controversial show, we hope it pushes your thinking. Show notes - http://www.earthsharing.org.au/1rX

26 Apr 2017

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The Quest to Own the Future

Greek academic Yannis Tziligakis joins us to discuss the Right to the City movement. If we are to have rights, who should be included? Yannis has a way of words, dropping one-liners such as the trinity of inequality, the spiral of enslavement and puppeteers against our very own interests. This is an extended podcast as we delve into the details of life on a monopolists earth.Show notes

25 Jul 2018

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Privatising Core Government Functions

Mohsen Kalantari Soltanieh (https://findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/display/person99751) discusses the recently announced privatisation of the Victorian Land Titles office. This is mentioned in light of the privatisation of the NSW titles office and the costs imposed in Canada from such efforts. Karl does his best to stay composed. Show notes - http://www.earthsharing.org.au/1t6

17 May 2017

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Your choice: change the tax system of endure a 40 year mortgage

Karl takes us through the 4th episode of the Renegade's Georgist podcourse, with a call out to your inner tax geek. Adam Smith's Canons of Taxation provide a backdrop for analysing the need for beneficiary pays to be more prominent in tax reform analysis. We finish with the Marxist distraction away from the necessary analysis of monopoly power.  Show notes.

24 Jul 2019

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Permanomics 2019

Hi all,I thought I'd keep this feed alive with a show encompassing the logical nature of Georgism. How can such a simple change affect so many of the world's big problems? Thanks for those who have reached out over the break. Karl

6 Feb 2019

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Corruption, Transparency & Traction

Mark Zirnsak (http://www.taxjustice.org.au) - investigator extraordinaire on tax havens, money laundering and corruption discusses the most recent report to get Karl excited - Doors Wide Open. A wide ranging discussion on the momentum towards transparency in government and business. Show notes - http://www.earthsharing.org.au/1rU

19 Apr 2017

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Why is Location revered as a real estate strategy, but ignored in economics?

The Renegades Podcourse #3: Land is the central tenet of Georgist understanding, but yet our most valuable asset is ignored in economics, ignored in the policy setting - unless it starts to falter. Land represents natural resources above and below us. It also represents land-like assets, that share a similar natural monopoly status. So it is crucial to determining both wealth distribution and societal efficiencies. Let’s dig in deeper. A short clip is included featuring Jacob Schwartz-Lucas on the key ingredient - the law of rent. Show notes.

26 Jun 2019

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Grand Final Day

Just how far did Australia’s land prices go? There should have been a drum roll for this announcement! We traverse through the impact of such increases via latest census findings, reference Saul Eslake, geek out on the Productivity Commission’s latest report, delve into Bowie Bonds and finish with some Adani controversy. In the midst of this, Karl takes aim at one of the nation’s leading comedians - when are we going to find a celebrity who is willing to stand for a fairer economic system? Show notes - http://www.earthsharing.org.au/2017/11/5817/

1 Nov 2017

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De Niro's Island Paradise Coup

We forge ahead deeper into the disaster capitalism tearing at island life on Barbuda, one of the few remaining places on the planet where land hasn’t been commodified and the people thrown into a lifetime of debt. Teckla C Nega Melchior hits hard with one story after another revealing the levels of deceipt de Niro and Packer are pushing. Why is de Niro busy talking about global warming threats but still so enamored to be pushing this project upon a nation where the water table sits just two feet underground?Show notes - De Niro's Island Paradise Coup

7 Feb 2018

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Clutching at Straws

Frustrated at a number of old friends who are flipping out at terrorist activities, Karl digs into this thorny issue by looking at the influence of Malthus on critical analysis. Jonathan Green from Crash Course in History joins us from youtube. More on this in the coming weeks. Show notes - http://www.earthsharing.org.au/2017/11/clutching-at-straws/

6 Dec 2017

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Our Data, Their Profits

On a freezing day Karl digs into the archives with Paraic Lally giving his elevator pitch on all things Georgist. Then we go back to an interview with Silicon Valley commons coder Max Carlson to discuss the evolving influence of the digital era. Is there a way to reduce the immense profits enjoyed by FAGA (Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon)? Do any of Karl’s tech reforms muster a pass from Max? Show notes

11 Jul 2018

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Winds of Change hit Paradise Barbuda

A billionaire, a hollywood superstar and Hurricane Irma have converged to wipe away some of the last tidings of communal land title on the idyllic island of Barbuda. Listen to this harrowing story of rent-seekers enlisting disaster capitalism to wipe away any alternative to neoliberal economics. Part 1 in a story that must be told, again and again. Show notes - http://www.earthsharing.org.au/?p=5878

31 Jan 2018

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The End of the Month or the End of the World

Frank de Jong (co-founder Canadian Green Party) talks about the fading political currency of policy makers and their inability to meet the demands of inequality alongside rampant right-wing influence. How can a pre-emptive economic system be enabled to deal with issues at source? Taxation is not just to raise revenue, but to improve economic outcomes. Check Frank's work.Show notes

12 Dec 2018

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Outsourcing Insiders

Michael Tull (CPSU) discusses the first ever national audit of consultancy fees. Whilst we continually hear of budget cutbacks in order to achieve surplus, the insiders are making a surplus of their very own. Tune in to this rocky road of privatisations, delivering less for much more. It’s all part of our topsy turvy world eh?Show notes - http://www.earthsharing.org.au/?p=5872

24 Jan 2018

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Privatising the Shade

With the summer heatwave about to hit, Karl looks into the shortcomings of economic theory allowing insiders to make easy profits and pollute at will.  We usaed to laugh at paying for oxygen but they now do so in Asia. Will shade be next? The show also discusses easy roots already occurring with our solar farms.Show notes: http://www.earthsharing.org.au/2018/01/whats-next-privatising-the-shade/ ‎

17 Jan 2018

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