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The economy & politics – from waaaaay outside the beltway. Marketplace looks at what matters most to Americans, and why the frame of "insiders vs. outsiders" says more than the stale divisions of "left vs. right" and "big government vs. small." From American Public Media. Visit Marketplace.org for more, or find us on Twitter, we're @marketplace.

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Liberal, conservative or something else

This past election has us wondering whether our political parties make sense anymore. We asked you to come up with new terms to describe your politics, and boy, did you deliver. Kai and Andrea talk to two listeners who are trying to break free from left vs. right and do something radical — listen.


13 Dec 2016

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What's the big deal about Goldman Sachs?

President-elect Donald Trump names Goldman Sachs exec Gary Cohn as the head of the White House National Economic Council. Is banking experience an asset or a detriment when it comes to economic policy? Plus, Kai and Andrea discuss Trump taking aim at Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet costs. Got a question about economics over the next four years? Send them over to @marketplace, @KaiRyssdal and @radiobabe.


12 Dec 2016

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A steelworker's economy

On today's show, we hear from St. Louis, Missouri and Granite City, Illinois — two cities, separated by one river, with drastically different views on Trump. Plus, is it time for a new political vocabulary? Are you a liberal, conservative, populist, or something else? Tell us the terms you use to identify yourself, we're @marketplace, @KaiRyssdal, and @RadioBabe.


9 Dec 2016

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Carl's Jr. and the Department of Labor

Trump is expected to tap Andy Puzder, a fast-food CEO, to head up the Labor Department. Kai and Andrea break down his views on robots, wages, and overtime pay. Plus, the impact of Trump's tweets on our economy.


8 Dec 2016

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Let's get ready to rumble

We've got new appointments for the Environmental Protection Agency, the Small Business Association, and ambassador to China. Kai and Andrea talk about Trump's latest picks, where they come from, and how they could shape policy for the next four years.


7 Dec 2016

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Trump's Ohio and the global economy

Globalization can feel like an abstract force, or it can feel much more personal. Today, we've got the view from Dayton, Ohio. Plus, a look at the nitty-gritty of tax reform. As always, send us your questions about the economy and how it's changing post-election.


17 Nov 2016

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Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure

We got a few questions about how Trump's infrastructure plan could get through a Republican-controlled Congress:Mike Rodgers asked, "since history indicates republicans don't want to fund anything, what's that mean for trumps ideas?"Justin Taylor asked, "how long will it take to get a $1 tril #infrastructure bill written, passed, signed, and get projects started, & $ flowing?"Marketplace's Washington D.C Bureau Chief Andrea Seabrook joins the show to discuss those questions and the Democratic Party's playbook the next four years.Got questions over the economy over the next four years? Tweet them at @Marketplace.


16 Nov 2016

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Who wants a job?

On today's show, we're reading the exit poll tea leaves to see how different groups voted. Plus, President-Elect Donald Trump turns to filling out his cabinet.  Traditionally, a Republican administration brings in Washington insiders and members of conservative think tanks, but Trump is far from a traditional Republican. Here's Marketplace DC Bereau Chief Andrea Seabrook:There's a really big difference between, conceptually, rhetorically, between slowly molding the economy that should be, which is what Hillary Clinton did, and saying, "the economy that is sucks for you [and] for us," which is what Trump said. I think that the people that have already lost that insiders-outsiders battle, who already don't have access, they're the ones who voted for Trump by and large.


10 Nov 2016

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The election hangover

President Barack Obama made one public prediction before the election: That the sun would rise on November 9 regardless of who won. What he didn't say was the sun would illuminate an America that's much different than many people thought it was. Marketplace's Washington Bureau Chief Andrea Seabrook breaks it down in the latest installment of "Politics Inside Out": There is so much about this election that is shocking for so many reasons– the polls, the media and this and that – but really what we need to look at it as is a reflection of ourselves. If there are that many people in our country who didn’t know that a huge center of our population feels completely disenfranchised – like it is outside of the whole system – well then that says something about the people who thought that. It says something about how much we are able to ignore. It says something about the privilege of thinking you’re sticking up for people who are disenfranchised but actually ignoring some sectors of that. And that’s not to say that the people who voted for Trump were the least fortunate among us, that’s certainly not true, but they are the people who have gained but have gained the slowest and have not been in many ways the focus of Wall Street or Washington or our culture for many years.


9 Nov 2016

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Predicting Sean Spicer as White House Press Secretary

Kai and Andrea discuss if D.T.S. (drain the swamp) is D.O.A. and how appointed press secretary Sean Spicer will handle his role between government and media. Subscribe to our Marketplace's podcasts at marketplace.org/podcasts or send us an email: insideout@marketplace.org.


22 Dec 2016

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