Cover image of Purpose Rockstar: Daily Career Stories including Grammar Girl and Gretchen Rubin

Purpose Rockstar: Daily Career Stories including Grammar Girl and Gretchen Rubin

Purpose Rockstar tells inspirational stories of people who have found purpose in their careers, 5 days a week. We interview guests from every type of job. Bring out your inner rockstar and be inspired to create the career you have always wanted. Purpose Rockstar is hosted by Derrick Duplessy and a production of Duplessy Foundation.

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155: Poet Dan Gallant, Reviving a dormant brand - Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Dan Gallant journey from running zero budget productions to reviving the 40 year old Nuyorican's Poets Cafe brand, which helped launch Rosie Perez, Scarlet Johansson, and John Leguizamos to raise $6.9M. Read more→ Attn: poets, writers, word lovers Book of Rhymes on Kickstarter - 60,000 rhyming combos, 13 yrs in making, rhyme really hard words like orange with slant and family rhymes


17 Feb 2015

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189: Smita Kapoor - Learning to Love Myself After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

Smith Kapoor is the guidance coach to Sensitive Souls and author of forthcoming book "LIFE: Series of Learning Lessons and Vacation Time". We're here today to learn about how she got to where she is today after being diagnosed with cancer.  Continue Reading →


4 Aug 2015

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167: Jane Kohuth - Writing Childrens' Book in the Midst of Adversity

Jane Kohuth, a successful children's books author,  grew up facing a constant battle with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the connective tissues in the body. This chronic illness would cause irregularities in her health, making it difficult to work a regular full-time job and limited to what Jane could do in life. Despite this hardship, she continued to follow her passion for storytelling and eventually found her place writing popular children's book like Ducks Go Vroom. Continue Reading →


2 Jul 2015

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178: Carol Stewart - Empowering Women In The Workplace

Carol Stewart is the UK's Top 50 Business Advisors and founder of Abounding Solutions, a coaching and mentoring service to help women gain confidence in their abilities and to succeed in the workplace. Growing up lacking confidence and shy, Carol has transformed into a strong individual that is sharing her expertise to women around the world.  Continue Reading →


17 Jul 2015

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210- Harry Campbell- Using Uber To Fuel His Passion For Blogging

Harry Campbell is the man, the myth, the legend, behind the rideshareguy.com. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Harry went from being an aerospace engineer to an Uber and Lyft driver while incorporating his passion for blogging.  Continue Reading→


18 Jun 2016

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168: Brendan Hufford - Starting My Own Business in the Fourth Grade

Brendan Hufford is the jack of all trades - an entrepreneur, a business coach, a successful podcast host, and a blogger. He had an entrepreneurial mindset ever since he was in the 4th grade, where he managed to gather a group of kids to start a video game renting business. As he grew up, he learned by working hard that any aspirations he has in life are achievable.   Continue Reading →


6 Jul 2015

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158: Overcoming struggles with weight and business with Merrymaker Sisters

Emma and Carla Papas are the Merrymaker Sisters. They are famous for their incredible enthusiasm for sharing mouth watering recipes, health hacks and the paleo lifestyle on their blog. Read more →  In this interview, we chat about their personal struggles with dieting and getting their online business started


28 Apr 2015

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206: Lindsay Lucas - Starving Artist to Working Musician

Lindsay Lucas is neo-soul singer who has performed with Talib Kweli, Ernie Isley, John Scofield, Herby Hancock. This Berklee College of Music graduate has residency at one of the biggest jazz clubs in Boston and now is releasing her first full record. In this interview, you'll discover how she transitioned from starving artist to working musician in an incredibly depressing time in her life. Read More →


22 Apr 2016

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173: Brian Miller - Turning Your Mistakes into Stepping Stones

Brian Miller is the head coach of the women's basketball team at Leeds City Schools. He has faced challenges but is here today to share his top tips on coaching a successful basketball team. Continue Reading →


10 Jul 2015

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212- Baylee Greenberg- Could A Text Message Prevent Suicide?

Baylee Greenberg is the COO For Crisis Textline, an orgnaization geared toward helping people stray from self-harm through text messaging. Continue Reading


13 Jun 2016

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163: Ellory Wells - Achieve Your Goals with Mastermind Group

Ellory Wells is a #1 bestselling author, business coach and the founder of Mastermind groups for entrepreneurs, an exclusive community that connects you with like-minded individuals that helps you achieve your business goals.  Continue Reading →


30 Jun 2015

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174: Jen Goldbeck - What Your "Likes" Can Reveal About You

Before Facebook was even a thing, Jen Golbeck has already been analyzing social networks and using artificial intelligence to figure out people's secrets based on what they do online. Jen Goldbeck is a computer scientist and Ted Talk speaker of "The curly fry conundrum: Why social media 'likes' say more than you think." She is doing some fascinating research on human computer interaction, and how that can reveal many surprising things about ourselves. Continue Reading →


13 Jul 2015

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185: Emily Kund - Storytelling Through Data Visualization

Emily Kund is an expert in the field of data visualization, a process that turns data into information that can be processed visually or narratively so that it is easier to understand and can be utilized. Continue Reading →


28 Jul 2015

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198: Maria Kussmaul - Succeeding as a Woman in Finance and Investment Banking

Maria Kussmaul is the Founding Partner and Investment Banking Head at America's Growth Capital (AGC Partners), a boutique Investment Bank that advises emerging growth companies or tech companies in merging, acquisition and information security. Continue Reading →


18 Aug 2015

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182: Abby Speicher - Starting A Drone Pilot School from the Ground Up

Abby Speicher is the founder CEO and Co-founder of DARTdrones, a FAA certified UAV drone pilot school. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Abby Speicher always had a natural talent for starting companies.  Continue Reading →


23 Jul 2015

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154: College Dropout Kanye would love - Danny Strack, Poet

Danny Strack uses his marketing skills and "whuffie" to turn his poetry into an actual living. We chat about how he dropped out of college, got into corporate marketing, and using those skills to run Austin Poetry Slam community in Texas.  Support Book of Rhymes on Kickstarter


16 Feb 2015

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200: Isaiah Pickens, Understanding Teen Psychology

Professor, psychologist, and actor Isaiah Pickens is changing the way we understand teenagers. In this interview, we discuss how teens brains develop, why teens have difficulty making good decisions, and his new teen talk show ‘We Complicated’. Read more→  


15 Dec 2015

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193: Blaz Jemc - A Kickstarter for Local Tourist Businesses

Blaz Jemc is the COO of Travel Starter, a global crowdfunding platform for tourism businesses by helping them connect with the local community to raise funding for their projects.  Continue Reading →


11 Aug 2015

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202: Katherine Keller - Building a business after divorce

In 2008, Katherine Keller went from corporate marketing job married with children to divorce and too broke to pay the light bills as a single parent.  Katherine now runs Katherine Keller International, an online marketing, branding, copywriting and graphic design agency. She is also featured writer for Entrepreneur.com In this interview, we discuss what Katherine did to get up from rock bottom, share business advice on entrepreneur overwhelm, copywriting, graphic design, branding and how to successfully manage your time. →Read More


2 Feb 2016

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203: Lynn Aaronson - Managing the Ice Bucket Challenge and Career Challenges

Lynn Aaronson is more than the woman who helped ALS work through the Ice Bucket Challenge. She is the Executive Director of the Massachusetts chapter and a successful nonprofit executive for 30 years. When the US economy tanked in in 2009 she became unemployed for 17 months. An experience that taught her a lot about what really matters in her life. In this interview, how her experience being unemployed changed the ALS hiring, we discuss how she tackled the Ice Bucket Challenge before and after the campaign, how she turned around the ALS Massachusetts chapter financial stability. Get the Ice Bucket Challenge breakdown and tons of other resources


4 Feb 2016

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