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The Happy families podcast with Dr. Justin Coulson is designed for the time poor parent who just wants answers now. Every day Justin and his wife Kylie provide practical tips and a common sense approach to parenting that Mums and Dads all over the world are connecting with. Justin and Kylie have 6 daughters and they regularly share their experiences of managing a busy household filled with lots of challenges and plenty of happiness. For real and practicable advice from people who understand and appreciate the challenges of a time poor parent, listen to Justin and Kylie and help make your family happier.

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#41 Ignoring Children

Is it ever OK to ignore your children? Typically people think that by ignoring tantrums the problem will go away. But does it? Here are some alternative strategies you can try.


15 May 2018

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#3: 5 Things Every Child Should Hear Every Day

The words we say have enormous impact on our children. All too often we get preoccupied and distracted, and struggle to talk with our children in the loving way they need. It’s one thing to eliminate the negative, but we need to know what to replace it with. In this podcast, I’ll share 5 things our children need to hear from us as often as possible. Show notes What are the five things our children need to hear from us every day? * Thank you * I’m sorry * You tried so hard * I love you * What do you think? For more information about each of these, take a listen to the podcast. This week’s parenting hack This week’s parenting hack is playing the “Yes/No” game… here’s a really fun youtube that shows you precisely how to play it.


1 Oct 2014

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#25: How to Turn Your Anger Around

Do you lose your cool with your kids? Do you feel like you’re constantly yelling? In this week’s podcast episode I share my top 4 tips for keeping our anger in check and stay calm and be kind to our children (even when we think they don’t deserve it).


1 Aug 2017

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#30: Teaching Our Children to be Respectful

“When I was your age…” We’ve all heard our parents say it and some of us may have even said it ourselves. Every generation believes children are losing the art of respect. In this episode Dr Justin explores: * the difference between obedience and respect and how it is unfair to our children to confuse the two * how to deal with a child who has anxiety issues and whose behaviour may be perceived by others as disrespectful * the problem with asking for respect in disrespectful ways * the importance of modelling high levels of respect in our everyday lives Links mentioned in this episode:Have Justin speak at your school or organisation21 Days to a Happier Family You may also like: * 6 Strategies for Respectful Relationships


5 Sep 2017

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#67 Raising Resilient Kids with Kerwin Rae

I recently joined Kerwin Rae on his Unstoppable with Kerwin Rae podcast to discuss how to raise resilient kids. Warning: Kerwin drops some coarse language towards the end of the episode.

1hr 5mins

25 Feb 2019

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#82 Anxiety

Dr Justin Coulson on Anxiety.How do we recognise it in our children, and what do we do?


3 Sep 2019

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#14: Discipline

For episode 14 of the Happy Families podcast we’re looking into discipline. What is it? How is it working for you? What makes for the best kind of discipline? We’ll investigate the 7 reasons punishments don’t work, and take a close look at what great discipline is all about. Show Notes A new segment starts in this episode: 60 second psychology. Today’s research article looks at the impact of parenting style on teenagers decisions around prosocial behaviour, friendship choices, alcohol and other drug use, and academic efforts… and the results may surprise you. And in my 3-minute therapy session a mum asks how to stop the cycle of abuse in her home. It’s an important and challenging question. * 1:43 60 second psychology * 3:55 Punishment as discipline * 4:22 YOUR SAY: What do you think of when you hear the word, discipline? * 5:29 YOUR SAY: What kinds of discipline do most parents rely on? * 6:58 The really unusual response * 7:18 What is punishment? * 7:28 What is discipline? * 7:58 7 reasons punishment is bad for our kids * 11:58 YOUR SAY: How long does punishment work for? * 12:58 YOUR SAY: How does your family feel when you use punishment? * 14:00 What to do for discipline * 18:40 Three minute therapy – stopping the cycle of abuse


9 Mar 2016

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#4: The 5 Things No Child Should Hear From Their Parents

In last week’s podcast, we were reminded of the wonderful things we can say to our children to build them up, make them feel amazing, grow their resilience, and improve family life. This week, we’re turning the tables and looking at some of those things we say to our kids in the heat of the moment – or because we don’t know any better – that can really hurt them. In this podcast, I’ll share 5 things our children need to hear from us as little as possible – or maybe even NEVER. Show notes What are the five things our children should never hear from us? * You’re useless * You’re so clever * Why can’t you be more like… * I wish I’d never had you * Because I said so For more information about each of these, take a listen to the podcast. This week’s parenting hack A great idea for helping little ones get their shoes on the right foot – placing a cut-in-half sticker into their shoes so that when the sticker matches up, they know they’re on the right feet.


9 Oct 2014

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#48 Teenage Privacy

How much privacy should you give a teenager? In this episode, Dr Justin talks about finding the balance between freedom and control. Find more like this is our Happy Families Shop:


10 Sep 2018

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#39 Dads & Sons

Dads and sons. It can be a very special relationship. How can we nurture that connection, especially as those bright eyed boys become troublesome teens?


17 Apr 2018

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#46 Love Languages

Love languages are often discussed when it come to romantic relationships, but what about in the family? In this episode, Dr Justin discusses the value of time and understanding. Find more on this topic in the Happy Families Shop:


27 Aug 2018

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#51 Setting Up Success in Education

Did you know that the way we set up our home can impact our children’s education? Dr Justin explains how something as simple as having books in your house can make all the difference. Find more like this in our Happy Families Shop.


1 Oct 2018

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#13: Innocence Lost

In today’s podcast: Innocence lost. We’re talking about the public health crisis that is pornography and the way that it’s affecting our children. Note – In this podcast I’ll be discussing content that is of a highly sensitive nature. In the past few weeks I attended a conference about pornography and the way it harms young people. On Tuesday February 9, activist group Collective Shout hosted Australia’s first symposium on the harm that pornography does to children. Experts from all backgrounds agree: pornography is hurting our children. I’m going to spend some time sharing things that were reinforced at the conference that EVERY parent needs to know about – because the reality is that your children WILL see pornography. And in today’s podcast, specific tips for every parent for how to deal with pornography in your children’s lives. Show Notes The following resources and people can provide additional information for people who are interested in this topic:Basically… porn is everywhere. A report from the UK Children’s Commissioner. Website: It’s time we talked.Maree Crabbe– Reality and RiskMelinda Tankard Reist * 2:40 Am I the only parent worried about this? * 6:45 How old are children when first see pornography? * 7:45 How children see pornography at school * 12:45 Children are seeing pornography BEFORE they’ve ever held someone’s hand * 18:30 How old should your children be before you talk about pornography? * 19:20 What does pornography teach our children? * 26:50 How does a 14 year-old girl get convinced to send nude images to a boy at school? * 31:15 How do we talk to a child about pornography? * 34:30 A sample conversation about pornography with your child * 40:25 Wrap up Save $40 on 21 Days to a Happier Family online program – This is a special offer ONLY for Newsletter and Podcast subscribers. This week only, save $40 on 21 Days to a Happier Family – the online program – by using the code “giveme40” at the checkout. Make your family happier, and save!


24 Feb 2016

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#40 Discussing Big Issues

How do we respond to our kids when they come to us with questions about the BIG ISSUES? Dr Justin gives us some great tips and insights that will arm you with the right tools when the need arises.


24 Apr 2018

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#87 How to discipline a 7 year old

Dr Justin Coulson discusses how to Explore, Explain and Empower to guide children’s behaviour.


23 Oct 2019

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#63 Raising Teenagers

!The adolescent years can be a difficult time. How can you, as a parent, help guide and protect your teenager? In this episode of the podcast, Dr Justin explains how to develop good relationships with your child. Find more like this in the Happy Families Store:


24 Dec 2018

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#56 The Spawn of Satan

On this episode of the podcast, Dr Justin discusses the time when our daughters turn from little princesses into the spawns of satan. Find more like this in our Happy Families Shop.


5 Nov 2018

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#6: Is praise really a problem?

In my last few podcasts I’ve talked about the problems with praise – and promised I would address the issue in full in a podcast. Now a warning – this one is a little sciencey, and I do talk about a lot of research. But that’s because praising children is something we’ve been told to do for decades, so for someone to say not to do it – well, that’s kinda weird. I’ll also help out a parent who is struggling with a toddler who keeps on lashing out and hitting. And I have one of those parenting hacks that are so obvious – but so easily overlooked – for when the kids are bored and need some stimulation. This week’s parenting hack Cushions and blankets… that’s all I’m saying here. You’ll need to listen to the podcast to find out why 🙂


29 Oct 2014

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#28: Spare the Rod – How Punishment is Different to Discipline

Whether or not smacking children is effective or even acceptable is a topic that polarises people in today’s society. Many believe we’ve become too soft and need to bring back ‘old-school’ parenting – without shame or remorse. Those who are in favour often make the argument that they were smacked and still turned out fine. But, imagine if our children grew up saying they turned out well because of the way they were parented rather than in spite of the way they were parented. In this week’s podcast episode Dr Justin Coulson explains how discipline is different from punishment.If you’d like to discover simple strategies and ideas for disciplining your children in ways that work, and that reduce or eliminate parental guilt then download my ebook Time Out is Not Your Only Option today (just $9.99). The principles and strategies you’ll read are based on some of the very best psychological research that the world has to offer. And when you begin to practise them you’ll notice the difference in your children, and they will notice the difference in you.


22 Aug 2017

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#32: When it comes to technology, are you setting a good example?

Kids these days are addicted to their devices. My child spends way too much time on screens. How do I get my child to put down his phone and go outside? One of the biggest concerns for modern parents is the amount of time their children are spending on screens and the effect this is having on their health, relationships and wellbeing. But while we are all busy being so concerned, research tells us that parents aren’t setting a very good example and this is having a detrimental effect on our relationships. In this week’s episode Dr Justin will help you identify if you have a technology problem and shares some simple ways to modify your behaviour that will have a big impact on your relationships with each other and with your kids. Links mentioned in this episode: * Have Dr Justin speak at your school or organisation * Parenting Workshop (video seminar) More on this topic: * Is my mother-in-law ruining my child with screens? * 5 Ways to set screen time limits with your children * How to banish tech and make mealtimes matter * What do you get when you cross a toddler with an ipad * Please turn off your phone * Kids need smart parents, not smart phones Resources: * FREE Technology Tickets * FREE Colourful Connection * Super Solutions for Technology TroublesSuper Solutions for Technology Troubles available on DVD and as an instant download


19 Sep 2017

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