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IFR Landing at GKY (Arlington, Tx)

This IFR approach and landing was the day after a major ice storm in the Dallas area. The runway was clear, but the taxiways were full of ice and very slippery. The jet parked next to me had to be towed to the ramp, I guess I had the edge here will pulling thrust vs pushing.Includes complete ATC audio during approach and landing.This is the audio only. To view the video click on http://youtu.be/AOgGx9yykZQ


12 Jan 2014

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GKY (Arlington, TX) to JKA (Gulf Shores) with Complete ATC Audio

Sorry I have not posted anything in such a long time. I had a very busy, but productive year.Here is a flight from GKY (Arlington, Tx) to JKA (Gulf Shores) in my Cessna Corvalis. I was finally able to get an audio cable that worked with my setup and in this video you can listed to the entire ATC communications during the 3 hour trip. I will try to include audio on most of my future podcasts.Keep in mind that I have compressed the audio duration by eliminating all of the silence between transmissions (this was done with Audacity).This is the audio portion. To video the Video click on http://youtu.be/dFZNiZEPK6Q


12 Jan 2014

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#3 - Landing at CHS (Charleston, SC)

A recent flight to Charleston, SC a couple of days before hurricane Sandy came up the east coast. In this podcast I explain the use of oxygen in a small aircraft. Leaving Charleston and landing back in Gulf Shores, AL I was able to fly over the Destin - Pensacola Gulf Coast on a beautiful clear day, so there is some great video of the coast line and some of the military airports in the area.This is the audio only portion of the podcast. Be sure to watch the video on my YouTube channel at: http://youtu.be/oQjOCJTvbkg


6 Nov 2012

Rank #3

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#2 - Landing at BTR (Baton Rouge)

A recent flight from JKA to BTR for the LSU - SC game on October 12, 2012. In this podcast I added a brief explanation of the PDF and MFD Garmin G-1000 displays. I also flew an instrument approach (ILS) into Baton Rouge due to the hazy weather. You can view the Videocast at: http://youtu.be/Ga1YgPK8vmU


15 Oct 2012

Rank #4

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#1 JKA to BFM - 1st VideoCast

Quick flight from JKA (Gulf Shores, AL) to BFM (Mobile Downtown Airport, AL). I have decided to add a voice over on my videos to help introduce you to general aviation.This is the audio only portion of the videocast. Be sure to watch on my Youtube channel at: http://youtu.be/0Qcg7qXe8-c


15 Oct 2012

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