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Learning Machine Learning

This week Jonathon and Vidya are out of town, so Chris takes the helm and gives his opinionated guide to learning machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. Resources mentioned this episode:


28 Mar 2017

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S1E35: The Data of Journalism

Data journalism and interactive storytelling have fundamentally changed the way we understand and consume the news. This week we’re talking to three leaders in the data journalism revolution, Martin Stabe, the head of interactive news at the Financial Times, Sisi Wei, a journalist and news apps developer at ProPublica, and...


10 Sep 2015

Rank #2

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Data Scraping Mini Episode

Holy crap a mini episode! Yes, it is true. This week, in addition to our regular episode, we are experimenting with a mini episode. These episodes will be personal stories from the hosts about their time on the front lines of data science. In this first mini episode, Chris talks...


9 Feb 2017

Rank #3

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S2E2: Mind Control and Parasites

Data scientists areparasites,Snowpocalypse(or isit?),and an important public safety announcement from Chris aboutjoggingand sterilization. Plus we talk to Dr. SarahLaszlo abouthow she uses brainwaves like fingerprints to identify people based onlyon their thoughts.


26 Jan 2016

Rank #4

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S2E1: Do it LIVE!

Sorry for the long hiatus! The three of us have been super busy with our startup, Popily, but before we took a break we recorded a live show! Chris and Jonathon went to hang out with the amazing data science team at StitchFix, and invited Eric Colson, the company’s Chief...


12 Jan 2016

Rank #5

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S1E30: The Data of Love and Sex

Is there really data in love? Can we quantify sex? Find out thisweek! Also, we go behind the scenes at craft brewery ThirstyPlanet.


6 Aug 2015

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S1E27: Robots Are Racist

We interview the amazing ChristinaWarren! Check out her work onMashable, and two greatpodcasts – Overtired andRocket. Also we’re in Portland thisweek, and grabbing beer at the White Owl Social Club around 5:30 onWednesday. Swing by if you’re free!


6 Jul 2015

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Beneath The Surface - Data At Microsoft

This week Chris flies to New York City and sits down with three engineers at Microsoft to discuss R, SQL, and why data lakes is a silly term.

1hr 15mins

6 Dec 2016

Rank #8

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S1E3: The One About Touchy Subjects

This week we talk about Ferguson, executive orders, and how much peopleget paid! Plus aliens!


28 Nov 2014

Rank #9

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The Limits Of Deep Learning

This week Chris and Vidya discuss the limits of deep learning and how to each mathematics.


18 Jul 2017

Rank #10

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White House Special with DJ Patil, US Chief Data Scientist

GitHub for data nerds


12 Dec 2016

Rank #11

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S2E14: The Model is Racist

Every now and again we get to do some of our research, and this week Jonathon explains some of the theory behind his recent look into the alt-right: a sprawling coalition of reactionary conservatives who have lobbied to make the United States more “traditional,” more “populist” and more white. More...


27 Sep 2016

Rank #12

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The Secret Life Of A Data Scientist

This week Chris and Vidya talk about learning what it is like to work at a tech company and the fundamental nature of AI.


13 Jun 2017

Rank #13

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Interview: Brian Granger, co-Leader of Project Jupyter

Core contributor to IPython Notebook and Project Jupyter


11 Jul 2016

Rank #14

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Particle Physics and Machine Learning at CERN with Michael Kagan

This week we talk with Michael Kagan. He’s a data scientist at CERN, where physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. It’s Michael’s job to figure out how to use open source machine learning tools like scikit learn and TensorFlow in the pursuit of new particles...


28 Feb 2017

Rank #15

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Should You Get A PhD

This week Chris talks about whether you should get a PhD and talks about his own experience in a Ph.D. program.


25 Apr 2017

Rank #16

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Robot Lawyers by Joshua Browder

AI to escape parking tickets!


31 Jan 2017

Rank #17

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S2E5: The Double Entendre

Vidya hates wedding planning, Jonathon could’ve talked about the rise of our Go-playing robot overlords, algorithmically predicting police misconduct or the biggest polling upset in political history, but instead digs into the crossword scandal of the century (here’s the GitHub repo). Chris was busy washing his hair or something, but he’ll...


15 Mar 2016

Rank #18

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S2E12: Descartes Before the Horse

This week’s episode was produced by Alex Bouthillier at Apollo Media


9 Jun 2016

Rank #19

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Interview: Alberto Cairo, data visualization expert

Author of The Functional Art and expert in data journalism


29 Jun 2016

Rank #20