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This Podcast will feature information on gifts, gadgets and gizmos. We will be keeping up to date on all the relevant news and trends and we will be giving you inside information on what is going on at www.itsawot.com

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Podcast 2 - New Products & Facebook Features

This week I keep it short and tell you about the new products we have been releasing and I tell you about an offer that we will be running this weekend on our new line that hasn't been released yet! I also Tell you a little about a new feature Facebook are looking at and I ask for your opinion on that.


31 Jul 2015

Rank #1

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Podcast 1 - It's Summer Time for Gifts & Gadgets

This week we take a look at some products for your travels - gadgets that you may want on your holidays. We also look at a guide that was recently on mashable.com and discuss some products from that. There is also a little exclusive news from itsawot.com!


22 Jul 2015

Rank #2

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Podcast 0 - Intro to the new #itsawotwednesday format

This is the first ever #itsawotwednesday Podcast. I will give you a quick intro then we talk current news in gifts and gadgets and finally I tell you about a few of our great products.


16 Jul 2015

Rank #3