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VDARE.com columnist John Derbyshire reviews the week's news.

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Idiocracy, SA Riots, Soccer Diversity Not Strength, Walt Whitman Cancelled, And George Floyd Struck By Lightning, Etc.

00m42s  Idiocracy: are we there yet?  (Hyperbole denial.)07m26s  South Africa ructions.  (It's the [...]


17 Jul 2021

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Law And Order In Haiti, Irish Centenaries, And Hungary Won't Teach Sodomy, Etc.

03m07s  Law and order in Haiti.  (A prediction from 1899.)10m01s  Queen of the cackle.  (Don't coun [...]


10 Jul 2021

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Chauvin Sentence, The Very Model Of A Woke Postmodern General, Screwed-Up Elections, & ChiCom Centenary, Etc.

01m24s  The Chauvin verdict.  (The fix was in.)08m05s  Thoroughly Postmodern Milley.  (General prep [...]


2 Jul 2021

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Law Enforcement Weaponized, Loudoun County Protests, Upside Down Values, And NYC's Mayoral Election, Etc.

03m22s  Law enforcement basics.  (Policing, politics, psychology.)07m57s  Law enforcement weaponize [...]


26 Jun 2021

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President Alzheimer Abroad, Tea With The Queen, Putin Quotes Tolstoy, And The Great Unmentionable, Etc.

01m04s  President Alzheimer goes traveling.  (Out to Save the World.)07m41s  Insulting our friends. [...]


19 Jun 2021

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Mara Gay, Thought Reform, "Politicizing" Old Glory, Chardonnay Antifa, And The War Against Fiction, Etc.

02m25s  Tokenism at the Times.  (And disparate impact on Tucker.)07m16s  The need for Thought Refor [...]


11 Jun 2021

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Tulsa, Tiananmen, De Blasio's Billion Dollar Wife, And The Roots Of Wokeness, Etc.

02m21s  Joe Biden's Tulsa speech.  (The wickedness and malice of white people.)07m19s  ChiComs rewr [...]


5 Jun 2021

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Harry And St. George, The Origins Of Covid, Diversity Hell, UFOS, And BLM In The State Department, Etc.

01m22s  Cry God for Harry …  (They're not sending their best.)06m26s  … and Saint George.  (Hilario [...]


29 May 2021

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Israel-Gaza, Trumpism (Not Trump) In 2024, And The Rare Diversity That Works, Etc.

01m36s  Taking Israel's side.  (A blast from the past.)14m47s  Trumpism in 2024? Yes, please.   (Tr [...]


22 May 2021

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COVID Origins, Crisis In The Middle East, Diversity Hell & GOP Schism, Etc.

01m30s  Where did COVID come from?  (Weighing the theories.)11m11s  Crisis in the Middle East!  (La [...]


15 May 2021

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