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VDARE.com columnist John Derbyshire reviews the week's news.

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Immigration Craziness, Black Lady Takes Offense, And Chinese Prospects, Etc.

04:21  Immigration craziness.  (Municipal, national, international.)18:43  Black lady takes offense [...]


3 Dec 2022

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Indigenes On The Warpath, Attempted Zero COVID In China, Our Brazen Ruling Class, And The Great Enstupidation, Etc.

03:39  Indigenes on the warpath.  (No more chiefs, no more braves.)09:17  Does Zero COVID make sens [...]


26 Nov 2022

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FTX Collapse, Election Integrity, Tech Layoffs, And U.K. Treasury Replacing Whites, Etc.

02:42  The murky waters of high finance.  (The crypto collapse.)12:44  The view from the front offi [...]


19 Nov 2022

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Jeff Sessions' Revenge, Against LEGAL Immigration, And Sunak Out Of Globalist Closet, Etc.

01:42  Jeff Sessions’ Revenge.  (Election reflections.)14:33  Shall we ever get action on legal imm [...]


12 Nov 2022

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Election Non-Fever, Collective Crime-nesia, And Squaring The Affirmative Action Circle, Etc.

02:28  Election non-fever, cont.  (Much like 2010.)06:16  Collective amnesia.  (New York’s crime cy [...]


5 Nov 2022

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Midterm Meditations, Twitter's New Boss, "Face Assassination," And Ode To Suella, Etc.

03:22  Midterm meditations.  (Getting close.)08:23  Friends and the housing market.  (Trump had a c [...]


29 Oct 2022

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The Empires Strike Back, The Anglosphere Parallel, Chairman Xi, & Word Salad Pandemic, Etc.

00:55  The Empires strike back.  (UK ructions in historical context.)14:19  Why do we and the Brits [...]


22 Oct 2022

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Kanye On Tucker, Cancel Finance, Tulsi And Suella, And Remembering Rushton And Jensen, Etc.

01:52  Tucker blunders.  (A morality play.)12:40  Cancel Finance.  (Towards a Social Credit system. [...]


15 Oct 2022

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Messing With Biden, Minoritarianism, "Shocking" Statistics, And Equity In Disaster Relief, Etc.

02:04  Messing with the president.  (No problem for foreign powers.)10:20  The poison in minoritari [...]


8 Oct 2022

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Blank Slate Triumphant, Right To Revolt?, GOP—Don't Call Us Racists!, Etc.

01:45  The Blank Slate triumphant.  (Everything is equal to everything else.)05:22  Is there a Righ [...]


1 Oct 2022

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