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Drudge Report Report #23 - Buffett's Big Break.

1. President Obama: The Official Blame Game TM. 2. Pope Francis condemns himself. 3. Accessorize bitch. 4. Ammunition shortages rock fed. 5. What witness? 6. Venezuela toilet paper shortage. 7. Warren Buffet cries. and more.


16 May 2013

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Drudge Report Report #20 - Shock. Spin. Reade.

1. Green jobs are expensive things. 2. Russian 'victory' parade. 3. Syria is a bitch. 4. Get a pet. NOW. 5. Colorado does weed. 6. The Iranian hang glider. 7. American man cover up. and more.


10 May 2013

Rank #2

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Drudge Report Report #9 - Chavez won. #ObviousPrediction.

1. Romney dishes Obama some hurt in the polls. 2. Iran perhaps close to A-bomb, maybe, probably, certainly! 3. Chavez, that sly dog won. 4. NY times about time. 5. Market looks itself in the mirror. LOL jks. 6. Obama hit hard by his own performance. Go figure. 7. Twitter explodes.


9 Oct 2012

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Drudge Report Report #17 - God Bless America.

1. Far OUT Golden Dawn party. 2. Obama, you're the devil. Cute~~. 3. Chinese Scientists create new strain of mutant influenza virus. 4. More China, with a bite of rat. 5. Fire. Fire! Ages away. 6. Defense department does stuff. 7. Ex-speaker, please stop speaking. and more.


4 May 2013

Rank #4

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Drudge Report Report #3 - Pakistan's Love Heart is also dead (stupid).

1. Pakistani protester dies from flag burning. LOL. 2. Mexican prisoners on the run. Kill Pitbull. 3. Obama is a socialist. Duh. 4. Dark energy camera. Spooky. 5. Homeland security purchases 200 million bullets. 6. America is one fat bastard. 7. America is broke. 8. Russia 3000 years worth of diamonds discovered. 9. Chinese general warms of war. 10. The gulf is getting awfully crowded. 11. Obama video game advertising. 12. Mining graduates earn more than Harvard. 13. Newspaper ad revenue collapse. 14. Conservative students denied entry into democrat conference. 15. Stewart vs O'Reilly.


19 Sep 2012

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Drudge Report Report #11 - Romney Romney Romney.

1. Samantha: Romney's American Sweet-heart. Please say hello to the crew of Cheaters! 2. Meningitis is a real killer. 3. Washington could legalize weed. The Reade is officially immigrating. 4. Coke leaves Greece. Misinterpreted. 5. Carlos Fat is Carlos Rich. 6. Romney, meet religion. 7. Muslim brotherhood act like a bunch of Muslims.


12 Oct 2012

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Drudge Report Report #10 - Obama Obama Obama.

1. Merkel: The deadly witch from up north. 2. Obama cries himself to sleep. 3. North Korea: Missile can reach U.S. LOL. 4. Central planning FAIL! 5. Man who plans crazy thing, does sane thing. 6. Michelle Obama: No politics. Only suckie, suckie. 7. AP. Even you put me to shame! www.thefinancialreality.com


9 Oct 2012

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Drudge Report Report #12 - R.I.P. Glass panel.

1. Chinese Yuan at an all-time high. It's funny because it's true. 2. J.P. Morgan record profit. Wish he didn't die. 3. EU peace prize award. 4. Tim defends Obama. I no like either. 5. Glass dies. 6. No one cares about Joe Biden. 7. A couple more ill-timed jokes.


14 Oct 2012

Rank #8

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Drudge Report Report #19 - Hillary Clinton's Cleavage.

1. Benghazi hearings. RUSE. 2. Top 100 Trusted People in America. 3. 105 Texan HOE. 4. Putin is not a happy camper. 5. Teacher fails to master the deep throat. 6. Giant African land snails. Sexy. 7. Nuclear what? and more.


8 May 2013

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Drudge Report Report #22 - Hold my dignity.

1. Seven people caught trespassing... terrorist! 2. Seattle man = U.S. Government. 3. Eric Holder. No comment. 4. Detroit mayor has enough. 5. IRS cannot contain it's excitement. 6. Obama too big. 7. Solar Flares speak truth. and more. www.thefinancialreality.com


15 May 2013

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