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Award-winning femdom blogger, Sharyn Ferns from Domme Chronicles, invites you to her [almost] regular podcast about female dominant/male submissive relationships, D/s, BDSM play, and all of that sexy wonderful stuff. It ranges from the serious to the ridiculous, and is always informative. Plus an Australian accent: Bonus!Want to ask a question yourself? Go to www.domme-chronicles.com/askme

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Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #108 [Audio]

This femdom podcast Q&A includes the following: Cut or uncut, that is the question How to get my sub to be more communicative My submissive doesn’t initiate, help! Scammers, boo A certain type of play is causing him concerns How to support your vanilla partner in finding her dominance Resources for beginners (spoiler: My non-fiction book list! Me telling a new domme to DTMFA I’m really attracted to my sub, but he wants ‘MEAN DOMME’ … Continue Reading

20 Dec 2019

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Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #97 – Dominant women struggle, turn-ons, limerence [Audio]

In this exciting instalment of the Q&A femdom podcast, I answer questions about the following: Getting my long term vanilla husband into BDSM Young domme has shitty experiences and I get fist-wavey about it Tasks? Turned on by wife’s pre-marriage affair Hot scene in Blade: unf! Discipline: what do you do? Limerence: how do you deal? The Domme Chronicles podcast is available on iTunes, so you can subscribe to it if you want to be … Continue Reading


18 Dec 2016

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Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #107 [Audio]

This femdom podcast Q&A includes the following: Advice for a new femdom’s play (Tip: This book “How to make your first BDSM scene amazing”) :) A happy femdom story! How to find a Domme as an older submissive How to prepare for pegging Should I tell my therapist about kink? Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met? On punishments: What if the Domme fucks up? My sub periodically ghosts me Should … Continue Reading

1hr 5mins

24 Sep 2019

Rank #3

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Reader Q&A Femdom Podcast #99: Healthy pain play, how do I…, F/m events [Audio]

This Reader Q&A femdom podcast is over an hour long(!) and includes the following: Telling a dominant I like that I’m transgender You are shit at marketing (it’s true, I am!) How do you learn to cause someone pain in a good and healthy way? For those submissive men who are looking, some examples of your competition Cuckolding: Is she still dominant if she gets dominated by her ‘bull’? What kinds of fetish wear do … Continue Reading

1hr 8mins

16 Sep 2017

Rank #4

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Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #104 [Audio]

Welcome to another episode of ‘Ferns drinks champagne and talks…’ Topics include: Some personal questions (about fantasies, singledom & happiness) How to find a domme Tips on confidence for a newbie dominant Why some offers of ‘submission’ aren’t as appealing as you think they are Is this abuse? How to punish your submissive Sissies and cuckholding, a misunderstanding A porn reading And more! Fun facts: 1. Those legs in the photo ARE mine, yes and… Continue Reading

1hr 5mins

5 Mar 2019

Rank #5

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Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #105 [Audio]

This femdom Q&A includes the following: Subs as footstools: What do you think? Is my dom mad? Why does he want this? How long can a man go without orgasms? Who was your favourite fictional teddy bear? Why not just choose a vanilla man? Busted at airport security! Public signalling of D/s tendencies “I’m a right wing arsehole and submissive, soooo…” How do I get my vanilla partner to be my dominant? And more! The … Continue Reading


20 May 2019

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Audio p*rn: Femdom podcast #106 [Audio]

This short, sweet, gentle femdom audio p*rn is nothing like my normal podcast content. I ad-libbed the audio, and then wrote a story about it, a story that mirrors what I was thinking as I recorded it.I suggest you listen to the audio first, before reading the story, and let your imagination take you where it will. See what kind of story your mind builds around the words you are hearing. If you want … Continue Reading


26 Jun 2019

Rank #7

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Reader Q&A: Femdom podcast #95 – Domme with vanilla-ish partner [Audio]

In this femdom podcast, a novice Domme has a partner who she loves, they are compatible in all ways, except for in kink. She’s not confident that he’s really into the BDSM that she enjoys and she’s not quite sure what to do about it. ___ Subscribe to the Domme Chronicles podcast on iTunes. Want to ask me something? Pop on over to my Ask Me page and do it: even if I’m slow, I … Continue Reading


13 Jul 2016

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Reader Q&A Femdom Podcast #98: Desire to please, LDRs, expectations [Audio]

This long overdue (aren’t they always?!) reader Q&A femdom podcast includes the following: Desire to please vs hard limits, what to do? Is there an outfit that says ‘Domme’? How do I help a new sub who is struggling? “She wanted a hands-free orgasm, so she tied him to the bed and used his mouth.” LDRs and ‘how to’ I made someone fail their exams, maybe, I don’t know… :P How do I get what … Continue Reading


16 May 2017

Rank #9

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Femdom-guided meditation: Femdom Podcast #110 [Audio]

This femdom podcast is very different from my usual ‘Reader Q&A’.I wanted to do something positive for you, my readers and listeners, who might be struggling right now. There is a lot of uncertainty and fear out there: These are scary times, and the worry about the escalating situation is very stressful for everybody. While there is not a lot I can do to change any of that, I can offer 10 minutes of … Continue Reading

27 Mar 2020

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Ferns for the aural: Audio

You asked for it, you got it!! In this recording are some of the requests from my ‘Dommes don’t speak, they rawwwr’ post. There is silliness and laughing and someone who might be me sounding very much like a Crocodile Dundee reject. Enjoy. The recording contains requests from: – michael – DumbDomme, Tom Allen – Peroxide – Coug – # [Hash] – ZeroToInfinity – Jerome The other requests are coming soon, in a blog post … Continue Reading


1 Jul 2012

Rank #11

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Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #101 [Audio]

Welcome to another podcast. This Reader Q&A includes the following: How to find a dominant woman: (here you go!) I don’t trust him, what do I do? Sweetness & box girder bridges Mismatched communication styles Navigating new relationships Getting her from ‘indulging him’ to ‘taking the domme role’ Dealing with subs who tell Dommes ‘how it should be’ Does he have “too many hard limits” More ideas for punishments please And more! The … Continue Reading


16 May 2018

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Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #103 [Audio]

This podcast Q&A includes the following: New books out soon! ‘Happy Femdom Stories Vol 2‘ & ‘Rage: A Femdom Story‘ Using me as a hookup service (pro-tip: Don’t) New Domme: Halp! Submissive man introducing vanilla partner Can a Domme be an extrovert? Kneeling and knee strain When he wants more (and more and more…) Heathen chocolate? Cock sucking sub: yay or nay? Lesbian sub trying to find a Domme And more! … Continue Reading

1hr 4mins

30 Oct 2018

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Reader Q&A: Femdom podcast #96 – Letting your guard down, being badmouthed [Audio]

In this episode of ‘Ferns does a femdom podcast’, we have the following: How can I learn to let my guard down? The elusive ‘good femdom porn’… Play ideas? Reader loveliness: thank you! Being badmouthed by an ex Sydney University! The Domme Chronicles podcast is available on iTunes, so you can subscribe to it if you want to be sure to get my audio porn delivered straight to your ear holes. ___ Want to ask … Continue Reading


28 Nov 2016

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Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #109 [Audio]

This femdom podcast Q&A tackles the following questions: Is this particular fantasy possible? New sub still wearing chastity device from his previous Domme. Halp! My wedding gift to my wife was a CB2000 as a joke (hint: not a joke) Am I a foot fetishist or a submissive? Do you have any post-orgasm torture ideas? How do you feel about honorifics from submissives you don’t own? Questions from an Arabic Muslim sub with an American … Continue Reading

15 Mar 2020

Rank #15