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Join us to talk about writing, editing, publishing, and the freelance life. Sponsored by the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (http://www.NAIWE.com), home of the Lucky Freelancer(tm). This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com

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Breaking in as a Hollywood Screenwriter with Mitchell Peck

Mitchell will shed some light on the often mysterious/opaque process of breaking in to Hollywood as a screenwriter outside the system by using real-life case studies of nine screenwriters who Mitchell has personally helped get represented by agents, sell their scripts to movie studios, and/or get their scripts produced by major movie studios.

1hr 7mins

28 May 2014

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A Guide for the Freelance Indexer: Book Chat with April Michelle Davis

Have you considered becoming an indexer or adding indexing to your list of freelance skills? NAIWE Social Media Marketing Expert April Michelle Davis has just written a guide on this highly specialized and much needed professional skill, and she will be joining us for a Book Chat on The Freelance Life on Wednesday, January 30, 2013, at 3:30 p.m. EST as we discuss Aprilâ??s new book, freelance indexing, and the process of getting published.


30 Jan 2013

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How to Be an Almost Instant Author with Paulette Ensign

Paulette Ensign, Founder and Owner of Tips Products International, will have you popping with ideas as she shares how to re-purpose everything you do to make the best use of your time, energy, and resources.


7 Nov 2012

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Jim Sutton on Networking

NAIWE's April Member of the Month, Jim Sutton, shares networking tips for creating solid relationships, both online and in person.


24 Apr 2012

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Tweet Your Tips to Create a New Product While Marketing Your Expertise, wit

This session shows you how to share tips, a minute at a time, one tip at a time, doing double time as you market your freelance business and create a money-making product simultaneously. Youâ??ll develop a social media strategy that is painless, with big results both online and offline. Don't miss it!


1 Feb 2012

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Book Chat: Susan Bowman, Lady Father

Join us on The Freelance Life as we talk with Susan Bowman, author of the memoir, Lady Father. We'll talk about the book and its unique title and the writing process and how it impacted Susan's life. We'll also touch on marketing tips she's has found helpful, and maybe even a few tips for other writers who are planning to write a memoir.


7 Dec 2011

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National Novel Writing Month: Write a First Draft in 30 Days

We'll be talking with Sarah Mackey from The Office of Letters and Light about NaNoWriMo. You'll learn about the origins of the event and how to use it to create a complete rough draft in just 30 days.


26 Oct 2011

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Benefit Chat with Bowker Manuscript Submissions

Part of being a member of NAIWE means that you now have discounted access to Bowker Manuscript Submissions (BMS), an online tool that connects authors with publishers to streamline the publishing process like never before. Learn more as we talk with Charlie Friscia and Natalie Piccotti about BMS and how it can help you.


3 Aug 2011

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Book Chat: What to Charge for Freelance Writers & Editors

NAIWE Pricing Expert Laurie Lewis will be joining us to talk about her book, What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants. We'll discuss what makes the book unique and useful, as well as what it covers. If you're a freelancer, don't miss this helpful overview!


6 Jul 2011

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How to be Irresistible to Publishers

Publishing Expert Jerry Simmons will talk about things writers can do before and after publication to make themselves irresistible to publishers, book sales people, and readers.


22 Jun 2011

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