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Life is complicated, but we love simple answers. AI and robotics are changing the nature of work. Emojis change the way we write. Fossil Fuels were once the engine of progress, now we're in a race to change how we power the planet. We're constantly trying to save ourselves...from ourselves. Join Anthropologist and culture expert Dr. Adam Gamwell for curated conversations with humanity’s top makers and minds on our creative potential through design, culture, business and technology. Change your perspective.

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Humans as a Playful Species w/ Michael D’Angelo, Host of Old School Game Show

Join us for our funnest episode yet! Amy, Aneil, Ryan and Adam Exploring humans as a playful species through the world of gameshows, trivia, and popular culture – from TV to Movies and Music. Michael D’Angelo is the writer, producer, host, and star of the hilarious Old School Game Show which is a mixture of gameshow, alt trivia, pop culture reference show, dance routines, comedy and music! oldschoolgameshow on FacebookEpisode 42, Season 4Recorded 9/17/14--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


24 Sep 2014

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Mate: The Drink Beyond a Drink w/ Guilherme Heiden

Mate (pronounced mah-tay), or more commonly known as yerba mate for English speakers, is an herbal tea drink native to parts of South America – Southern Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay – where local people drank it for thousands of years. The incredible history of mate follows Guarani indigenous legend, the rise of Jesuit colonialism, Gaucho (cowboy) culture in Southern Brazil, and continues its rise in global popularity.Many see this drink as beyond a drink – aside from its colorful and unique drinking apparatus made from a dried-out gourd and metal straw. Mate is known to break down barriers between people of different groups, classes, ethnicity, even religions (trust us, you’ll learn about this one).Join Adam and special guest Guilherme Heiden, a Southern Brazilian mate enthusiast and expert, coming to you live from fieldwork in Peru, as they explore the fascinating, and thirst-quenching world of mate.Guil and I put together a de--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


7 Mar 2016

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Ebola and Virology

Episode 38, Season 3Amy and Adam are joined in studio again by season 1-2 host Ryan Collins, recently returned from fieldwork in Mexico. We turn our anthropological eye to the world of viruses and the recent outbreak of Ebola in three African countries. This microscopic world has potentially pandemic impacts as Ebola alters lives, communities, policies, and medicine. We untangle issues of mistrust, community build up and breakdown, international aid, infection, media coverage, and more!Aired 8/19/14--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


18 Aug 2014

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Are Emojis and Hieroglyphs Universal Language?

Will Emojis be the death of writing? Are emojis modern day hieroglyphs? Is the increased use of emojis in textual conversations a sign of the end of language as we know it? Join us for one of our most popular conversations revisited! Your trusty hosts Ryan and Adam discuss the origin of emojis as well as the importance of actively seeking to understand the hidden biases of language.What is an Emoji? The term emoji originates from the japanese kanjis of “picture word”. Shigetaka Kurita  created the emoji in order to develop a way to send pictorial texts  using less data. Japanese phone users were sending pictures to convey  messages, but their phones were unable to handle the large amounts of  data involved in sending pictures, so Kurita created the emoji keyboard  that allowed for standard pictorial characters to be sent for the same  amount of data as a letter.Read more on thisanthrolife.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


26 Oct 2017

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How to Think like an Ethnographer with Jay Hasbrouck

Adam sits down (in a cafe, so this is live, people) with Jay Hasbrouck, Founder and Principal of Filament Insight and Innovation and author of Ethnographic Thinking: From Method to Mindset, a how-to guide for anyone looking to better understand and apply many of the methods ethnographers learn to their own businesses and practices. We talk through some of the techniques Jay covers in his book as well as talk candidly about the world of consulting and client relationships. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


14 May 2019

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Garbology, Space Junk and Digital Dumping

3/18/14 We will be discussing the world of disposable objects and material culture: garbage culture and digital dumping, polluting the (final) frontier – yes, garbage in space, and more!Podcast Available hereMaterial Culture part 1 hereExplore more with #ThisAnthropologicalLife--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


18 Mar 2014

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Environmental Anthropology, pt 1. Nature, Culture, Power

Are nature and culture separate things? How do our definitions of land, space, and place affect how we view the environment? Trees, bees, garbage, college, and power! Join host Aneil Tripathy for a special episode with guest Alina Pokhrel. Nature, Culture, Power, pt 1.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


8 May 2014

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Happiness and the Good Life According to the Aztecs w/ Dr. Ryan Collins

A happy New Years! Enjoy this mini-episode with Adam and Dr. Ryan Collins exploring happiness and the good life according the Aztecs. New Years is a great time to reflect on where we've been, where we're going, and what's it all for. We find some answers and surprising wisdom with the Aztecs. Purcell - The Aztecs on HappinessCarrasco - Daily Life of the Aztecs--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


1 Jan 2020

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Design Research is Anthropology Applied with Amy Santee

At long last we are back! In this episode host Adam Gamwell talks with Design Researcher and Strategist Amy Santee. This is one of these conversations that's a few years in the making. Adam has been following Amy's work for a while now both on her blog anthropologizing.com where she writes about anthropology in industry, design and business, on LinkedIn and other social media sites as well as at conferences sharing the good work of doing anthropology in industry. Adam and Amy discuss what Design Research is and how it works, how it aligns and differs from traditional anthropology and ethnography, and how tactics and methods can be applied both in industry or academia. Amy Santee is a design research and strategy consultant who helps teams build products, services and brands through an understanding of people, context and experience. Trained as an anthropologist, Amy uses a human-centered lens to make sense of complex problem spaces and create value for others. She has worked primarily in digital product design, innovation and strategy, in areas such as ecommerce, entertainment, retail, home improvement, health care, enterprise software, and consumer tech. Amy is active in the applied anthropology community and blogs about design, business, organizational culture and careers at anthropologizing.com. She also provides career advising services and presentations to groups on these topics. You can learn more about her on LinkedIn or visit her website, amysantee.com.Transcript of the episode hereAs always, your reviews and support mean the world to us and help the show continue. Please help sponsor the show with a monthly or onetime donation on Anchor or Patreon.Episode 128--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message

1hr 8mins

27 Sep 2019

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History, Power, and a Mapuche Bible: A Shaman’s Story with Ana Mariella Bacigalupo

Join TAL’s Aneil Tripathy and Ryan Collins as they interview Ana Mariella Bacigalupo of SUNY Buffalo. Ana’s discussion of her research on Mapuche shamans takes us on an exciting journey, full of emotion, struggle, hope, and passion that keeps you wanting more. For the Mapuche, shamanism is as much a part of daily life as farming and state politics in Chile. Like cultures the world over, the Mapuche understand that there is power in words, in history, in how the past is given life. Yet, Mapuche understandings of history and literacy are unique and Ana shares with us why this detail is so important.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


11 Jan 2016

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Coffee Cultures

From the farms of Central and South America and Africa to your favorite neighborhood coffee house, join us as we turn our anthropological eye towards the world of coffee! Connecting the ‘dark beverage’ from across the ancient Americas, to the change in coffee culture in the United States from the 1970s to today, plus Fair Trade, identity, and class coffee cross cuts an immense realm of human social and material life! So grab a cup of joe and join us for a ‘stimulating’ foray into the world of coffee! Season 2, Episode 21.Get the podcast on iTunes here


9 Apr 2014

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The Power of Vulnerability

Episode 29, Season 3 Vulnerability evokes multiple feelings simultaneously-intense discomfort, respect and awe, intimacy, and fear. Why does it resonate so broadly and deeply across contexts? What should we make of it when, in one place, it’s a virtue to strive for and in another its a danger to be avoided?  Join Adam and Amy as these questions as they intersect with gender and robotics, questions of universality, and the differences between feeling and practice. Aired 6/11/14--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


11 Jun 2014

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Why Don't You Eat Bugs?

Edible Insects part 1. Will crickets ever catch on as an alternative source of protein in the United States? How about cockroach “milk”? Why do people in so many parts of the world NOT eat insects? Where does that disgust for or against eating certain things come from? Adam is joined once again by guest host and biological anthropologist Andrea Eller to dig into edible insects, what just might be a new marketing idea for McDonald's, and how insects reveal underlying cultural trends of disgust, environmental resource use, gender and economic trends.  Episode 118--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


28 Mar 2019

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Ecologies of Happiness

Smile! What is the relationship of happiness to place? What is the where of happiness? In part one of our series on happiness, we explore happiness as a place-based phenomenon. Episode 44--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


18 Nov 2014

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Reproducing Rights and Wrongs: Personhood, Religious and Reproductive Freedoms, Gender, and SCOTUS

Episode 32, Season 3Special Episode on the Supreme Court’s rulings over religious freedom and freedom of speech.On this week’s episode we take on 5 recent and ongoing court cases that deal with first amendment rights of freedom of speech, reproductive rights, gender and bodies including the Supreme Court rulings that close corporations that label themselves for-profit may deny contraceptive health care that they deem a burden to their religious beliefs, the ban on the 35-foot buffer zone outside Massachusetts Planned Parenthood buildings, gun laws and more! We dive into corporate personhood, freedom of speech and religion, gender, bodies, emotions, individuality versus collectivity and more! Keeping pace with last week, this episode is one of our most jam packed yet! You don’t want to miss this!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


2 Jul 2014

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Return of the Ethnographers: Life After Fieldwork

Start your week off by tuning in to the TAL crew, the entire TAL crew, back from fieldwork (albeit briefly) as we talk about our experiences in ethnography, archaeology, and excessive note taking! In this exciting episode Amy, Adam, Aneil, and Ryan all share what fieldwork is for them, fun experiences, and the challenges of traveling to new social worlds. This is anthropology in action.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


6 Oct 2015

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Non-Human Rights

Episode 23 Non-Human Rights Available now!Join us as we  dive into the world of non-human rights centeredaround recent court cases dealing with the rights of chimpanzees, our closest non-human cousins (though some might say they are, in fact, human). What are rights, exactly, and who gets to choose who (or what) does and doesn’t have rights? Turning our anthropological eye to the world or rights tells us a lot about how we define others and ourselves. Tune in for an awesome season finale and help us celebrate moving into season 3 of This Anthropological Life!With endings come new beginnings too. As our co-host Ryan heads to Mexico this summer for archaeological fieldwork, Aneil and Adam will be joined in studio by a fresh new voice, Amy Hanes. Amy brings a wealth of knowledge and anthropological know-how to the table centering on non-human anthropology, emotion and affect, space and place, among a whole host of others. W--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


28 Apr 2014

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Where Qualitative Meets Quantitative Data w/ Delve co-founders LaiYee Ho and Alex Limpaecher

In this episode Adam Gamwell talks with Alex Limpaecher and LaiYee Ho, co-Founders of Delve. While Delve is a qualitative research suite, to help code transcripts, find insight, and pull actionable insights from data, the conversation takes focus on the subject of research. Specifically, the driving question is: how can qualitative and quantitative data work together? Here, academic and industry methodologies with anthropology are put into conversation leading to insights and actionable steps from social data. Transcript for the episode: https://www.thisanthrolife.com/delve/From the Delve Site:Delve is an online tool that helps you code and analyze transcripts from in-depth interviews or focus groups. Make your research process structured and transparent by creating a coding structure that evolves into your final insights.Delve is more streamlined than coding with spreadsheets and documents, and more intuitive than traditional CAQDAS software.Delve tool: https://delvetool.com/Episode 126--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


14 Aug 2019

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Is Corporate Anthropology Selling Out? A Conversation on Consulting with Vyjayanthi Vadrevu

We’re stoked to bring you TAL’s first ever three-city episode! Join Adam (in Peru!) and Ryan (in Boston!) and special guest Vyjayanthi Vadrevu (somewhere between NYC and Austin!) for an in-depth look into the world of Anthropological Consulting and Strategy.What is anthropology like in the business world? Vyjayanthi runs an anthropological consulting company (Rasa.nyc) that draws on social science and design to help companies better communicate and connect with their customers.We dive into questions such as who can call themselves an anthropologist (academic, corporate, podcasters?!), what does a consulting anthropological project look like, what makes up anthropological research, and is client-based ethnography anthropology selling out?--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


19 Jul 2016

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How Humans Cope

How do humans cope in the face of uncertainty, challenges, and trauma. Join your friendly neighborhood co-hosts Adam and Ryan as we explore coping across time, scales and space! From the individual to the cosmos, we find connections and gaps in how we as humans find ways to cope with the unknown, the troubling, and the traumatic – from food to storytelling to anger to climate change – this is a globe (and time!) spanning episode you don’t want to miss! Episode 46--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


24 Jan 2015

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