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These chemistry video podcasts are high school chemistry snippets, from Mt Lawley Senior High School. Check out my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDK3TYmYcgTfjrkQ_t_2tCQ To help make these resources more useful your feedback would be appreciated.You may also want to check out my physics video podcasts at www.meaghersphysics.podomatic.com.Thanks, Richard.

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ionic compounds and formulae (video) feb 9 2008

It has been a long time since my last post, holidays and theft of my laptops have conspired against me. I intend to post some episodes of fundamental chemistry principles this year to help those of you in preliminary chemistry courses, or to be used for revision for others. This video chemistry podcast looks at how ionic compounds form, and how we write formulae to represent the relative amounts of ions in ionic compounds.


9 Feb 2008

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Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (video) August 11th 2008

The pairs of electrons that exist in the valence shells of atoms repel each other as far as possible. This repulsion helps determine the shapes of molecules formed in covalent compounds. This chemistry video podcast shows some of these possible shapes and explains their formation. (Some of you have experienced difficulties with the audio on the previous version of this episode. I have re-recorded the soundtrack in this podcast. Let me know if this solves the problem. Richard)


11 Aug 2008

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oxidation numbers

Follow these simple rules and you will always be able to determine the oxidation state of an element.


2 Jul 2006

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Chemistry exam techniques

Its exam time. I've just finished marking some chemistry exams, and thought that it might be a good time to post some strategies to use to answer typical questions. ie How can you write an equation for, and determine what you would observe, in a chemical reaction?


13 Oct 2006

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Overall redox equations

How do you write and balance redox equations? An earlier podcast explained how to write and balance half equations. This podcasts shows how to combine two half equations and arrive at a balanced overall redox equation.


17 Oct 2006

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karaoke redox titration

You asked for it!! Here is the 'Gimme Gimme' redox titration karaoke. Let me know if you like these type of files..... I've got plenty of them!!!!!!!


25 Jul 2006

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hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cells offer a possible solution to mankind's future energy needs. This video podcast gives a brief introduction. These cells like all electrochemical cells are essentially reliant on a redox reaction ie exchange of electrons. In Western Australia, along with other parts of the world, hydrogen fuel celled buses are being trialled. I have written a lot of educational materials for teachers and students based on the Western Australian trial. These materials have been used by teachers and students in many countries and can be located for download at http://www.gdc.asn.au/ecobus/ . I hope you can take the time to have a look and let me know if you find them useful.


24 Oct 2006

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IUPAC naming of hydrocarbons I

The first in a series of casts explaining the method used to name simple hydrocarbons.


27 Sep 2006

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balancing redox half equations

Redox equation balancing need not fill you with fear. Blindly following these rules and you will be able to write a balanced half equation.


14 Oct 2006

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covalent compounds

Some introductory notes about naming covalent compounds. (Audio is from The Grates 'Science is Golden' -'Gravity Won't Get You High') (vodcast)


28 May 2006

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chemistry calculations

High school chemistry calculations are often dressed up to appear to be more difficult than they really are. They just about always follow the same format. However I've just finished marking some chemistry exams and felt compelled to post this podcast. It describes the method that you should employ to solve high school chemistry calculations. (If you tried the sample calculation you should have got the answers (a)3.42A and (b) 5.50kg.)


12 Oct 2006

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alkali metals

I've been busy lately, and haven't had time to generate anything new myself. I forget where I got this video from, but it is a beauty. Makes you remember why you first got interested in chemistry ......... explosions! (This file is 15Mb so you will have to wait for a bit .... but it will be worth it!)


9 Oct 2006

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electrochemical cells (video) sept 19 07

This video chemistry podcasts looks at some aspects of electrochemistry as displayed in standard, simple high school chemistry experiments. The episode investigates standard reduction potentials, the concept of metal displacement, and electrochemical cells.


19 Sep 2007

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preparation and properties of gases - oxygen (video) august 2nd 2008

This chemistry video podcast demonstrates the laboratory production of oxygen gas, using thistle funnel, conical flask, gas jar, pneumatic trough, behive shelf and hydrogen peroxide decomposition (catalysed by manganese dioxide), its collection via the downward displacement of water and the subsequent testing that can be performed by reignition of a glowing wick.


2 Aug 2008

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reactions of hydroxide and ammonia solutions with salts of metals - (video) june 9 2008

This chemistry video podcast looks at the reactions of basic solutions (ie ammonia solution and hydroxide solutions) with solutions of metal salts (ie Mg, Al, FeII, FeIII, Cu, Zn, Ag, and Cr). As well as displaying the appearance of the resulting products, the chemical equations representing the reactions are shown. Demonstrated are the production of the complex ions aluminate, zincate and chromate from addition of excess hydroxide to solutions of the amphoteric metal salts of Al, Zn and Cr. The complex ions produced by addition of excess ammonia with Cu, Zn and Ag are also demonstrated.


8 Jun 2008

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preparation and properties of gases - carbon dioxide (video) may 23 2008

This chemistry video podcast demonstrates the laboratory production of carbon dioxide gas, using thistle funnel, conical flask, gas jar and hydrochloric acid on calcium carbonate, its collection via the upward displacement of air and the subsequent testing that can be performed to illustrate carbon dioxide's properties of density and acidity, as well as the limewater test.


25 May 2008

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what's happening here?

The other day in class Elle was using her lip gloss. Here is a video of what we saw. What is going on? (vodcast)

1 Jun 2006

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collision theory

When is a fatal car accident 'successful'? When used to explain reaction rates and collision theory. This may be a bit ghoulish, but comparing car collisions to particle collisions seems to work.


22 Oct 2006

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acid base karaoke

Some of my class were singing 'Gimme Gimme a Redox Titration' today - it inspired me to post this acid/base version (to Bohemian Rhapsody).


18 Sep 2006

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redox review

A very brief recap of year 11 redox terminology and definitions. (vodcast)


11 Jun 2006

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