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Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Ross Fisher

At the last SMACC outing in Dublin there was a stand-out lecture by Dr Ross Fisher ( @ffoliet ) entitled:  Things that Scare Me.  Ross is a bit of a presentation guru - and hence he had plenty of pressure on to deliver a great talk.... and he did exactly that.  It was a pin-drop-silently, slideless baring of the soul. This is the back story behind the talk that lead Ross to learn a lot about himself and how doctors sometimes behave towards one another.


5 Dec 2016

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Lessons Hard Learned with Dr Resa Lewiss

Dr Resa Lewis @UltrasoundREL is a pioneer of #POCUS In this podcast she shares a tragic story that changed the lives of a number of people.


14 Mar 2017

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Intubating the Critical Patient

Here is a 15 minute "Broome style" intubation simulation video. One way to skin a cat!


2 Nov 2015

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First10EM Journal Club

Welcome back. Another instalment of the EBM Journal Club with Dr. Justin Morgenstern. Topics include NSAID dosing, moose attacks, COACT trial, snowfall impact on ED, conflicts of interest in FOAMed and a bunch of other stuff

1hr 3mins

30 Aug 2019

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Dr Roger Browning: Oxytocin in Labour

Hi all This is a guest vodcast from one of my Obstetric Anaesthesia mentors Dr Roger Browning.  Roger is a great bloke and a Consultant Anaesthetist with particular interests in Obstetric haemorrhage and thromboelastography in major haemorrhage. I have been lucky enough to attend a few of the live teaching sessions that Roger chairs at King Edward's Hospital for Women in Perth.  This lecture was taken from that session. Apologies it is a little longer than the usual podcast, but plenty of food for thought for anyone doing Caesars or Anaesthetics out there.


4 Apr 2017

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FIrst10EM Broomedocs Journal Club

Its a new month and that means a new episode of the First10EM / Broomedocs Journal club. I have learned so much by just hanging out with Justin and reading the papers he digs up each month.  I hope you are learning the easy way too!  This month we have 10 papers for you with topics ranging from massive haemoptysis to "Tweeting drunk en route to ED"... So sit back, grab a beverage and listen in for the JC with J&C. 


3 Oct 2016

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First10EM Journal Club

We are back!  Another journal club with Dr Justin Morgenstern.  This month we have a really diverse bunch of papers that take a look at CRASH-3, distraction techniques for kids in ED, making the patient experience better, wound closure and syncope workup (Spoiler: CTs ain't that great).

1hr 4mins

12 Nov 2019

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Hannah's Story

This is a story that I told at the DFTB18 storytelling event. The theme was about kindness, justice and hope. It is a personal, non-clinical story that I hope can help others out there.


22 Nov 2018

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First10EM Articles of the Month

The first ever episode with Dr Justin Morgenstern ( @ First10EM ) We discuss 14 of the papers you ought to read from July 2016.


26 Jul 2016

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Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Anand Swaminathan

Another lesson Hard Learned episode. This week I am joined by Dr Anand Swaminathan from Bellevue Hospital in NYC. Anand shares a tricky case involving the treatment of a VIP patient in his ED. We discuss a few strategies to help keep both you and the patient safe when we are treating VIPs. Casey


18 Sep 2016

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Status Epilepticus Debate: Justin & Damian Roland

Dr Justin Morgenstern and Damian Roland do a deep dive into the latest data around Paeds Seizure management after Eclipse and Consept trials were published. Or maybe there is a better way?


7 Jun 2019

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August 2016: First10EM / Broomedocs Journal Club

Another month of rapid fire journal club with Dr Justin Morgenstern and myself. 15 papers in 40 minutes... with free PDFs Ready, GO! Casey


12 Sep 2016

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Really Rural Surgery with Dr Bret Batchelor

Dr Bret Batchelor joins me to talk about his work as a rural Canadian surgery, training, doing stuff better etc. @ReallyRuralsurg


19 Aug 2015

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Vancomycin continuous infusion protocol

I have learned a lot about the rational prescribing of vancomycin in the last few years and have read literally hundreds of papers on the topic.  In true "Broome Docs" style I have dived deep down the rabbit hole of pharmacological, microbiological and clinical literature to bring you what I think is a 'better way' to use vancomycin in small, rural hospitals.


24 Jun 2019

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First10EM Journal Club

This month we cover bougies, brain-bleeds and the best Paeds DKA paper ever.  We also degenerate into the recent and remote evolutionary history of hiccoughs... fun times are to be had!


19 Jul 2018

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Lessons Hard Learned : Dr Seth Trueger

This Lessons Hard learned with Dr Seth Trueger in Chicago is all about how we deal with the 'frequent flyers' in our EDs.  This group of patients present a myriad of cognitive and clinical challenges. So have a listen to this case and learn a few lessons, share your experiences too!


8 Sep 2016

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Stump the Chump, RVTS Grand Round

This is a clinical case discussion I participated in for the RVTS Grand Rounds. Thanks to the team for inviting me and providing the audio  tough case with lots of pearls to take away


18 Jul 2019

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First10EM Journal Club: December 2018

The year is drawing to a close and we have just one more chance to learn from my very wise, ex-Canadian friend Dr Justin Morgenstern.  In this month's episode, Justin and I discuss a bunch of papers.  Topics include: Paediatric plastic poop OOHCA Airway options Weingart's suction failure Cricoid pressure is not-non-inferior to nothing a new nasal spray for SVT How much insulin is sweet? Parachutes: are they really worth the extra luggage fees?


20 Dec 2018

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Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Victoria Stephen

This episode of Lessons Hard Learned comes from Johannesburg in South Africa - I am joined by Dr Tori Stephen to discuss a tough trauma case and some pearls from trauma on ultrasound and clinical decision-making in traumatic crises!.


4 Dec 2016

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Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Andy Buck

Today's "Lesson" is all about knowing one's limitations, scope of practice and appreciating the little voice inside one's noggin. Dr Andy Buck is an ED Physician who works all over Australia, but is based in Melbourne where he runs the very excellent Emergency Trauma Management course. This is a case of procedural sedation which goes a little awry. It is a nice counterpoint to all of the stuff we hear about safety, "fasting status" and the classic - "easy intubation, rocky extubation" scenario.


26 Sep 2016

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