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Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section: Machine Learning in the Cloud, Part 4 – Intro to Web APIs

Host Anders Larson, FSA, MAAA, is joined by Shea Parkes FSA, MAAA, to discuss deploying predictive models into production via web APIs. The use of web APIs for delivering predictive models has grown a lot over the last decade. In the fourth episode of this series, we discuss what a web API is, why they are useful, and provide some insurance related examples.


11 Oct 2021

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Retirement Section: Retirement Planning Opportunity for Actuaries

Patrick Ring, ASA, EA, MSPA, MAAA, ACA and Cheryl Krueger, CFP and founder of Growing Fortunes Financial Partner, LLC discuss the role of actuaries as financial planners, focusing on retirement planning.  


11 Oct 2021

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Health Section: Alignment Coaching with Aree Bly

Do you know how to navigate to sustainable success? Aree Bly, alignment coach for the analytical mind, shares the idea of the alignment landscape with Dave Dillon. With this model, you can make intentional decisions about the direction of your career. Finding your allies, and being an ally to others is a key component to that success at every stage of the actuarial path. 


11 Oct 2021

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Joint Risk Management Section: Interview with Ryan Krisac, AVP of Model Risk Governance with Lincoln Financial Group

In this episode, we get to hear from Ryan, a rising star in the world of Model Risk Governance about his career, how he got into risk management, and where he sees the industry going.


28 Sep 2021

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Health Section: Leadership Series: Jennifer Gillespie

Jackie Lee and Jennifer Gillespie, SOA President-Elect for the 2021-2022 term, discuss her background, goals, expected challenges, and that which excites her as she steps into her new role.  Actuaries of all backgrounds will appreciate the advice provided, including overcoming being less knowledgeable on a topic, and to be open to risk as an individual. 


27 Sep 2021

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Social Insurance & Public Finance Section: 2021 Social Security Trustees Report

Flick Fornia discusses the 2021 Social Security Trustees Report with Steve Goss and Karen Glenn


14 Sep 2021

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Health Section: International Healthcare

Initiative 18|11 intended to shift our focus towards healthcare efficiency. What can the US learn from other countries’ healthcare systems? How are other countries more efficient than the US? Jackie Lee talks with Traci Hughes about her recent article in which five countries among those debated as having some of the most efficient healthcare systems were selected to research further into their healthcare efficiencies. They discuss how those strategies may or may not be effective in the US.


13 Sep 2021

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Health Section: SOA Health Section Council: What’s Now & What’s Next

Jackie Lee chats about the SOA Health Section Council (HSC) with its Vice Chair, Doug Norris, FSA at Milliman.  Together, they discuss how the HSC is relevant to your actuarial career beyond the Health Meeting, Listservs, podcasts and HealthWatch newsletter.  Topics discussed include efforts with continuing education, strategic initiatives (such as Initiative 18|11, Managed Care 3.0, Pharmacy series, and social determinants of health,) and networking.  Whether you’re still in exams or a seasoned actuary, learn about how you can use the HSC to your advantage, from research access or contribution, to volunteering, and what’s in the HSC pipeline that will also be beneficial.


30 Aug 2021

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Long Term Care Section: Morbidity Experience Studies

Jeff Anderson of Milliman discusses his recent efforts related to LTC morbidity experience studies. Observed trends and future considerations are also discussed.


26 Aug 2021

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Modeling Section: Cognitive Bias – “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble…”

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain. This podcast, featuring Kevin Durand and Randall Stevenson, focuses on Cognitive Bias and Behavioral Economics. Randall conveys many examples of cognitive bias and discusses applicability to the insurance industry.  Show Notes Contact Information, Kevin Durand: kevin.durand@americo.com Contact Information, Randall Stevenson: randalls@hauseactuarial.com For further information, Randall has authored an SOA Report in April 2019 titled “Actuarial Utility and Preference Functions.” He has also written an article for Contingencies January/February 2020 called “Predictably Irrational.” If interested in learning more about behavioral economics, the University of Toronto has a free online course through EdX.


20 Aug 2021

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