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Tune in, turn on, and get magick with Poke Runyon, Archimage of the Ordo Templi Astartes. The O.T.A. is the oldest continually operating magical lodge in the US."Poke Runyon is the real deal ... an international magical treasure!" ~ Lon Milo DuQuette

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Manly P. Hall -- The Master and The Mystery (re-broadcast)

The Hermetic Hour for Thursday will feature a discussion by host Poke Runyon on the life and work of Hermetic philosopher Manly Palmer Hall. We will trace his life through the early years on the east coast where he became interested with the esoteric at very early age, his remarkable capacity for learning and teaching, his 1920s-1930s Southern California success, his steadfast adherence to the principals of ancient and classical philosophy in contrast to the New Thought Movement so popular in esoteric circles at the time. His support of Theosophy and the esoteric Freemasonry of Albert Pike. We will look at some of his stranger adventures with friends such as Houdini, Bela Lugosi, and others. Like Houdini, Hall was a crusader against occult fraud and helped bring down a very powerful cult, even at the risk of his own life. And yet, in later years he was apparently the victim of a sinister plot by a trusted business manager. He died a horrible death which the LAPD investigated as a homicide. Our reference book for this report is "Master of the Mysteries" by Louis Sahagun, and my own Masonic association with Ill. Bro.Manly P.Hall, 33 -- Tune in and we will review the life of "The Maestro."

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15 Jul 2016

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Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and The Holy Grail

On Thursday February 25th, 2016 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyonwill present a reading and commentary on a chapter, by Fraters Thabionand Solomon, from the forthcoming book Hermetic Yoga, Beyond the MiddlePillar, Vol. 2, titled Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the Holy Grail. Thiswill trace the story from Bethlehem to Camelot with some remarkablesurprises, such as Jesus was the grandson of King Herod the Great,Jehovah was not his Father in Heaven, that he believed in equality forwomen, and tolerance for the Gentiles. That he married a Phoenicianprincess and sought to unite all Israel under the original Most High GodEL That his cousin Herod Antipas bribed Pontius Pilate to have himexecuted, and that Mary Magdalene barely managed to escape with theirson to Southern France where they founded the Cult and the lineage ofthe Sangreal -- Its all documented with the latest discoveries fromancient archives, so tune in and we'll go beyond The D'Vinci Code.

1hr 26mins

26 Feb 2016

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Count Cagliostro -- The Wizard who Invented Himself

On Thursday February 22nd, 2018 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyonwill present a discussion on the life and career of the 18th centurymagician and alchemical adept who called himself  Count AlessandroCagliostro. He was perhaps the most colorful and adventurous characterin our Hermetic tradition. Vilified as a rogue, a scoundrel, and acharlatan by the academy and the Church in Europe he was loved by thecommon people for his healing touch and alchemical medicines which headministered freely to the poor, and dearly to the rich. He claimed tobe able to create gold to support his charity work and lavish lifestyle. He and his glamorous wife Lorenza founded an androgynous quasi-Masonic Egyptian rite which allegedly involved nudity and sexmagick. Cagliostro was featured as an anti-hero in a series of novels byAlexander Dumas, and depicted on film by Orson Welles in the (1949 )movie classic BLACK MAGIC. We will consult Sax Rhomer's ROMANCE ofSORCERY ( 1914 ) for a more accurate version of the Count's adventuresthan Dumas' novels and the screenplay offer -- so if you'd like to meetthe real Count Cagliostro, tune in and we'll follow him on his journeyas he invented himself.

1hr 2mins

23 Feb 2018

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Carlos Castaneda and His Teachings (re-broadcast)

On Thursday October 4th, 2012 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on the anthropologist-shaman and allegorical fiction writer Carlos Castaneda (1925-1998) and the teachings of his mysterious mentor the Yaqui sorcerer Don Juan Matus.  This serves to be more of an appreciation of Carlos and Don Juan than a critique. We will focus on what many consider his best work: "Journey to Ixtlan." So tune, turn on, and "stop the world."


3 Mar 2017

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The Underworld Around the World with Frater Solomon

On Thursday March 21st, 2019 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on the various traditions of the Underworld from the mythologies, religions and folklore of cultures around the world with our guest Very Honored Frater Solomon. Michael Johnson (Frater Solomon) is a Bible scholar with a background in Social Science. Mike has compiled maps of the underworld which locate the Hells of the major religions. Your host (Frater Thabion) will join in with references to Kenneth Grant’s “Tunnels of Set”, Shaver’s dero caverns, the underground kingdom of Agartha and the Shamanic under and over worlds and the proto-psychological Kabbalistic metaphore of The Nepesh, the Nechamah, and the Ruach. So if you want to take the E-ticket ride through the Great Fun house below the horizon, tune in and we’ll go below.


22 Mar 2019

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"Aleister Crowley: The Beast in Berlin" by Tobias Churtin

On Thursday December 22nd,2016 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon,will review the 2014 book by Tobias Churton "Aleister Crowley The Beastin Berlin". This is apparently an expansion and compilation of outcutsfrom the author's biography of Crowley and should perhaps be consideredan appendix to that work. Unless you are an ardent Crowley afficianadoit is a hard read. The book is primarily made up of excerpts fromA.C.'s. diaries and his correspondence mostly during his 1930s Berlinsojurne as a struggling artist in the decadent twilight days of theWeimar Republic. Along with a running account of the Beast'smetaphysical politics, sexual magick and artistic endevours, Churtonmanages to give us an in-depth look at the decadent sub-culture of theWeimar Berliners and an appreciation of Crowley's talents as anartist. So if you'd like to accompany the Beast to the Caberet. Tune inand enjoy the show.

1hr 1min

23 Dec 2016

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The Fallen Angels in the Hermetic Tradition (re-broadcast)

On Thursday the Hermetic Hour, with host Poke Runyon, will present a discussion on The Fallen Angels in the Biblical, Islamic, and Hermetic Traditions. This naturally follows our discussion on Satan, Lucifer and The Devil -- which was and is a contrived derivation from the the original Fallen Angels (plural) concept. We will look at the lost Book of Enoch, The Sumerian, Greek and even Nordic versions of the story.(Mentioning Sitchen, Shaver, and Van Daniken) We will visit The Zohar for a version that goes back to Canaanite mythology,and connects with King Solomon -- who built the Great Temple with the help of "demons." We will connect with the Haranian Sabians and their planetary magick. Finally we will discuss Dee and Kelley's version of the Enochian Fallen Angel concept. So, if you want to learn how to work with the good bad guys, or maybe the bad good guys? tune in and we'll Enochiate you.


9 Dec 2016

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"Parzival" -- Secrets From the Holy Grail

On Thursday December 20th, 2018 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on the Hermetic origins of the Holy Grail as presented in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Medieval romance “Parzival. This is a follow-up on an earlier broadcast from three years ago in which we read Janinne Rene’s Article on Parzival from The Seventh Ray issue number 19, January 1977. In the introduction to her article I stated that: “Much of the symbolism and the allegory of Kellner’s original O.T.O. derived from Parzival.” This and other fascinating secrets embedded in Wolfram's medieval masterpiece will be the subjects of tonight’s broadcast. So, if you want to find the Grail we have the clues for you. Eschenbach’s Parzival is like Colonna’s Hypnerotomachia. Its one of those old books full of secrets and magick. And our job on the Hermetic Hour is to dig them out for you.


21 Dec 2018

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Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition by Frances Yates

On Thursday October 11th, 2018 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will review the classic study on Renaissance Magick by Dame Frances Yates (1899 - 1981), "Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition." (1964) This is a book that should be the cornerstone of any Hermetic student's library. Although the Italian philosopher and magician Giordano Bruno (1548 - 1600) is the main figure on which Yates centers her work, the book is in fact a broad study of Renaissance Hermetic Magick evolving from its Italian origins in the late Middle Ages and on through to Bruno's exposition of its post Copernican version. Hermetic Humanists accepted Copericus but the Church refused to abandon the geo-centric universe. Bruno, a Dominican monk was burned at the stake. Many considered him a Scientific martyr, but Yates contends that his heresies were Hermetic as well as scientific. So if you would like to explore the life and beliefs of Giordano Bruno, join us for a Hermetic Renaissance Faire.


12 Oct 2018

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The First Ancient Astronaut Theorists - Richard Shaver and Ray Palmer

On Thursday February 14th, 2019 The Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyonwill present a discussion on the first Ancient Astronaut Theorists,before Van Daniken, Sitchen, and the rest there was Richard Shaver andRay Palmer and the Shaver Mystery. In recent years more and more oftheir fantastic 1940s revelations about Ancient extra-terrestrial Aliensand their high technology and their continued influence on, andinterfearence in, earthly affairs (mind control and child traffickingand madness) has been confirmed and exploited by later whistle-blowerssuch as Tom Delonge, Corey Good, David Witcock and others. It seems thatShaver and Palmer wrote their History Channel documentary scripts butare never credited as the source. Are these Ancient Aliens still withus? "Our original Ancient Astronaut theorists say yes!" So tune in andlet's return to the thrilling days of yesteryear and revisit The ShaverMystery.


15 Feb 2019

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Robert Graves' "The White Goddess" (re-broadcast)

On Thursday The Hermetic Hour, with host Poke Runyon, will present a discussion on one of the books most influential on the revival of Paganism, Witchcraft, and Magick in the post World War Two era: "1948's "The White Goddess" by poet laureate Robert Graves. The book is difficult read even for those well versed in myth-lore, and classical literature. Graves takes a poet's magical, and even whimsical, approach to what at first appears to be anthropology -- even though he warns the reader that he is not dealing with history as it was, but rather as the ancient and medieval bards imagined it to have been -- which is just as important as how it really was. His argument is that behind all true poetry lies the inspiration of a haunting, primordial muse: the prehistoric Moon Goddess of birth, youth, death and the phases of nature. He is a cultural diffusionist, spinning off from Frazer on a wild ride from ancient Greece to the Druids, tying together the whole warp and woof of Western esoteric lore from the Bible to the troubadours. The White Goddess had a major influence on Fred Adams and Svetlana's Feraferia, with the Tree Alphabet being a central element in Feraferian structure. The book was also a very strong influence on Roy Bowers Order of 1734, and the Roebuck of the Finnins. It has also had some influence on the O.T.A., and many other Pagan and Magical groups. So, tune in and plumb the mysteries of the Druid's Handbook, and the thinking Witch's Bible.

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15 Apr 2016

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The Tarot of Ceremonial Magick, New Edition with Lon DuQuette

The Hermetic Hour for Thursday December 12th, 2019 -- will feature a discussion and review of thenew edition of The Tarot of Ceremonial Magick by Lon and Constance DuQuette which was first issuedin 1995 along with the book of the same title. Your host Poke Runyon will have as his guest the Maestrohimself, Lon Milo DuQuette, who will describe and explain his masterpiece. The new deck has improved colorseparation and is more attractivly packaged and available at a lower price than previous editions. Thesecards describe a 360 degree magick circle with symbolic connections to the three Great Pillars of Magick:Astrology Enochian Magick and Goetia. They are a marvelous tool for the practicing magician and even thearmchair magician. The book is still in print and this new issue of the deck is a welcome manifestationof the the wisdom of the Master and the symbolic art of his Lady. Although this deck is not intended forfortune telling, we invite you to join us as we shuffle the deck of the Multiverse and let the Maestrodeal the cards.

1hr 6mins

13 Dec 2019

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"The Devil You Say," Satanism Then and Now (re-broadcast)

On Thursday, The Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on Satanism and its relation to the Western Esoteric Tradition. We will trace its early historical precedents: Set, Tiamat, Nergal, Ahriman, and how these demonic elements were incorporated into the Biblical tradition as contenders in the service of "God." We'll discuss Gnostic ideas about the Cain and Abel Biblical perversity, the evil Demiurge, and the medieval Luciferians. Moving into the Hermetic Tradition in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, we will explain High Magick's sophisticated idea, based on ancient Egyptian concepts, of controlling and using dark forces with the Power of Light. Then we will trace the descent of magick, following the Reformation, into the "Faustian School" of the Baroque period with its "Demonic Pacts," finally evolving into full-blown Satanism in the decadent Fin d' Sec le era in late 19th century France. We'll mention several books by famous authors taking the Devil's side, and we'll recount our afternoon with Tony Levy (Anton LaVey) and his wife, and I'll even recall my own meeting with The Devil Himself. The bottom-line in all of this is that Old Nick cannot be avoided in any serious practice of Magick based on Biblical traditions -- because he is very much a part of those traditions -- but he should never be worshiped or allowed to run your show. He's an adviser, a consultant, and even a friendly one at times, but always remember: he works for God and he plays God's game. Tune in and we'll tell you how to get to Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead.


25 Nov 2016

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Son of Chicken Qabalah with Lon Milo DuQuette

On Thursday November 15th 2018, the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyonwill review "Son of Chicken Qabalah" and interview its distinguishedauthor Lon Milo DuQuette. This 2018 book is a sequel to Lon's popular"Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford" (2001). Lamed Ben Cliffordis Lon's fictional creation. Lon thought all of us Hermetic Qabalistsneeded our own Rabbi, who would not sneer at our Tarot cards and pagancorospondences on the Tree of Life. Ben Clifford's Qabalah was for allof us and it was presented in a humorous style that made the otherwisedry subject come alive. It became one of the best introductions to thesubject at least from a Hermetic perspective. The fictional Ben Cliffordhas passed away but he has left a legacy: a three degree Qabalisticinitiation system based on the Sepher Yetzirah's Cube of Space and theGolden Dawn's Hermetic Hebrew alphabet corospondences. Starting with theThree Mother Letters in the first degree (the original tetragrammaton)the candidate next internalizes the Seven Double Letters attributed tothe planets, and finally, in the Third and last degree, he or she,installs the Twelve Simple letters internalizing the entire HermeticQabalistic universe. This is all accomplished with mudras, flashingcolors a pitch pipe and geometric mandalas. What we did with a  yogasystem in "Hermetic Yoga, Beyond the Middle Pillar" (2015) Lon has donein a Temple initiation format. This little book of his is a treasure andwill make Hermetic Magick come alive for everyone who conscientiouslystudies it.

1hr 11mins

16 Nov 2018

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Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy (re-broadcast)

The Hermetic Hour will feature a discussion by host Poke Runyon of the life and work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, his psychology, methods of therapy, and his development of free energy technology for medical treatment. We will frankly discuss the incredible suppression of Reich's discoveries, and his persecution by the FDA, the American Medical Association and the U.S. Government, resulting in his imprisonment and untimely death. Dr. Francis Regardie employed Reich's methods in his chiropractic practice and had a full scale Orgone Accumulator in his home. We have constructed Orgone pads and found them quite effective. This technology and methodology is now "legal" to practice and employ, but "The Powers that Be," will never admit that it works -- so, if you're a-Freud Jung was Reich, tune in and we'll confirm it.


23 Sep 2016

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"Aleister Crowley in India" by Tobias Churton

On Thursday November 21st. 2019 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will review Tobias Churton's "Aleister Crowley in India." This is another in a series of books by Churton covering portions of Crowley's life and work, We have already reviewed his "The Beast in Berlin" and will certainly get to last year's "Aleister Crowley in America," but Crowley's India adventures should probably have been first in the series. I personally found this book to be fascinating. In its pages I rediscovered Crowley and relived the excitement of his early magical experiences along with big-game hunting and mountain climbing adventures. Churton had access to many records and archives not available to previous writers. We have a more Crowley-favorable version of the infamous Kangchenjunga tragedy than previously reported. The primary theme of this book is magical yoga or yoga for magick. We start with Crowley and Bennett in Ceylon studying Theravada Buddhism together and then on to Crowley's discovering and adapting the Gnostic tantric system of Sabhapaty Swami. So if you'd like to return to the thrilling days of yesteryear, then join us and sit down, shut-up and get-out with Aleister Crowley.


22 Nov 2019

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