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Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest from MTV's Celebrity Rehab join forces to address all things about THIS LIFE regarding sobriety and normy culture with celebrity guests. PLUS, A NEW BONUS! Recent episodes of THIS LIFE #YOULIVE, an interactive caller Facebook Live/ You Tube spin off show with popular co-host Mike Catherwood of Loveline. This Life With Dr. Drew #YOULIVE is taking calls. Go to Facebook/Drdrew and YouTube/Drdrew or Drdrew.com for details.

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This Life 47: The Elephant (And The Donkey) In The Room

Dr. Bruce Heischober and Dr. Drew interpret the major candidates health issues while Bob tries to keep them real. Outro music “Don't Let Me Down“ The Chainsmokers cover by Postmodern Jukebox (feat. Rayvon Owen). Available on iTunes.  Sponsored by Bergametna.com and AloRecovery.com

1hr 17mins

19 Sep 2016

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This Life 19: Mike Catherwood and Bianca Kajlich

Loveline's Mike Catherwood and Undateable's Bianca Kajlich AKA Mrs. Mike Catherwood, discuss their personal life behind the scenes and child rearing. Questions arise abut risk of addiction in our own children and how to discuss your drug history. Outro Music: Shelita Burke "Swim"

1hr 12mins

14 Mar 2016

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This Life 40: Anderson Cowan

Longtime LOVELINE engineer Anderson Cowan catches us up on what he’s been up to since the 33 year radio show went off air in May, 2016. Anderson is busy working on his podcasts CinemAddicts, Film Vault and After Disaster as well as his forays into film making. Sponsored by ALORECOVERY.COM and BregametNA.Com Outro Music: Lance Is A Genius “Say Yes" (Netflix) (Feat. Mkla),  available on iTunes. 


1 Aug 2016

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This Life 35: Craig Shoemaker

Comedian Craig Shoemaker, "The Lovemaster", joins This Life to talk borderline personality disorders, relationships and being a father. Special guest Shelly Sprague from Celebrity Rehab offers her take on his experiences. Outro Music "Lately I've Been Waiting" by Fabrizio And The Fever, from the album Nunchuck Fever, available on iTunes. Visit. Fabrizioandthefever.com Sponsored by getheal.com

1hr 8mins

27 Jun 2016

Rank #4

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This Life 78: Theo Von

Comedian/host of No Offense on Netflix opens up about his sobriety, his experiences growing up in the south and joins in on the never ending topic of millennials with Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew.  Outro Music "Moon Dance" by Lance Is A Genius. This episode is sponsored by Alliant University and Hydralyte.com.

1hr 3mins

24 Apr 2017

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This Life 43: Bob Newton and Caleb Bacon

Bob Newton spent 11 years in the NFL as a Guard for the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks before moving on to counseling and directing programs at Hazeldon Betty Ford Center. Caleb Bacon sits in for Bob Forrest, who checks in from the delivery room at the hospital where his baby mama Krissy gives birth. Outro music "Truth, Chaos And Beauty (Peace In The Valley)" by Bob Forrest, from his album "Survival Songs" available on iTunes.

1hr 11mins

22 Aug 2016

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This Life 20: Mackenzie Phillips

Mackenzie Phillips shares her inspirational stories of sobriety as well as her constant struggles over the years after Celebrity Rehab. She also brings a surprising announcement about her new career opportunities in serving the needs of addicted clients. Dr. Drew and Bob answer callers' emails. Outro Song "Transfixed (WTRDPS Respace)" by Shelita Burke, courtesy of the artist. www.shelitaburke.com


21 Mar 2016

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#YOULIVE 169 - Theo Von

Mike Catherwood co-host dives deep with Theo Von of popular THIS PAST WEEKEND podcast. Theo relates harrowing stories about growing up in the South and his personal Holiday recovery techniques that keep him sober. @thislifepodcast #YOULIVE Also, Mike Catherwood is hosting a Health and Fitness Podcast Called SWOLE PATROL! We are enjoying this format. Subscribe and tell friend. We love feedback and want to hear from you. @swolepatrol on Twitter.  Sponsored by Select CBD and True Recovery.

1hr 4mins

28 Jan 2019

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#YOULIVE 130 - Teen Mom Talk, Mary Lynn Rajskub, & Bob Saget

Drew and co-host Mike Carano discuss the latest Teen Mom Reunion with Grace from the Grace Report. Then, actress/comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub chats with the guys about show biz and offers Mike some guidance regarding the recent tragic and unexpected death of his sister and his purging. Afterwards, Bob Saget joins to talk about his upcoming dark comedy, “Benjamin,” which explores the topic of intervention and family dynamics. Finally, we’ll hear from James Preston Rogers, who stars in the movie with Drew, Bob Forrest, Bob Saget and Mary Lynn. #youlive  Check out the banners on drdrew.com for discounts on Hydralyte and Bergamet today! 

1hr 29mins

23 Apr 2018

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This Life 56: Candy Finnigan

Candy Finnigan is a nationally recognized addiction specialist and interventionist. She was one of the interventionists on A&E's "Intervention," and has been involved in all areas of recovery for over 25 years. Candy is also a recovering alcoholic. Outro Music "Sedated" by Lukas Rossi from his album "Hollywood", available on iTunes.


21 Nov 2016

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This Life 41: Debra Tate

Victim’s Advocate Debra Tate, shares her journey working with the Criminal Justice System and describes living in the shadow of one of the most notorious crimes in history. Outro Music: Fabrizio And The Fever “She Was (Marilyn’s Song)” from the album Nunchuck Fury, available on iTunes.


8 Aug 2016

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This Life 42: Owen Elliot-Kugell

The Rob Saul Show’s Owen Elliot-Kugell talks about coming of age in Los Angeles, as the daughter of late rock star, Mama Cass Elliot from the Mamas and the Papa’s band. Outro Music: Fabrizio And The Fever “With Me” from the album Nunchuck Fury, available on iTunes.

1hr 1min

15 Aug 2016

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This Life 65 : Bert Kreischer

Comedian and television host Bert Kreischer AKA "The Machine" is a little fearful of an intervention yet shows up to talk to Drew and Bob Forrest about his life and his new weight loss regimen. Wife Leeann joins in on the antics.  Outro Music "Black And White" by Emmett Skyy, Courtesy of www.EmmettSkyy.com Sponsored by Bergamet Mega Plus and The National Assessment Foundation. Go to Drdrew.com for all the latest podcasts and Dr. Drew's News. 

1hr 10mins

23 Jan 2017

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#YOULIVE 149 - Theo Von

Theo Von makes a cameo appearance with Drew and Mike Catherwood who chat about the latest news and this life. #youlive  This episode is sponsored by Hydralyte.

1hr 2mins

11 Sep 2018

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#YOULIVE 139 - Tom Segura

Tom Segura of YOUR MOM’S HOUSE podcast, that he does with his wife Christina P, explains how it came about and how awesome his wife is with Dr. Drew. @Thislifepodcast pairs Tom up with co-host @MikeCatherwood so they can get down and dirty. These two belong together on some alternate universe filled with obscene videos and photographs. Nicole Angemi AKA @Mrs_Angemi donates some pathological slides. Tom's buddy Bert Kreischer calls in to talk about his drinking and general health these days. May not be suitable for young normal children.  This episode is sponsored by TruNiagen.

1hr 5mins

25 Jun 2018

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This Life 32: Mike Carano PTSD

This Life delves into PTSD with callers and our returning Podz Squad guest, comedian Mike Carano.  Outro Music "That's the Advantage of Being Married to a Cowboy" Courtesy of Mike Carano.


6 Jun 2016

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This Life 46: Kitty Bruce

Daughter of legendary comedian Lenny Bruce, Kitty Bruce on her relationship with her father and the recent reissue of his autobiography How To Talk Dirty And Influence People. Then Kitty delves into The Lenny Bruce Foundation’s efforts in the field of Recovery. Outro is an excerpt of The Paul Mercurio Comedy Mixtape, Episode 308: Lenny Bruce, courtesy of  the Sideshow Network. Listen to the full episode here: The Paul Mecurio Comedy Mixtape 308: Lenny Bruce This Life is sponsored by Bergametna.com and AloRecovery.com

1hr 6mins

11 Sep 2016

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This Life 53: This Afterlife

Dr Drew and Bob Forrest are joined by neuropsychologist Jena Kravitz, PsyD and an evidential psychic medium Melissa Cubillas. Are people addicted to psychics? Dr. Jena explains. Mellisa or MC, reads a couple who are curious about the process. Outro Music: “(NREM)” by Lukas Rossi, from the album “Prophecy” available on iTunes.  Sponsored by bergametna.com and Drdrew.com

1hr 3mins

31 Oct 2016

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This Life 52: Khalil Rafati

Sunlife Organics founder Khalil Rafati returns to This Life to talk about his book, "I Forgot To Die", chronicling his journey from heroin addict to successful juicing entrepeneur. Outro Music “Everything About You” by IAMWE, from the EP Love And Loss, available on iTunes. This episode is sponsored by Bergametna.com and Drdrew.com


24 Oct 2016

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This Life 29: Dr Bruce Heischober

Well familiar to fans of Loveline and the Adam Carolla Show, Dr Bruce Heischober stops by the show to compare treatment for opioid strategies. Outro Music: "Flash" by Melany Watson.

1hr 6mins

16 May 2016

Rank #20