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The Chaplain Cafe Podcast with Chaplain Bart J. Leger

Are you ready to join a learning community of chaplains from around the world serving First Responders? Tune in as Chaplain Bart Leger provides insights, ideas and practical tips you can use today in your Chaplain ministry.

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Episode 2 - Practical Resources to Assist Those Who are Grieving

In this episode Chaplain Leger talks about practical resources to provide to those who are grieving and have suffered loss. Chaplains are often asked what to do next following hearing of a traumatic loss. Don't be empty-handed. Be prepared. Also, stay tuned for the tip of the week.


23 Jan 2016

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Episode 6 - The Importance of Peer Support Programs in the Workplace

In today's episode, Chaplain Leger discusses the importance of having a Peer Support program in the workplace. This has been an integral part of the first responder culture for quite some time, but may be new to some organizations. 


22 Feb 2016

Rank #2

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Episode 4 - Interview with Chaplain Fr. John Harth

In today's podcast, Chaplain Leger interviews Chaplain John Harth, a First Responder Chaplain from Missouri.


8 Feb 2016

Rank #3

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Episode 5 - The Importance of a Job Description

In this episode Chaplain Leger discusses the importance of a good job description for a Chaplain ministry. What should it include? Why is it important?


15 Feb 2016

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Episode 3 - Interview with Disaster Relief Chaplain Tamra Gore

In today's episode Chaplain Leger interviews Chaplain Tamra Gore. Chaplain Gore has many years of experience working with first responders. She has worked with law enforcement, fire and survivors of natural disasters all over the world. She shares her years of experience and wisdom with us and provides practical help in knowing how best to serve others in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Tamra even tells us what to pack in our "GoBag" in order to be the most effective. She provides our tip of the week as well with a ministry idea that she and her husband have used with their first responders. Be prepared to soak up what she has to give and get ready to take your ministry to the next level.


1 Feb 2016

Rank #5