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Aspirin May Save Livers and Lives

Yale researcher, Waj Mehal, finds aspirin prevents liver damage from acetaminophen.


26 Jan 2009

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The Heart of the Immune System

When endothelial cells malfunction, they can play a part in a host of problems -- including the world's number one cause of death, cardiovascular disease. They also play a role in organ rejection after transplantation. Dr. Jordan Pober's foundational work on endothelial cells holds great promise for new and better therapies. He is director of the Human Translational Immunology Program and vice chair and professsor of immunobiology at Yale.


18 Nov 2008

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Arming the Immune System

Ruslan M. Medzhitov, Yale immunobiologist, is a world expert on what happens at the intersection of the innate and adaptive immune systems. Medzhitov researches how different divisions of the human immune system work -- and fail to work. His studies have potential to shed light on human disease and to inform better vaccine development.


11 Nov 2008

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Friend or Foe: How Your Immune System Identifies Targets

Dr. Peter Cresswell's work sheds light on the process whereby the immune system identifies dangerous cells. This understanding could ultimately help science better mobilize the human immune system to fight disease.


8 Aug 2008

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Mouse With a Human Immune System Could Revolutionize Research

Richard Flavell, M.D., Sterling Professor and chair of immunobiology, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, uses mouse reverse genetics in studying the immune system.


3 Apr 2008

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